August Babies 2007 Wow Our Babies Are Almost A Year

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jen327 - June 23

Toddlers Creed! - - - If I want it, IT'S MINE! If I give it to you and change my mind later, IT'S MINE! If I can take it away from you, IT'S MINE! If it's mine it will never belong to anybody else, No matter what. If we are building something together, All the pieces are mine! If it looks just like mine, IT'S MINE! If it breaks or needs putting away, IT'S YOURS!


jen327 - June 23

Hi ladies - Wow, our babies are almost a year. Some are walking and some our not. Sean is walking and man what a chore to keep up. The only good thing about it is he picks up less on the floor. I have been so busy this summer alerady with the two of them, even though 1 is 12 he is tons of work. With camps and stuff. I miss you all and figured if we moved to the toddler section we might pick up more peopel who had babies our kids ages. Hope you all find me.


kim00 - June 23

Jen, I can't believe Sean is walking. Are you still co-sleeping? If so how is it going? Kenadie is crawling all over, and pulling up on things, and walking while holding onto furniture. They grow up way too fast. Well, still no period for me, and still a BFN. I'm really trying to just not think about it. We are busy packing, we should be completely moved next weekend. Well, off to make breakfast, everyone have a good day.


friendtilthend - June 23

Good morning ladies, well here we are with our babies growing older. I knew it was bound to happen, but I didn't expect it to happen so fast. Ethan is now at 20 lbs and growing. Still no teeth. He will be 1 on July 25 and will probably still be toothless. He is standing on his own and trying to walk, but still not officially yet. He does say hi and bye out loud. He says no and shakes his pointer finger. He is extremely attached to a panda bear the kids got him for Christmas. It was like all of a sudden this bear was his best friend. He gets so happy to see his pandi. Are you girls still nursing? I planned on quitting when he turned a year but now thinking about it makes me sad. I don't want him to grow up. talk to you girls soon.


JessC531 - June 23

Hi girls. I really can't believe we've moved over here. Where does the time go? It does make me sad, but every day is so exciting too. Mira's definitely not walking yet, but she's crusing a little. She got 2 more teeth, so she's got 4 now. Lisa, I'm still nursing, but do plan on stopping right after her birthday. I asked her the other day if she wanted milk, and she grabbed my nipple so hard!! That tells me it's time. LOL. Hope everyone is doing well! TTYS.


jen327 - June 23

I hope it does not both anyone I moved the post. I just figured a year is coming up and I find myself in this section more and more because these posts are more relevent. Sean walks tons holding onto the wall and about 10 steps wihtout it, then he falls and laughs. He is so big!! We are both getting over broncitis so I was not at work or online much last week. I am really sad because I got my period for the first time since he was born today. I gave up pumping 1 bottle during the day and he has pediasure and I think that did it. It made me sad, so I think I will start to pump again! Has anyone else gotten their period and is still nursing? I feel like my milk might dry up because I got my period. But I cant complain with almost 2 years without it. Although I did have so much bleeding for the first 5 months I guess it is only a year!


Krissy25 - June 23

i can't believe we are over here already. its exciting and sad at the same time. J is crawling and crusING BUT NOT WALKING YET, sorry a foot kicked the caps on. she has climed the staires though. well we go on vacation tomorrow. 1st time flying with j. jen i got my period a few weeks ago and am still bf. i plan on stopping after her 1st b-day. ok got to go and pack. i may not be on again for another week


JessC531 - June 24

Jen, I got my period when Mira was 6 months or so (I can't remember exactly but I know I've had at least 4 since). I'm still nursing, and have had no problem with my milk drying up. So don't worry! Krissy, have a great trip!!


javidsgirl - June 24

wow has it been almost a year already it seems like yesterday we were talking about having our babies and now they are about to turn one man they grow to fast. mariam is walking and into everything some days i can hardly keep up to her. kim are you ttc agian? if you are i will happly send you a load of baby dust since i am not planning on using mine for a while atleast another year


kim00 - June 24

Tanya, yes we are ttc again. Some days I wonder if I could do it with 3, cause 2 are a handful :) But it will be an adventure :) Well, off to cook dinner.


friendtilthend - June 24

Good evening ladies.... Jen, when I had Ethan I bled for 4 weeks then had a normal period. I did not have a rest and I am still nursing. He does drink water out of a cup but no formula. Kim good luck on ttc before you know it you'll be preggo. I am sending you baby dust.


