August Babies 2007 Wow Our Babies Are Almost A Year

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javidsgirl - September 10

my dh and mariam are doing really good thanks mariam also talks and comprehends way to much i do have up to date pics of her on cafemom . thanks for well wished for ttc i hope it goes well to whenever god is ready i am kinda lol i havent really announced to my friends or what is left of my family not that i really talk to them since my mum pa__sed in march my biggest fear is not getting preg it is staying preg i am not sure if i could handle a m/c at this point with losing my parents so close together but i know god has my best interst at heart so i am just winging and letting what happens happpen so to speak lol


kimberly - October 1

Hello Tanya, Krissy, and Morgan, I think we are the only ones who check in here now. Krissy how is the pregnancy going? Tanya I hope you find ttc easier this time around, I will send you all my sticky babydust as I don't need it anymore!:)Kyleigh and the boys are all doing great. Kyleigh has become a little talker herself. Its so cute! Ryan is in football and has a game tonight so far they are undefeated, so I hope they win. I really don't have much to report other than I will be old in a few days...the 5th is my 32nd birthday. My mom is making me dinner and cake on Sunday, and my hubby is taking me out for Lunch Saturday because he works all weekend.(night shift)To me its just another day though. Keep in touch ladies!


javidsgirl - October 1

Hey kimberly this time was really easy i am already knocked up lol my due dat according to the doc is june 7th. i get my dating u/s on the 21st


Krissy25 - October 1

Javidsgirl, CONGRATS!!. How exciting, i'm so happy for you. I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months. Kimberly, Happy b-day, but i have to tell you 32 is not old. As for me everything is going well. My dh and i celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday. I had a dr appt today and we got to hear the heartbeat which makes it all so real. I didn't ask but i think i saw that the rate was in the 140's. I know some people say that means it could be a boy but j's was in the 140's sometimes so we'll see.


TiffanyRae - October 1

Hi ladies! Remember me? I get occa__sional emails about posts on here...but couldn't remember my pa__sword! Finally had some time today to get it resent! Anyway SO glad to see everyone is happy and healthy! Alex just turned two in august and is a giant! He is 110% percentile in height...but skinny as ever. We also have a 10 month old baby boy named Nathan! He was also concevied using medication and is such a little spit fire! He is going to be my trouble i think. ANd last but not least I am eight weeks pregnant....AGAIN! lol Must admitt it is an oops...but would couldn't be more excited! Nice knowing I am not completely infertile like I was told so many times!!! We are still in Hawaii...but will be leaving in December as Hubby got orders to San Diego. I am nervous but really ready for a new adventure so time will tell! Ok enough about me sorry!!! Congrats to the other preggo mommies and again glad to see everyone is going great!!!


kimberly - October 2

Wow everyone seems to be pregnant again. Please don't send any pregancy vibes my way. I am so done having babies!:) Tanya that was quick, I wish you all the best. Tiffany it is so good to hear from you, I wondered where you disappeared to. I can't believe your 2nd is already 10 months, the last time you posted you were still pregnant. I believe. I am not on here much but I pop in when I am at work sometimes. Wow you will really have your hands full soon! My neighbor is having a yard sale today so I am putting all of Kyleigh's little baby stuff in sad to see it go:(. I need to get rid of it though we have too much stuff. Congratulations everyone!


Krissy25 - October 4

Tiffany Congrats to you, wow, getting pregnant once must have turned on some sort of switch in your body, sounds like you are really going to have your hands full soon. Good luck with the move, your dh sure knows how to get stationed in nice places. How long do you think you will be there? Ladies i'm so excited b/c my next door neighbor who i'm pretty good friends with just told me she is pregnant too. As long as everything goes well we will be only 6 weeks apart.


kimberly - October 9

Good morning ladies! Is anyone else sick of rain! We have had so many rainy days lately, and yesterday and last night it rained 6", and guess what it just started raining again. It is suppose to move out soon. How are all your preggos doing? Hopefully not feeling too pregnant. Kyleigh is sick, she threw up all night, but she don't have a fever, weird. My night was filled will little sleep and lots of puke. Anyway just thought I would pop in and say Hi:)


Krissy25 - November 3

Hello ladies, how is everyone? How exciting that 3 of us are pregnant together again. Tiffany and Tanya how are things going for you both? Kimberly how is Kyleigh doing? I hope she is feeling better by now. As for me things are going very well, i felt my first kicks today for sure, also i find out on Nov. 20th what i am having as long as the baby is cooperating. Other than that not much going on. We had an awful October, the wettest one ever on record. Like 10" more than what we usually get. So far november has been dry and even warm so i hope it stays that way for a while.


kimberly - December 3

Any of you around? I hope all of your pregnancies are going good! Krissy, did you find out what your having? You are probably wishing for a boy being you have a girl...careful what you wish for.:)I can't believe it is christmas again, seems like it is still too early in the year. We put our tree up, but thats pretty much it. Krissy, we had all that rain and now it is bitter cold.


