August Babies 2007 Wow Our Babies Are Almost A Year

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kim00 - July 2

Krissy I'm glad yoyr trip went well. Kimberly, sorry about the job situation. Lisa, congrats on Ethan's teeth. Kylee was over a year when she finally got them in, and Kenadie just started getting them a month ago, now she has 2. We started charting in March, but started ttc in May. Then when we went to d-land, I took my chart, and it got lost somewhere. So then I was trying to watch and check for my body's signs, and wait for a new cycle to start and then start over with charting....however my af has still not showed up. Neg pee test..and neg blood test, so they're doing other test to rule out why it hasn't started. So today is cd 48 for me, and I'm tired of waiting. They won't induce a period, and I wish they would. We've never had a hard time getting preggers.. just sustaining it. Jess, I wish you and dh luck in your ttc journey, keep us posted how it's going.


kimberly - July 2

Hello girls! Kim, I can totally relate to the out of whack cycles and ttc. I have always had very long cycles and have even went 3 years without a period at all when I wanted to conceive Isaac. I thought I would have so much troule conceiving my third but it happened the first month we tried. I charted for a full year and my shortest cycle the whole year was 42 days. I hope af arrives soon or of course you get a BFP! Jess, did you say you will be ttc again next month? Well I will send you and Kim all my babydust because I certainly won't be using it! I wonder how Tiffany is doing with her pregnancy, she seems to have disappeared. Lisa, I have looked at those laybug cakes. They are adorable and look easy to make. I seen some plates and napkins for a ladybug party at a party supplies store but I was in there the other day and couldn't find them again. So I may have to order something online. Kyleigh is walking! She will only take 4 or 5 steps and go back into crawling but she is doing it. She is getting very busy as I am sure all our babies are. She is refusing naps again so hopefully it is another phase she will grow out of quickly. What are all of you plans for the 4th? We always go to my mom's for a cookout and set off fireworks. Then on Sat. dh's family has a cookout. So we will be busy I am sure! Have a Happy 4th everyone!


javidsgirl - July 4

just wanted to stop to say a a quick hello.Jess treasure the time mira crawls becuase once she is walking is it fair game on everything lol. kim i hope your cycles get better soon so you can get working on your addition . i added a pic of mariam walking through a strawberry patch as well as one of her tasting one


javidsgirl - July 4

oh i forgot to add if your wondering where mariams shoes are in the one pic i was holding them i was going for the hillibily effect just thought i would that since i was asked so many times by others lol


Krissy25 - July 4

TANYA that is amazing, Jacquelyn is just not quite there yet, but i think soon. Have you all noticed that our babies look less and less like babies and more and more like little kids. Jacquelyn has lost all her baby fat (not that she ever had much) She has really slimmed down, very long and lean. She just doesnt' have that baby look any more. People mistake her all the time for an older child, like 18 mo or 2 y/o. When i get a chance i will post more pics. i've just been so busy.


kim00 - July 5

Tanya, the pics are so cute. I really can't believe how fast they are growing up. Well we are officially moving no internet till mon. I hope everyone is well and i'll check in as soon as I can.


Krissy25 - July 5

KIM i hope your move went well. That can be so stressful. Well i got my dd invitations for her b-day. Now i just need to figure out who to invite. LOL. They are so cute, they are those 4x8 picture cards. I have a picture of her in a bedside table she crawled into. She is so adorable. I love the goofy pictures of her. Ok need to start dinner. Talk to ya all later.


friendtilthend - July 9

Hello ladies. I hope you are all doing great. Ethan has a second tooth that is about to break through. Kimberly if you are doing a ladybug cake you can also cook it in a stainless steel bowl to get the shape. I can't wait for Ethan's birthday. I still can't believe he is going to be a year. I have come to the realization that Ethan will be my last. We don't want anymore kids. The whole process for us was a lot emotionally and financially. He will grow up as the baby. Tristan is 10 years older. We are okay with that though. Who knows maybe we will adopt.