kimberly - June 25

All of our babies are growing up! I have been thinking about Kyleighs first birthday cake already. I am going to make a lady bug cake. I did her room in lady bugs and she has tons of clothes with lady bugs. Kim, I am sending you all of my baby dust because I don't ever need mine again! Having 3 is a chore, and for you will be more of a chore because they are all really young. Mine are spread out by 4.5 years. Ryan and Isaac are 4 years and 9 months apart. Ryan is getting old enough to be a good helper sometimes, when he isn't in a "Ryan" mood. lol! Jen, you have an older son, when did the whole hormonal teenage thing start? Ryan will be 10 on Halloween. and I swear he acts like he is 13 or 14 years old already. Very sa__sy, thinks he is his own boss....I just thought this is starting young. Well, Kyleigh isn't officially walking yet but she does take 3 or 4 steps before she falls. She is starting to do it a lot more often. Ryan was walking at 8 months, Isaac walked at 10.5 and it looks like Kyleigh will be about 10.5 months too. We went camping over the weekend and had a great time. Kyleigh got to swim with us in the Lake and she loved it. Then bad luck struck and we lost our truck keys. Or I should say I lost our truck keys. I think I put them on top of my friends car and she must have left with them. We walked the whole campsite and even up the street some. It was and expensive camping trip. My key had a chip in it so I had to pay $150 to get a new one and that was on Sunday so he couldn't get the key code from the dealership until Monday so we had to pay another night on the campsite so we could leave our truck there. I know it sound like we didn't have fun but we did it was just a really expensive camping trip. lol! I took lots of great pics and I am so upset I can't post them for you all. My dh is currently looking for a new job, he is still working for Glad but their production is down and he is still working through a staffing agency so his wage is less then if he was working through Glad. He can't seem to get hired on with them. So he is looking else where. We simply can't make it with what he is making now. Sorry for the long post!


kelley - June 25

Hey ladies... I am not ever here long enough to get a whole post in. I do read occasionally but I am on cafe mom more then here. Jack is going to be 11 months old next week and he will be 11 months old until July 31st at 8:37 am...he was born at 8:38 am last year... I don't want to loose my baby... I sooooooo have baby fever. Jen I got my period back for sure the day Jack turned 10 months and of course it was the day of Libby's 3rd birthday party perfect timing for the aunt to arrive. As for nursing, I plan on nursing until Jack wants to stop, I am still nursing 4 - 6 times a day and that is on top of his solids 3 times a day. He is getting up once a night still usually around 4 am. Jack is cruising but not walking and I am not really in any hurry to have to chase him any faster than I am now. He has 4 going on 6 teeth and does not have a lot of "words" to say... but he is very vocal. He is such a happy baby, always smiling. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. I will try to be here more often... I have been a slacker but 3 under 5 is a total handful. BTW Kim you can do it.... I have faith in you. Talk to you all soon. :)


friendtilthend - June 30

Hello girls, Good news...... Ethan has his first tooth coming in. It's his upper tooth. Just in time for his first birthday. He will be 1 on July 25. Time does fly. We are going to do a baseball theme. Dh is a baseball nut. For his invitations we are handing out baseball trading cards with his pic on them. I am doing a baseball cake. And we are getting a baseball shaped pinata. What are you girls planning for your little ones? What are your themes going to be. Kimberly they have really cute pics on cake central dot com that have lady bugs.


Krissy25 - July 1

Hi ladies, we're back from our trip, we had a really good time and J did very well on the plane both ways. KIMBERLY sorry to hear about your dh's job and it's poor pay. Hopefully something better will come up soon. LISA congrats on the first tooth, i wonder why it took so long to come in? J is on the opposite end of the spectrum, her 7th tooth is comming in now and i a__sume her 8th will be following shortly. I sometimes wish she still didn't have hardly any teeth b/c she is a biter. Ouch! KIM, any news on the baby making front? You are much bravier than me. J is a wonderful baby but there are a lot of days i question if i could ever handle 2. It's so weird for me b/c once i knew i was going to marry my dh i had it all planned out. I planned our wedding date and i knew exactly how long i wanted to wait until we started trying and that is how i have always been, a planner, but for baby #2 i don't have a plan. I have no idea if and when we will start trying. Maybe once i am more settled into my job and we get our addition finished i will feel differently. TANYA i can't believe Mariam is walking but she has always been early on everything so i guess i can. Well i need some sleep. Talk to you ladies later.


JessC531 - July 2

Hi girls. Tanya, I can't believe Mariam's walking. Part of me can't wait for that, but the other part knows better. LOL. Kim, when did you start trying? Did it take you long to conceive the first two? We're going to start this month. :) With both of my pregnancies (Mira and my miscarriage) we got pregnant on the first shot, so we'll see. I think dh has some good swimmers! LOL. Lisa, Ethan's party sounds cute. We're doing a b___terfly/flower theme I think. I still have lots of planning to do though. Krissy, glad the trip went well. J has lots of teeth! Mira just got #5. It's so funny though because she has two on top, but they're both on the left side of her mouth. Too cute. Ok girls. Have a good day. TTYS>


kim00 - July 2

Krissy I'm glad yoyr trip went well. Kimberly, sorry about the job situation. Lisa, congrats on Ethan's teeth. Kylee was over a year when she finally got them in, and Kenadie just started getting them a month ago, now she has 2. We started charting in March, but started ttc in May. Then when we went to d-land, I took my chart, and it got lost somewhere. So then I was trying to watch and check for my body's signs, and wait for a new cycle to start and then start over with charting....however my af has still not showed up. Neg pee test..and neg blood test, so they're doing other test to rule out why it hasn't started. So today is cd 48 for me, and I'm tired of waiting. They won't induce a period, and I wish they would. We've never had a hard time getting preggers.. just sustaining it. Jess, I wish you and dh luck in your ttc journey, keep us posted how it's going.



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