August Babies 2007 Wow Our Babies Are Almost A Year

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javidsgirl - March 27

hi ladies i hope all is well with you . i know i odnt come here very often anymore but you can always find me at cafe mom. as for ihave been though alot esecialy in last couple days with the pa__sing of my mum . i am dreading the day of her funeral becuase then it will be so final kwim. it still hasnt completely sunk in yet but i am sure comes that day it will well i hope your family is all well i will try to drop in more often but i cant promise i will remember


kimberly - March 27

Oh Tanya, I am sooo sorry! I can't imagine how you are feeling. I don't have any words that will make the pain go away, but I think it does get easier with time. I hope your mum has a nice service and may god be with her and your family:)


Krissy25 - March 31

Tanya, I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.


moescrilla - April 5

Hey girls its Morgan. Tanya - sorry to hear about your mother. I wish the best for you and your family in this hard time. As for Leyton - He's almost 20 months. He says a lot of words, and is getting more independent. I finally started to trust him more with a fork (he used to chew on it and get it stuck in his gap between his teeth) and he's doing great. I'm starting to think about having another one, although I'm going to weight until Leyton is 2, that way by the time I'd have the baby, he'd almost be three (or will be) and will be potty trained (HOPEFULLY!) and self sufficient for the most part. I have to start managing money better too. Hope all is well with you guys! Oh, and Kim did have her baby. She named her Olivia. She had her about 3 weeks ago. I talk to her on Myspace.


kimberly - April 8

Hey Morgan, glad to hear Leyton is doing so well. Kyleigh is well...a mess. lol! She is very active and loves to keep me running. She is starting to talk more now, she says too many words to count, but not many 2 or 3 word sentences. We are working on potty training, she won't leave her diapers on anymore, at all not even with a onsie on. She pees on it good and will even go in the bathroom and start to undress to get on by herself but she has only pooped in it once. So we must work on that some. Hope everyone else is well...and Tanya I hope your moms service was nice! Keep your chin up!


moescrilla - April 27

Hey girls! Just checking in. Kimberly - Leyton is starting to talk more too, but he also has his own "made up" words that he repeats all the time. Like "geedle geedle" LOL. He'll start saying it a bunch of times like he's trying to have a conversation with me. Also, the other night, we were sitting in the truck, and I started whispering to Micah, and Leyton started whispering too when he wanted to say something. It was so cute. It's getting about that time again though that I'm starting to get baby fever. I always said when Leyton was 2 I'd start trying again, and that's just right around the corner. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to have kids, since I only have one ovary, plus I've always wanted my kids close in age. Money and space just isn't abundant right now though. So I don't know. I have one more month of Birth control pills then I have to go back for my well woman exam, so maybe after that I'll get off of them for a few months then see where we are then.


JulieK - April 28

Hi Ladies, Not sure if you remember me or not but I thought I would say hello. I was a part of the August babies thread back when we were all still expecting, and then after the birth mommy and wife duties seemed to take over. My oldest Jake, now 3 and a half, and fully recovered from the A.D.E.M., is doing amazing. My second, Jameson is now 20 months and wants to do everything his big brother does. And guess what, number three is on the way! I must be a glutton for punishment, because I am thrilled. I was so excited to see that you all are still keeping this thread alive!


Krissy25 - April 29

Hello ladies, how has every one been doing? We have been so busy here. After years of redoing the inside of our home we are focusing more on the outside now. Last summer we put on an addition, resided the entire house and put a new roof on. Now we are putting up a new wooden fence and we are going to reside and put a new roof on the garage. It is always something, we joke that by the time we have the house perfect we'll be ready to sell it. We're really glad spring is finally here, now we can be outside a lot more and run off all the excess energy. JULIEK I'm not sure i remember you but congrats on the baby you are expecting. Also what is A.D.E.M. I've never heard of it, or i'm not sure what it stands for? I'm glad though your son had fully recovered from it. MORGAN we're thinking about trying again once Jacquelyn is 2. We have a vacation planned in August and i want to wait until after that until we try. I think that will be it though for us, I'm not sure i could handle more than 2 kids.


JulieK - April 30

Hi Krissy25, Sorry, I guess I should have explained that. It has been at the forefront of our minds for so long I sometimes forget that it is not very well known. It is Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis. The medical profession is not 100% sure of the cause, but the general thinking is that my son was exposed to a virus, likely at daycare, and that virus at a molecular level copied the myelin sheath in his brain. When his immune system produced antibodies to the virus those antibodies also attacked the myelin, causing lesions in his brain. We were very luckly that the damage happened where it did, in his cerebelum, as this is the control centre for balance. Over the course of a weekend he lost the ability to walk, stand or crawl. It presented so dramatically that we were able to get him diagnosed and treated very quickly, and he has made a full recovery. Many others are not so lucky. He was a year and a half at the time, and I was 6 months pregnant with Jamie. He is actually part of a study now to try to learn more about the cause of the disease, and to determine if there is a genetic link.


