August Babies 2007 Wow Our Babies Are Almost A Year

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kimberly - May 29

Hey Ladies, any of you lurking around? I think our thread has actually died out. Hope all of you are doing well! Were all great here. Today is Isaac's 6th birthday, his party will be tomorrow. We got him a bike, although I don't know why, every bike I buy gets stollen, because my kids forget to put them up or leave them in someones yard. I am going to make his cake simple this year, brown for dirt and 3 cars with a monster truck driving over them, easy. My family is so pre occupied with themselves that they hardly ever show up or not many of them anyway so I figured I would just make it simple. Ryan fell from the monkey bars at school a couple of days ago and was really complaining and limping around with his hip, so I took him to the Dr. yesterday and it isn't broken but he has a bone bruise. Dr. said it is really painful and a little harder would have been a break. He can barely walk today. I feel so bad for him because he is really liking baseball and he won't be able to play tonight or Saturday either. In fact the Dr. said it will take a while to heal so I am hoping it don't ruin baseball for the season. Sorry so long, got to go!


Krissy25 - June 11

Hey Kimberly, I think you and me may be the only ones left around here. Actually i don't know how you find the time at all to post anything with 3 kids. I just have 1 and i feel like i have no free time at all, sometimes i can't believe we will actually be trying for #2 soon. How was Isaac's b-day party? I like the idea for the cake, sounds really cute. I hope Ryan is doing better with his leg, poor guy. Not much going on around here. We did get a pool though, it's one of those poly plastic pools. It's 8 feet across and about 2 feet tall, and it's made of a really hard plastic so hopefully it will last for years. They are actually designed for drinking troffs (sp?) for farms, but they are pretty popular for kids too. I feel really lucky b/c we were able to find ours on craigslist for $100, brand new they are around $280. Only some minor scratching on the rim other than that it is in great shape. J got to try it out for the first time today, she really likes it. Growing up we had a similar sized pool, only it was made of metal, and we always had so much fun in it.


moescrilla - June 11

hey girls..not too many of us left in here anymore. You know, I first came to this website with my fist child (over 4 years ago how the time flies). I'm sure I'll be here again with my 3rd, (if/when I have a 3rd). It was really nice to have you group of girls through the whole pregnancy.


kimberly - June 18

Hey Morgan, I am still here, not sure why, just get bored at work. This whole forum has pretty much died. It was great having you all to talk with when Kyleigh was so little! I didn't know you wanted a 3rd?


kimberly - July 2

Hey, Krissy and Morgan! Thought I would pop in and see if you all were around. Are you all potty training? We have been and Kyleigh has officially been out of diapers for 4 days now. I am so proud of her, my boys were about 28 months so she has been the earliest to train and the easiest. She still has a diaper at night but she wakes dry most mornings. She will have a accident if we are out playing for a while, but other than that she is trained!!! Yay! No more diapers for me!!!:)


Krissy25 - July 2

Congrats, Kimberly. We're not quite there yet, we're taking baby steps. But i'm am excited that she likes to sit on her potty and read books. We are going on vacation in August and i think we will try hard when we get back. Anyone doing anything exciting for the 4th? We really don't have anything planned but we may go and see fireworks. Well have a good weekend.


kimberly - July 9

Hope you had a fun 4th, Krissy! We went to my brothers for a barbeque and fireworks. My parents went out of town and took Ryan with them so it was just us and my brothers small family. We had fun though.


moescrilla - July 27

hey girls. Not sure if I want a 3rd yet or not. I mean, I do but right now, with money being tight, and the older the kids get, I kind of just not even thought about it much anymore. Any of you on facebook or myspace? Mine is myspace dot com / moescrilla and facebook is facebook dot come / morganbrittny . Wow, potty training? Goodness....I've tried to teach Leyton about the potty, but he has no interest. My son Micah wasn't fully trained until a week before his 3rd birthday, but when I finally started training him, he did it in a week. I'd love to get Leyton out of diapers though. It would save SO MUCH MONEY.


kimberly - July 31

Hello Morgan! I don't have myspace or facebook, dh and I are still living in the dark! I have no internet at home just at work..too poor. We are going camping this weekend. Just to a KOA campground near us but we haven't done much fun stuff with the kids this summer so I am going to splurge and have some fun. Call it what you will but I have to gloat on Kyleigh, I am so happy to not have to deal with diapers. I would say they are a thing of the past for me now. Ha Ha are you just kidding but I am proud of her! She will be 2 on the 16th of Aug.:( It makes me a little sad to see my little girl get so big. I am making her a b___terfly cake, I found a easy way to do it online. What are you all getting your little ones for thier b-days? I was thinking about a play kitchen set.


