Bottle Or Binki Which Is The First To Go

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drea - April 11

Ok so my dd is 18 months and I would like to start working on getting rid of either the bottle or the binki. She totally loves her binki, so I know that will be the harder of the 2. Just wanted to get some suggestions on how you girls did it and at what age? Thanks.


mjvdec01 - April 11

Definitely get rid of the binky first. With the bottle atleast there is something to replace it with (sippy cup). At first we took away the binky during the day, and she only had it at naps and bedtime, after about a week, we cut it out at naptime and after another week we took it away entirely. We did this at 12 months and at 13 months we started fazing out the bottle and switched to sippy cups. Getting rid of the bottle took about a month and was definitely more difficult.


drea - April 11

thanks mjv, I know the bottle will be much easier for her b/c she only has one in the morning when she gets up and at night before bed and doesnt ask for it at all during the day. She will drink anything from a sippy including milk, so that should be a no brainer. The binki will be very hard. At daycare they dont give it to her except when she naps, but as soon as I pick her up she immediately asks for it. Its gonna be hard.


lin7604 - April 11

ya i am so worried about getting rid of the binky too! My ds is almost 18 months and his ped said at 18 months it should be gone, but i don't know what to do!!!!! He only uses it for nap adn bedtime but i am worried that if he doesn't have it at night he will wake up looking ofr it and then start night wakes b/c he can't find it. ahhh.... i am not looking forward to it as he has always been a up and down night sleeper, mostly good but still has had hard times once in awhile ( teething,etc). We got rid of the bottle very easy, he had one when he woke and then one at bedtime and the rest also was in a sippy cup all day, this was at 12 month, by 13 months we phased out the am one adn then at 14 months we dumped the bedtime one. We replaced it with a cup 15 min before bed. then went to 30 min before bed and then not at all. no issues at all!!! I can only hope getting rid of the bimky will be as easy, going cold turkey might be best??? i don't know??? I know so many that agree that at 18 months get rid of it adn then others say , he may give it up when he's ready or when he's over 2 as he willunderstand it better that he is a big boy and doesn't need it anymore, etc??? i just don't know if i should do it now or later?


mjvdec01 - April 12

I just have to say that the longer you wait to get rid of the binky, the harder it will be on both you and you toddler. Besides, no one likes to see a two year old with a binky hanging out of their mouth.


drea - April 14

I do want tyo get rid of the binky sooner rather than later, but not because of what anyone else thinks. Personally I dont really care if the general public doesnt want to see my daughter with a bibki in her mouth, ulitmately its my choice. My dd is VERY attached to it, so I know it will be difficult no matter when it finally happens.



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