Baby Gate That Attaches To Stairway

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kimberly - July 3

Do they make a baby gate that will attach to a stairway. Our stairs open up into our living room and there is no wall to attach a gate to. The two gates I have tried easily fall down and my dd just removes them from her way and procedes to the top. I am so scared she is going to get hurt. Any suggestions?


mjvdec01 - July 3

So, is there a wall on one side and a bannister on the other? I'm not quite understanding your description. We have a gate at the bottom of our stairs. It is attached to the wall on one side and then to the bannister on the other. It is metal, and painted white. It is the kind that swings open. At the top of the stairs we have a retractable. Maybe you can go to Babies"R"Us dot com and look at all the ones they have to see if anything will work? I would also check at onestepahead dot com and see what they have as well.


jen327 - July 9

Our baby store, Babies R Us, Make a Gate Installation Kit that attaches to the banister rail so you don't have to drill into the wood. It is 34$ for each side plus the gate, but we have a lot of steps and wanted to be careful. There are only certian gates that are approved to be on stairs, so make sure you get the right one. my husband said he could probably rig something up if we have to do it again, now that he has seen how the installation kit works. BUt it works great. The gate that I purchased is Safety 1st Curve Gate, it is a bit hard to close but if you hold down the unlocking b___ton it is easy. i liked it because it lets light down teh stairs and is curved so the baby is not standing right at the edge of the stairs.


newbabyras - July 9

The entrance of our stairs to the bas____nt cuts in to the even if we put a gate up the baby could crawn under to ge to the stairs (if that makes sense). So we couldn't use a traditional gate. I found a fabulous one at Target. It's a little spendy - about $77 bucks, but it's AWESOME. It's made by Parents Magazine, and it says "summer" on the i dont know if that's a model number. It's mesh and each panel is about 24" but it's expandable. You can also attach several and make a "corral"


kimberly - July 9

mjvdec01, there is a wall on one side and a banister on the other. Thanks for the suggestions, I will be shopping for one this weekend. That web site does have one that looks like it will work, but it is a bit pricey, I am on a budget so I need a sturdy one but not too expensive.


Kendalyn - July 9

WE HAD THIS SAME PROBLEM! I actually FINALLY found a gate that worked at a rummage sale. It is one of those that each corner turns to tighten even against rails. I was so grateful to find something that worked. I hope you know what I'm talking about because since I bought it, I've seen them sold at various places. Hope this helps



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