Baby Won T Eat Or Drink

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arden222 - February 24

My son is 13 mths old, for awhile it was hard to get him to eat or drink. We have tried entertaining him with toys and was able to get him to eat for awhile along with giving him finger foods. Now he just refuses. He doesn't care to eat, spoon fed or being given finger foods. He only takes sips of milk here and there but not interested in that either. he just wants to play all day. we have tried everything and have tried so hard. anyone gone through this and have an effective solution that worked for you? is it even normal? i see some other children that just love to eat or they at least love to drink their milk. my son is not sick, is happy, but just doesn't care for food or drink and he is dehydrated.


Laura1 - February 26

I have similar problem with my daughter, she is 19 months now, but she started to be really picky about her food around 15 months. Usually after 12 months their growth slows down, so they don't require as much food as before, also teething makes them lose their appet_te. As long as he is playing and happy and is not losing weight. Also, I would avoid giving him milk, it gives false sense of fullness while providing very little nutritional benefit. Then of course he doesn't feel like eating anything else. Try giving him plain water instead of milk and it should make him hungry. You can add milk to his cereal, but just hold on giving him sips of milk. Also, try to eat in front of him something that you would like him to eat and show that it's really yummy. He may try it out of curiosity.


kimberly - February 27

Hes only 13 months I wouldn't hold off on giving him milk. He certainly needs milk right now. But, it wouldn't hurt to give him water for his meals and not milk, but make sure you do offer plenty of milk through the day. It is common for them to go through a picky stage right now and not eat as much as before. But, if you feel he is losing weight or is dehydrated he needs to be seen by his Dr. now! If he is like my son he probably picks one or two foods as his favorites and then refuses everything else. If so I try and sneak good things in his food. My son loves mac n' cheese so I add a little tomatoe soup to it instead of the milk when mixing it up, he loves it. Also try pediasure or the ensure drinks or breakfast drink mixes, they taste good and are packed with nutrients and vitamins he needs and might not get from food and other drinks. Just keep offering he will not starve himself, Unless he has a serious medical condition.


Laura1 - March 1

I would try to hold off on his milk for a day or two just to see if he will want to try anything else, otherwise it's filling him up and he doesn't feel like eating anything else. Of course, if he still doesn't want anything else, I would continue with a milk, it's better than nothing. It's lacking a lot of essential nutrients and just masks the hunger. Plus creates bunch of health problems including anemia, digestive problems, allergies, etc. A lot of toddlers do just fine without it. Again, I would try for a day or two without it and if your son still not eating other food, go back to milk. You can add a pack of powdered multivitamins to it to add some nutrition, the good brand that I use and trust is called "NutriStart" Multivitamin Powder, it has a good balance of vitamins and minerals and very little sugar, and still tastes great. I buy it at Whole Foods, but it's probably available in other health stores. Or you may want to give him formula if he's been on it before, it would also provide some nutrition.


Wellis10 - April 17

Don't worry about it to much. My son who is almost 3 does this alot when he is teething. Sometimes there is an opening in the gum that causes it to be comfortable to eat, it may burn if it is a salty food or sour or something like that. Even if you can't see it or feel it it may be starting to break through. You can try giving him some Tylenol about an hour or 45mins before you try to feed him. This will help with any pain that he might be having when he chews. It will pa__s shortly. Trust me. Toddlers to not like to be hungry, when he gets hungry you will know it. Another thing is if you are feeding him baby food he may not like the taste of it any more. Try feeding him a cookie or something you know that he will like. If he eats it then, his others meals he just doesn't want or doesn't like. Try feeding him something soft that he sees you eat all the time. Maybe some cheese eggs, or b___ter toast, jelly toast, mac and cheese, grapes,ect



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