Bottle To Sippy Cup Ahh

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supmama - July 17

my DS is 17 months next week... and STILL uses a bottle. (5-6 times a day. 3 milks, 1 juice, and the rest are water) since 10 months his pediatrician has been telling us to switch him to a sippy cup, and it is seemingly impossible. any advice??? anyone else dealing with this??


DDT - July 17

Cold turkey with each bottle. I would start with the bottles of water he gets. Get rid of one every 7-10 days. Just remember YOU are in control. You have to be consistent. He is old enough to know how to drink out of a sippy cup. Try different one. My 13 month old prefers straw-type cups, while my 2.5 year old will take any type of cup. I found the Nuby soft silicone spout cups to be the best transitional cup. The spout is like a bottle nipple in texture.


Floricica - July 17

Well... You are the one in control. It only gets harder. Kids will have temper tandrums when they dont get what they want. It's like you give your kid mcdonalds because they wont eat nothing else. But in the end they will eat something else. Just dont give in and give the sippy. Kids will give in and drink it.


andy2bb - July 18

Hi ... I swithched my daughters bottles with nubby sippy cups when she was 16 months , just one day I saw that really avent nipples werent getting too much liquid out and she would take like half hour to drink 8 ounces... The first day she looked at them n liked them and started drinking water in them , the second day I just took the bottles away ... So I gave her the milk in the nuby cup , she acted like nothing happened and started drinking , she stopped in like half and threw it away ... Lol ! But the next day it was like she never knew the bottles ... She was on those for 4 months untill we changed them for gerber sippy cups ... That transition was a little harder but still pretty good considering you dont have to give your child chance to complain ... ( This is whst there is , if you dont want it there will be no milk )she was taking 3 milks a day so I started with the morning one ... I traded that for the sippy one monday , by thursday I changed the afternoon one and like 5 days later I gave her a sippy at night ... And it seemed good to her ... Try giving your baby water in them first to see if thery are the right kind for them ... Good luck !!!



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