Krissy25 - April 30

Wow, that sounds really scarry, I'm glad everything worked out though. So when are you due with your third? Do you know the s_x yet?


JulieK - April 30

No I hope to find out the s_x though if baby cooperates :) I am 12 weeks tomorrow, due Nov 13. Not sure yet if I am hoping for a girl this time or another boy. A girl would be great, but we have all of the stuff for boys and I know my oldest wants another


kimberly - May 1

Hello Morgan and Krissy! And welcome Julie! Krissy atleast your house will be nice when you are all finished. Dh and I are still renting so it sucks. We plan to try and buy a house next year, we have a prior bankrupcy so it will be 7 years next spring and I am hoping that will increase our credit score a bunch. My kids are doing great. Sounds silly but we never really set Kyleighs room up when we moved, we had her crib in thier and all her stuff but not put together. So I finally put all her things on the walls and put her toddler bed up and put some of her dolls and toys in there, she loves it. Problem is I have to hang out all day in her room because it is upstairs so she needs me in there with her, and she has became obssesive about being outside since it has gotten warm. I went to a Mothers Day Tea at Isaac's Kindergarten cla__s this afternoon, they sang for us, it was so cute. Ryan is playing baseball and has a game tonight, but it has rained all day so I am sure it will be canceled. Julie I am glad to hear your son has recovered so well, what a scary thing. And Congratulations on your pregnancy! Were done having our babies, but it still makes me a little zealous. Anyways talk to you all later!


Krissy25 - May 14

Hello ladies, did everyone have a good mothers day? Mine was nice, i got to sleep in til almost 8AM! (Wow my life has changed. LOL) And then my dh had Jacquelyn bring me a gift bag with a card and a gift certificate for a ma__sage, she was so sweet doin it. And later in the day we had my parents and dh's parents over for dinner, so it was a good day. Unfortunately earlier in that week my FIL had a heart attack, it was scary but really i was not surprised, he's probably at least 50 lbs overweight and he has been smoking for the past 45 years. He was only in the hospital a few days and he is doing really well now and he is not smoking and eating healthy so maybe that was the wake up call he needed. This weekend is my b-day. We are going out to dinner as a family tomorrow night and my parents are taking J saturday night. Yeah! KIMBERLY you have Kyleigh in a toddler bed already? Wow i haven't even thought of doing that yet, we have one of those convertable cribs, but we haven't changed it yet. We'll probably keep her in that until we have baby #2 and then get her a twin bed, she should be about 3 when that happens, if all goes as planned :)


kimberly - May 15

Hello Krissy, I have Kyleigh in a toddler bed because she kept climbing out of her crib and sometimes she would fall and get hurt. Once she climbed out and when she fell her foot got caught between the rails and she had a big bruise on her ankle and even limped on it for a few hours. We decided it needed to go, she loves her bed but don't stay in it unless I am there with her until she falls asleep, so we have started a bad habit with that. So you will be trying for #2 soon? I hope it happens easily for you! So sorry to hear about your FIL having a heartattack. I talk about my stepdad like he is my real dad but my real dad died of a heartattack when I was scary.


Krissy25 - May 15

Hey Kimberly, I see why you have converted her into a toddler bed, i guess we are lucky in that J does not try to climb out of her crib b/c i think if we had her in a toddler bed she would not stay in it, she would want to play with her toys. We will be trying for #2 soon :) I'm excited and at the same time i'm scared to death. I know people make it work with more than one everyday but some days i'm at the end of my rope with just her so i don't know how we are going to do it, but i know we will. We are going on vacation at the begining of August and we will start trying after that. I don't mind telling you guys that but i really don't care to tell it to others, i really don't like when people ask when we are having another i feel like it is a personal question. I usually just say eventually.


kimberly - May 29

Hey Ladies, any of you lurking around? I think our thread has actually died out. Hope all of you are doing well! Were all great here. Today is Isaac's 6th birthday, his party will be tomorrow. We got him a bike, although I don't know why, every bike I buy gets stollen, because my kids forget to put them up or leave them in someones yard. I am going to make his cake simple this year, brown for dirt and 3 cars with a monster truck driving over them, easy. My family is so pre occupied with themselves that they hardly ever show up or not many of them anyway so I figured I would just make it simple. Ryan fell from the monkey bars at school a couple of days ago and was really complaining and limping around with his hip, so I took him to the Dr. yesterday and it isn't broken but he has a bone bruise. Dr. said it is really painful and a little harder would have been a break. He can barely walk today. I feel so bad for him because he is really liking baseball and he won't be able to play tonight or Saturday either. In fact the Dr. said it will take a while to heal so I am hoping it don't ruin baseball for the season. Sorry so long, got to go!



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