Baby Waking Up At Night

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mayaB - February 6

My son is 21 months old and goes to sleep on his own. We had him cry it out at about 3 months and that method worked great for us. Only a couple of times have we had to redo the CIO. Anyways now we have a new problem. He wakes up about 3 times a night and just wants to be tucked in again.. or wants his dummy.. It's obviously just to see us stick our heads in his room..... What should I do? What have you done? How do I get him to go back to sleeping all night. I'm not sure I should just completely ignore him because he does fall back asleep on his own... Please help! :-)


mayaB - February 6

No one??? It's 11 pm here.. and I'm not sure how to deal w/ my baby's wakings........ help help!!


eclipse - February 8

My son is 14 months and we have been fighting this for a LONG of the best things in the world is that in his crib he has an older (and better, in my opinion) version of the fisher price aquarium. He will often wake up at night, and then cry a bit, but then turn it on and it lulls him back to sleep. I have to refrain from running in there myself as soon as he cries, only going in when he is obviously really upset. It took a bit, but it is the same as CIO, he needs to learn to put himself back to sleep. It is worth a shot, anyway. Good luck! :D


drea - February 8

My dd has been doing the same thing on and off for a while. She hasnt been able to shake this cold she has, so when I hear her cry I have to go in and check on her b/c a lot of times she just cant breathe, but before she had the cold, she just wanted me to pick her up, so i just let her CIO. I've used CIO before and it has been successful for me. I also keep some books in her crib. Also, sometimes I go in and just rub her back and say ok its time to go back to sleep now and she does. This is also prime time age for separation anxiety, so it could be that also. Good Luck.


mayaB - February 11

Thank you for your replies.. So are you saying that I shouldnt poke my head in to say 'shhhhh go back to sleep'.. Fact is just doing that is almost enough. But he's gotten into the habit that I will come in and tuck him back in and say a couple calming works. I should just let him cio a couple of times.. correct?


surewinwilliams - February 11

Here is a little trick that worked for me. Give your son 2 small tokens (my daughter got 2 paper flowers), and tell him that each time you come in, you will take one of the tokens. But a good brave boy will have both of his tokens in the morning. He will be so proud that he will do what ever it takes to keep his tokens! And at any rate, you may only have to go in twice once he runs out! My daughter was the same age when she started that, and now only wakes occasionally. It'll always does!



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