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jenna32 - January 19

how do/did you teach your little one specifically? TV and video stuff is out for me because she doesn't really pay attention. Do you just show them like milk and then the sign for milk and show them a ball and show the sign or what?? How often did you do it and how long did it take for your l.o's to catch on? i reallly want dd to do it,it must make life so much easier!!


mjvdec01 - January 19

We used sign language with our daughter and will as well with our son who just turned 6 months. Go buy a simple book. One I would recommend is called, "Baby Sign Language Basics" by Monta Z. Briant. It is small and easy to pop in your purse. Anyway, start with signs for the things that are prevalent in your babys life, and just use them in conjunction with saying the word whenever it comes up. The book I suggested is only about $10 and is quite sufficient. We started signing to our daughter when she was about 6 months old and it was so exciting when she used her first sign. I think it was the sign for "more" at one of her feedings. The book contains 60 signs which is plenty to get you started and you may not need anymore than that. Signing with your baby is so nice. It gives them a way to communicate before they can talk. It is a lot of work on your part and make sure you have your hubby learn the signs as well. If he doesn't the baby can become frustrated when she tries to communicate and he doesn't understand. It isn't fair to the child to teach them signs and have them go unrecognized. My advice, go for it. It is so much fun to talk to your little one, with words or otherwise.


Seredetia - January 22

My daughter learned signs and still uses them...even though we actually haven't used them with her for about 6 months. She'll just use one o ut of the blue when she says something and kind of shock my husband and I. To teach her, we would just say the word at the same time we signed it. If it was an object we were signing, we would then either point at it or give it to her. She caught on fairly quickly, but you do have to be consistant....and be aware that "poo poo" might be confused for the color "blue" until finger dexterity is more extablished. LOL. We found that one out right away.


charee - February 19

Oh man it does make it so much easier! Because you and your child can communicate!!!!! HI! First off i have two kiddos- DD is 4 and DS is 17 mos. I have been signing with my son (and my daughter joins in and knows them all!) since 11 months! He was not talking (unlike my daugheter!) and was just screaming and skreetching and crying all the time! My kids made up thirsty before i even started signing with them. I happened to meet a lady at a baby time group that used it loved it and teaches a cla__s! I signed up for the 6week cla__s for $60 and he now signs for EVERYTHING he knowns at least 50 i would guess. We are doing a 2nd signs cla__s series right now. I HIGHLY HIGLY RECCOMEND IT! THey pick up on it so fast- you just have to be consistent and do it yourself! Say it, sign it, and show the object at the same time. Implement only a few signs a week. Check out this site for more info and tips!! Please do it with your baby- you will both love it! We do! babysignsprogram dot com/withjill



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