kim00 - July 9

Well we're all moved in. Now it's just the unpacking to do. We've had horrible luck with our new oven we got. We brought it home from the store, plugged it in, and it didn't work. All the lights would come on, but nothing was heating. So we returned it. We got the other one home, and plugged it in to cook dinner, got the oven all preheated...and the oven door locked (like in the self-cleaning mode) it wouldn't unlock no matter what we did. So we had to take that one back. The third one has worked fine so far...knock on wood. But anyways, my af still hasn't showed...not sure what's going on, hopefully soon. Have a great day the kids are calling me.


kimberly - July 9

Kim, glad you are all moved! Sorry about your stove, I hope it came with a good warranty just in case! Are you sure you are not already pregnant? Have you tested again? Well hopefully af or BFP will show up soon. Tanya, Miriam is getting so big, I love the pics! Gosh, I will have months of pics to post by the time I get internet at home again. I wish you all could see how big she is getting. She has 4 teeth now. Two on bottom and one of her top front teeth and one eye tooth on top. No more toothless grins. lol! She is walking everywhere and into everything. She says uv (love) and will give you a kiss. It is so adorable! She just melts my heart! Me and Ryan have been dieting together for about 2 months now and I am so proud of us both. He started at 126 lbs. and he is now 113 lbs. I won't tell my weight but I have lost 16 lbs. so I consider that great! When Ryan was 8 he weighed 108 lbs. and the Dr. said if I could keep him at that weight until he was 10 he would be at his normal weight. He will be 10 on Halloween and he has almost reached his goal! Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Krissy25 - July 10

Hi ladies, how is everyone? KIM that sucks about the stove, it must have been a pain in the b___t to keep hauling a stove around town. KIMBERLY that is so cute that she gives you kisses. I think J is trying to give me kisses but she ends up biting my face, really hard too, so i try and avoid them. So J di something really funny today that i wanted to share. She figured out how to turn on and off the tv, the funny part was everytime she turned the tv on her hair would stand up and when she turned it off it would fall back down. OMG, it was so cute but when i finally got my camera to record it she stopped, figures. Hopefully i will catch it next time.


kimberly - July 10

Krissy, that is really cute! lol!


jen327 - July 14

Wow- It is so slow here, I am sad about that, i miss you all, but I know we have all moved on. I am on cafe mom more and more, so maybe I will try and find you all there. Sean is finally better and happier. He took a regression with his walking when he was sick, and reverted to crawling but now he is up and almost running. We are having his first birthday in a few weeks. I am so sad about that!


kim00 - July 14

Just thought I'd let everyone know I got my BFP!! I hope everyone's well. I'll check back soon.


Krissy25 - July 14

KIM Yeah!!! Congrats to you and your hubby. SO what was going on? Were your pregnant the whole time and just wern't getting the BFP? Do you know when you are due? JEN, yeah it is a lot slower compared to when we were all pregnant and chatting several times a day. I myself am just so busy. At work i just don't have a free min. to get on the internet and when i am home i feel i need to spend time with my family or clean. SO it it just hard to find the time. I'm glad Sean is better, i saw on a different post he was not feeling well. I feel sad too that my baby is turning 1 soon, but at te same time i couldn't imagine her any other way. She is so precious and has so much character. I love to watch her play. Oh ladies i said i would post about potty training. SO we bought J a potty. Right now we just practice sitting on it a few times a day. Some days she does really well and will sit for several minutes, other days not so much. She has yet to actually potty in the potty but i think it will happen soon. Like i said before. I don't really have high expect_taitons and i am very happy with her progress she has made.


kim00 - July 14

Jen, I'm glad Sean is feeling better. Krissy, I don't know what happened. I decided to change drs, cause i didn't feel like they were listening to me. So I don't know if it was an error in the lab, and I was always prego, or if my cycles were that far out of whack. Anyways, I don't really know when I'm due, anytime between feb to april. They're going to do an u/s on aug 8, then we'll have a better idea what's going on. They drew hcg levels today and it was just shy of 2000.



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