Bad Diaper Rash HELP

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BWIND - February 14

Poor DS....His 1st Birthday is tomorrow and he is miserable with diaper rash. Actually, I'm not sure what it is....It doesn't look like a rash. His butt is completely fire red...and it feels hot to touch. It's actually seeping in two areas. The doctor called in an ointment for it...It's the generic for Bactroban..Anyway, do I just put the ointment on it? Or do I need to put powder on it too? He's never had it THIS bad. He's had 11 bowel movements in 24 hours...and they are right after he eats...We haven't added anything to the diet....just his normal stuff. It smells really awful and is kinda acidy like. Any ideas what is going on?


DB - February 14

Maybe he has a flu bug. Poor guy. Diarrhea like that is way hard on the bum. I know I've read about yeast infections on the bum. Poor poor baby!! Maybe do the brat diet (banana, rice, apple, toast) to firm up his poop. Are you giving whole milk...maybe he has an allergy? Yikes. Hope he feels better for his birthday.


krc - February 15

has he only had this diaper rash recently? Are you good about changing him immediately after he poops and taking extra precaution to wipe him thoroughly? Other than not cleaning him thoroughly and promptly, the only thing I can think of is if he is taking any anti-biotics for any reason? Sometimes that can give them diaper rash real bad no matter how fast you change them. Has he been eating any citrus fruits lately? Whenever my son has had diaper rash I would wipe him as clean as possible, then put an ointment cream on his , let his but air dry for about 5 minutes, then put medicated powder on him and in his diaper. The ointment I was prescribed seems to always clear it up within a day or two. Also there is a lactobacillus powder you can find at walgreens or somewhere similar and that helps regulate the yeast in their colon when they have bad diaper rash. Good luck...I know it's hard to see our little ones in such misery!


BWIND - February 15

Thanks. From everyone I talked to, it does sound like it could possibly be a yeast infection. I didn't know boys could get them. It's a little better today, but still really, really red. I think he's changed enough at the babysitter's. He's had diaper rash before, but usually around when he cuts teeth.....Never this red though. I feel so bad changing him...he just screams and scrunches his little toes. He only had 2 bowel movements maybe he just had a little bug or something....Hopefully it's over. Thanks for your advice.


mjvdec01 - February 16

All he needs is some clortimazole cream, by the second or third diaper change he will be feeling a lot better. Go to Wal-Mart, or any other pharmacy and go to the foot care section, you will fond it there. It is marketed as athletes foot cream, but it is exactly what you need for diaper rashes. I have been using it on my daughter as advised by her pediatrician since she was born and got her first rash. You should be using it with a zinc oxide cream. Just put the clortrimazole cream on first and then the zinc oxide diaper cream over top. Continue with this mixture until the rash is completely gone. Clortrimazole cream is basically the same thing as what you get prescribed from the pediatrician, only it doesn't burn when applied. It sounds like he has a bit of a stomach bug and should probably get over it with in a few days. Please try this, it will work.


lin7604 - February 20

i know exactually what you are going through! My ds gets the same and is getting over his right now. It's not a rask in appearance at all,it's a completely red section that is fire red and warm to the touch. Mine also gets seepy like a blister on his skin and boy does it hurt him when i have to change him as his skin os so raw!!!! I find it too is after he has certain foods witha tomato base in it, like lasagna. that is what mine ate adn one day later he had 4 or 5 poops, very soft and stinky and after each poop it gets WORSE!!! once i find it's all out of his system it gets better real fast!


Bridget - February 22

It does sound exactly like a yeast and the stuff mjvdec01 said works and actualy so does Tinactin for jock itch but they say to ask a dr if the child is under 2. Yeast is horrible and painful and itchy too for them, I was so happy when someone told me about the Tinactin I could have cried because it was awful (looked like a burn, almost)for over a week and nothing worked.


alicia - March 9

Hi my son had a horrible problem from the time he was6 months old til the time he was about 18 months with diaper rash's. They thought they were yeast infections but they wernt. We dont know exactly what would bring them on but we'd water down all his juices or anything with citrus acid in it and when he was cutting teeth it would get worse.They prescribed me this cream called greer;s a miracle but i can only get it at one pharmacy because they mix it there. Ask your doctor if theres anything like such with the local pharmacies you're way. You'd be surprised how instantly it works.


MNMOM - March 11

Hi, we just went thru the most horrible diaper rash ever due to sever diarreah that lasted a week. Poor little boy had NO skin left on his bum! We did several things to help: The first and most important - don't use baby wipes. The detergent in them is too harsh for irritated skin. We used soft, disposable medical cloths that we just used warm water with. Second, the skin needs some air, We let him play for a whole afternoon naked on the floor (we had several layers of towels underneath). Next we let him soak in 2 warm baths a day with half a pack of the aveno oatmeal bath dissolved in the water. When we put his diaper back on, we used the diaper rash cream called Triple Paste - our pedi. recommended this. Also I bought a pack of Tucks medicated pads and put them on the soar spots of his skin and put the diaper right over them and then just changed them every time we changed his diaper. His skin made a miracle turn-around in 2 days! We also followed the BRAT diet during the week to help with the diarreah, and ped recommended NO milk products, not even formula. He had a lot of clear pedialyte that week!!


caras - March 28

Triple Paste. I swear it's the best stuff ever. It is quite expensive, but it's worth every penny. After seeing 3 different docs and trying countless other remedies, a friend recommended it and I just can't thank her enough. Buy it in bulk. My little boy hasn't shed a tear in over a year - and neither have I!



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