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lrodriguez83 - May 22

I know this sounds weird, I am only 9 weeks pregnant but my hubby and I have been talking since we found out we were pregnant about baby names and cannot decide on anything. Our first child, he was named after my husband so that was a piece of cake. Now we have to come up with a boys name and a girls name so when I go at 16 weeks for the gender ultrasound, we have a name picked and can go from there. You may think I am crazy for wanting to decide this soon, but I want to be able to call them by their name once we know the s_x. Please if you have any idea for baby names, throw them out there for us. So far for a girl, I love the name Isabelle, Isabella and Carolina-prounced not like the state, but like Carolena. NO boys names at all Last name is Rodriguez.....


DeeD - June 5

You still have alot of time. Be patient and you will figure it out! GL!


in the woods - June 5

Find "The most popular baby names" list (they are compiled each year - country-wide, and locally - and AVOID THEM. Unless you want him/her to have many namesakes around. Books about oder times have a treasure of forgotten and half-forgotten, unusual and beautiful names.


BeckyM - June 10

We named our daughter Elliana (pronounced Elly-onna). We call her El, Elli, or Elliana, but had also thought about just Ana (though that didn't fit her). Thanks to whoever submitted that name on this forum 2 1/2 years ago!


Renee-Marie - June 30

I have a cousin who felt the same way. She picked her name and everything as soon as she knew what she was having. Then she gave birth and her baby (to her) did NOT look like an "Emily" and she went with "Andrea". My advice to you - don't stress. Its ok to call your baby "the baby" until you have a name that suits you, her and your family name. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!


kimberly - July 2

Girls, Emma, Emily, Kyleigh(my dd's name), Sarai (sir-rye), Brooke, Kayley, Keely, Grace, and Allie. Boys names are harder for me, but I like Ian, Isaac, Ryan, Jacob, Blake, Caleb, Joshua, Kaden, Hayden or Aiden, Keith, David. My first son is named Ryan Jacob, and my second son is named Isaac Blake. Good luck and Congrats on your pregnancy!


Bridget - July 2

Our son is named David (my Dad) Sterling (my husband). I had a lot of exotic boys names picked out and wound up with a cla__sic, which I am actually glad about. I hear John is making a comeback. The names I had for a girl were Maeve,Eve or Eva. Eva Rodrigez sounds very pretty, IMO. I like your choices for a girl too.


Crystal83 - July 3

I've always liked Ana for a girl, pronounced AWW-na, lol. All 3 of my girls's names start with a K though. Mostly my hubby's idea but I liked the idea too. Kaitlynn, Kaylee, and Kamryn. I told hubby if we have a boy we are NOT naming him with a K unless I find something I really like, which I haven't so far. I also like Blake and Adrian for a boy.


in the woods - July 3

For boys, I like old-world, forgotten, maybe pompous names: Rupert, Montgomery (not Monty though), Archibald, Elliott. I'm weird.


schreck - July 13

I like Isabelle for a girl. I really like Ashton Drake for a boy but my hubby likes more cla__sic names. I also like Brayden, and Brendon. My hubby and I actually had 2 names picked out for our dd and waited until she was born to decide which one fit her better.


lrodriguez83 - July 14

IT'S A BOY!!!! We found out this weekend we are having another baby boy. I am so excited. We are naming him Ryan Daniel...


Justine1 - July 15

Congratulations on your little boy!!



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