Blisters On 10 Month Olds Fingers

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gracie - June 8

Hi, my daughter is 10 1/2 months old and she has over the last month or so had blisters on her fingers. This has started as she has become mobile, crawling and stuff. They are rather large, but not deep blisters and all over her fingers. They heal then come back. I have taken her to the doctor, twice and been assured that its nothing serious, but they havent a clue at what it is. I have racked my brain for a chemical cause she could be coming in contact with, but I also have a 2 year old son who has no symptoms such as this. I have cleaned the house in water and stoped chemicals. I moved her crib and checked all toys for battery leaks. Finally tonight I did a web search for this and came up with a very rare condition called abbriviated, EB. My question is a long shot if anyone has heard of this, dealt with this and or has any idea what this could be if not this. She has no other symptoms and has been a rather healthy little goose. thanks for taking the time to read. gracie


CyndiG - June 8

I've never heard of it, but it would make me concerned. Do they hurt her? Poor thing! Have you tried a dermatologist? You should also post this ?? on the Infant Care forum. It gets a little more traffic than this one. Good luck!


babybradley - June 8

I also have never heard of it. Poor baby!!!! I agree with CyndiG maybe you should try a dermatologist.


Kara H. - June 8

I would definitely take her to see a dermatologist. They LOVE a challenge :) Ask around and find one that people say that they like. There are a lot of great Derms out there, but they are not the most personal bunch. So finding one that people recomend is you best bet. A nice Derm is worth their weight in gold. Be sure and tell them about you concern it might be EB. They will be able to test the skin and see for sure if it is EB. And if its not, they may be able to help you find out whats bothering her skin. I am *highly* allergic to acrylic nail product. If I even give a natural nail manicure to someone who has acrylic nails on, my finger tips will bister. I cannot speak for you 10 month, but when I get them they burn like spider bites and are very uncomfortable. It hurts to grip anything from the steering wheel of the car to my tooth brush. So if what she feels is anything like what I experience, I would definitely get the help of a dermatologist.


kellens mom - June 8

How long has she had them? If it has been a relatively short time (a week or less), it could be hand, foot and mouth disease...though I would have thought that the doctors would have ruled that out by now.


gracie - June 8

Hi everyone, I took Alexa to see her doctor today and gave her the info I had and she left to research it(it is so rare) and came back and her exact words were, " you give a compelling arguement with it being EB" She referred us to a Derm. It is so upsetting to see my daughter in any pain at all. I have a hard time figureing out if her fingers hurt her when I touch them, she hates it, or if she hates me touching them because i have been so much the last couple days. She has such tiny fingers and the blisters are so bad, so big. I tested my idea this morning by touching ( i clipped her nail) of the only finger she had without a blister, and by the time we saw the doctor this afternoon, it was completly blistered. the doctor was startled when I told her that the huge blister developed since this morning. I am so glad to be seeing a derm, but quite concerned and the c___p I read on line only makes me terrified. thanks for your responces and for caring... gracie...


cendres - June 9

Can you give us more information about EB? What is it exactly? I'm sorry to hear that your daughter may have it :(


CyndiG - June 10

I don't know what EB is either, but I'm really glad your pediatrician listened to you the first time! How rare is that??? Please keep us updated. I'm interested to hear about this. Poor baby!!!


gracie - June 11

Hi, here is a little info on what "EB" is. Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is the name given to a group of genetically inherited skin disorders, all characterized by the fragility of the skin, and a tendency for the skin to blister when subjected to friction. I got a skin doctor appointment next thursday. What a nightmare to get in quickly. Every doctor was telling me 4-6 months. I pushed and pushed and finnally found a Derm who will see her next thursday. She isnt walking yet and my fear is that these blisters will form on her feet and cause all sorts of problems, so I want to see a doctor ahead of time to get a diagnosis, as I still pray its something else, something little. Neither my husband or I have this illness, so if she has it, it must be that we are "silent" carriers. Hopefully its not this,,, thanks for everyones concern,, keep you all posted.. gracie


shea4 - June 23

Oh my! How is Alexa? What did the dermatologist have to say? I just read your post for the first time tonight...I hope it was just a virus and not EB, please let us know. Prayers...Sharleen


JenniferB - June 25

My son's hands blistered and peeled and it was a strep infection. They did not seem to hurt him though. I hope your doctor finds out that it is something minor and it will go away.



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