Krissy25 - August 7

Greetings from Florida. Hello everyone, well it's the last day of our vacation here, bummer, but i have some exciting news, i'm pregnant. Well at least i think i am :) So here's the story. We were going to start trying next month. I went off the pill in early July, we were going to wait a month that way my body could get back to normal and vacation would be over. Well we used a condom cd 13-20 thinking that would be good enough. Well looking back even after cd 20 i was having weird cramps and now i think i may have o'd late. So i was expecting my period on tuesday by thrusday evening i was starting to wonder so i picked up a test. I took it friday morning and got a very faint positive. Since i believe i o's late i think i am only 10-12 dpo right now. I can't help but fret though b/c when i was preggo with J i got a faint positive 9dpo and my b___st were already very sore by then, they are only sightly sore now. I know it's early and i shouldn't read into it too much but i don't really feel pregnant and with my first pregnancy that i lost i never really felt pregnant, so now i am comparing pregnancies which i know i shouldn't do. I keep telling myself to just relax and not worry about it now but it is hard not to. I'm going to take another test sunday morning and hopefully my line will be darker, and i will be a little more rea__sured. Anyway, J turned 2 on the 6th and one of my husband's cousin's had a baby that day so that is kind of cool. We got her a rose cottage play house, which she will get when we get back. Kimberly i think a play kitchen set is great. We have one for J and she really likes it. Morgan, i'm still living in the stoneage and i don't have a facebook or myspace page. I barely have the time to come on here anymore i can't imaging maintaining my own page. Well i'll keep everyone updated on my pregnancy, if everything goes well i will be due in april, much nicer than august.


kimberly - August 13

Wow, Krissy congratulations! My first symptoms with Kyleigh was I didn't have any symptoms. Funny I know but I always have bad pms, bloating, sore bbs, moody, well I didn't have anys sign of my af coming so I tested. I wouldn't read to much into not having symptoms so early on just yet. I actually with all 3 of mine didn't have pronounced symptoms until about 7 weeks, which would be about 5 weeks gestation age. I hope everything goes great for you and you get all your hopes and dreams! Make sure you update me about your pregnancy, I want to know if your having a boy or girl and how all is going for you!


Krissy25 - August 13

Hey Kimberly thanks. I'm starting to feel more symptons everyday, my b___sts are full and tender and i'm starting to feel a little queasy. I'm a little bummed that we weren't actually trying to get pregnant. I was all ready to start charting on fertility friend but ultimately we are thrilled. I'm just worried that we are getting in over our heads here. J alone can wear me out so i just know i'm in for some long days soon. We haven't told anyone yet and my mom called me the other day to tell me my cousin's wife is expecting in Feb. It was so tempting to say something but i at least want to wait until after our 1st appt.


kimberly - August 14

Being pregnant with a 2 year old might be a little tiring, but it will be managable. Did you have a easy pregnancy with J? I found the 2nd easier for me, but my 3rd was so hard, just because of my kidneys. I would never even consider having another after her, my kidneys don't like pregnancy. lol! J will be going on 3 when the baby comes so she will be a bit more independent. You will do just fine:)


javidsgirl - September 9

hey ladies long time no talk congrats krissy that great news that J is getting a sibbling. how are the rest of you ladies doing? guess what i oed all by myself this cycle i am so happy oh did i mention hubby and i are trying for #2 so i am curently 3dpo this out first month ttc


Krissy25 - September 9

Hi Tanya, good to hear from you. How is your dh and Mariam doing? I'm sure she's gotten pretty big like the rest of ours have. J is and amazing little girl. She can talk so much and she's so clever. She's quite funny though, she's learned to say "I sorry" except she will say it randomly a lot, and we're always asking her what she's sorry for. Good luck to you with getting pregnant with #2. I hope it all goes smoothly for you.


javidsgirl - September 10

my dh and mariam are doing really good thanks mariam also talks and comprehends way to much i do have up to date pics of her on cafemom . thanks for well wished for ttc i hope it goes well to whenever god is ready i am kinda lol i havent really announced to my friends or what is left of my family not that i really talk to them since my mum pa__sed in march my biggest fear is not getting preg it is staying preg i am not sure if i could handle a m/c at this point with losing my parents so close together but i know god has my best interst at heart so i am just winging and letting what happens happpen so to speak lol



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