Krissy25 - December 3

Hi Kimberly, It's been so crazy around here i just don't hardly have the time to post anymore. I'm taking advantage of my dd's nap right now. I should be cleaning but who cares it just gets messy again right? Anyway, yes we found out what we are having, It's a BOY! To tell you the truth it didn't really matter to us what we were having, and actually i think my dh is a little dissapointed. He loves his little princess so much i think he wanted another one, but we are still both very happy. Has anyone else found out what they are having? I had an appt today and i thought during the u/s 2 weeks ago the tech was having trouble getting a good view of his kidneys b/c she had said something about that and i saw her type that a f/u u/s might be indicated but i found out today that i was wrong about all that. The view she got was fine, but the baby has fetal renal pelvis dilation. So if you're like me you're like "what?" It sounds scarry b/c the name is so long but after talking to the doctor and doing some research it's really not that bad. There is a good chance it will resolve by the 3rd trimester on it's own, and if it doesn't he might need to be monitored after birth, if very rare cases surgery is warented to correct the problem. So it sounds like there is a good chance this won't even be an issue, but it still needs to be monotered, so i get another u/s in 6 weeks. We're not even telling our parents b/c we don't want to freak them out when it's really nothing. Kimberly how are your kids doing? I bet they are excited about christmas. I think this will be the first year that J actually gets it. I hoope the weather is better for you, it sounds like you guys are getting the same stuff that we were getting, well got to go, the monster is awake :)


kimberly - December 4

Hey Krissy, Congrats on the boy! And I am sure everything will turn out to be fine with him. I do believe positve thoughts bring positive outcomes. My kids are doing good. Isaac is having a little trouble in school, he is having some reading problems. They have finally put him in a program where he gets extra attention. He can read but he don't read fluently enough to comprehend it. He's only in first so I am sure he will improve, his behavior isn't too great at school either. His teacher mentioned adhd, just as I had thought before but I don't want medications yet so I have changed his diet some and have been trying to get him to take a break from the action when he gets so hyper. Ryan is doing good in school and excelling as usual, which makes it harder on Isaac because he sees his grades and then sees Ryans, he told me he feels stupid. I feel so bad. And Kyleigh is my girly girl princess. Loves to change her clothes 50 times a day by herself, talking alot, and very bossy.


javidsgirl - December 8

hey kim and krissy, congrats on the boy krissy i am hoping for a boy this time i will hopefuly find out on jan4th at my 18 week u/s so only 3 more weeks i can wait other then that everything is ok i rarely come here anymore just pop in whenever i remember


Krissy25 - December 13

Hello, how is everyone doing? Got all your Christmas shopping done? Well if you're like me the answer is no. I still have a few people i need to shop for and one of them is my dh, why is it so hard to shop for the person you are closest to? Anyway, I'm very excited to be over halfway done with this pregnancy, but also a little sad b/c we do not plan on having anymore after this so everytime i pa__s a milestone I think how I'll probably never experience this again. But you never know, i could end up being surprised with a 3rd someday. Anyway, i hope everyone has a good christmas in case i don't post again for a while.


kimberly - February 26

Hey ladies! I see none of us have been on in a long time, but thought I would post in case any of you check in. Kyleigh has a broken leg. It is her Tibia just below the knee cap, she is in a full leg cast and the knee is bent in it, so no walking at all for atleast 4 weeks. Last Sunday we went to a place called Fun City, it is like Chuckycheese. They have these big tube slides and Ryan came down one with Kyleigh on his lap and somehow her leg got tucked under him and it somehow broke her leg. I just feel so awful for her. Being someone stuck on crutches my whole life, I can identify with the helplessness of not being able to do what you want to do. She is getting so restless with sitting on the couch. I bought her one of those playschool drawing things, but I need some more sit down toys for her to play with. Krissy how's the baby boy doing? Any names picked out yet? Are his kidneys ok? Tanya did you find out what you are having? I thought I was going to be a very young grandma, dh's oldest son's girlfiriend was pregnant, but she had a miscarriage Monday. They weren't ready for a baby, but I am still really sad for them. My sister is also pregnant with her first, she is 15 weeks and just found out!!! Well hope all of you are doing good!


Krissy25 - February 26

Hey Kimberly, it's good to hear from you. I keep meaning to post but i get so busy. Sorry to hear about Kyleigh's broken leg, I can't imagine trying to keep J entertained and her not being able to run around. The good news is that kids heal fast. I work on orthopedics so i see a lot of fractures but we only work with adults and a lot of these fractures are older adults, they just don't heal very well and they have problems for a long time. As for baby #2, our little Andrew, he's doing well. The kidney issue seems to be resolving itself which is good. He's taking after his sister though she was breech and so is he. So it looks like i'll probably be having another c-section, which is kind of a bummer, i was hoping to avoid surgery, but oh well as long as he comes into the world safe and sound. I'm sorry to hear about your stepson's and his girlfriends loss, it's always hard to lose a pregnancy even if it wasn't the right time. But congrats to your sister, is this her first? Well i'll talk to you ladies later, i have to play with my dd.



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