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apple - July 18

Ok, my son is 14 months and he is off bottles during the day but he does get a bedtime bottle(before i brush his teeth) and i am ashamed to say that he gets 1 or 2 during the night as well. My question is how to get him off of bottles during the night. I've tried slowly lowering the amount but then he woke up more often (like once an hour) so i tried to feed him a bigger snack right before bed so that he would stay fuller longer. My son has never been a big eater but will drink just about anything. He is still on formula (2nd stage) because he's allergic to cows milk, i dont know if that has anythign to do with it. But it would be nice to have him finally sleep through the night. Any suggestions would be great!


schreck - July 18

Have you tried soy milk since he's allergic to cow's milk? As for the nighttime feedings, I have heard that if you start decreasing the amount of formula ( one scoop for 4 ounces instead of 2) you put in it becomes more watery and they eventually stop waking up for it.


Crystal83 - July 19

I started to only offer water during the night. That seemed to help cut down th night feedings and also I didn't feel as bad about giving water because of all the hype about how kids can get cavities if they have milk or juice left in their mouths when they fall asleep. Maybe that might help you too.


Erin1979 - July 19

I agree with Crystal. I would give him water during the night....but take those bottles away. Make it that he throws his bottles away with you, and gets to pick out a new big boy cup. We just took the bottle from my daughter. We had 3 rough nights, and then she was fine...not a peep about the bottle. One other thing, if you are going to give him something before bed, make sure you are brushing his teeth afterwards. Going to bed with food, milk or formula on the teeth is SO bad for kids. I work in public health (dental field) and I see the affects everyday. Best of luck to you.


apple - July 22

Thanks for the advice, I've tried just giving him water at night too, and all he does is scream and scream and he even if i try to let him cry it out he will not stop, it can go on for hours and hours. Erin1979- he doesnt get bottles during the day he likes his cups very much, until nightime, he will not drink from them. And i do brush his teeth before bed everynight however it isnt 100% effective because he does get the bottle during the night. Which is one of the problems! So frustrating! Thanks ladies!


kimberly - July 23

Unfortunately I have found with this issue, It is something you have to just take away cold turkey. If he is only having a night bottle he is almost there anyway. I would just take the bottle away completely and deal with a few horrible nights for you and him. It won't last long and soon he will be just fine without one. I think the first 2 nights are the hardest once you are past that it gets much easier. I understand that he will throw a fit but if you give into it everytime then he is just realizing if he screams mommy will bring me a bottle.


apple - July 24

I am proud to say that he did not get any bottles yesterday, to go to bed or throughtout the night. Last night when he woke up he got his straw cup and once he realized there was milk in it he sucked it back until it was empty and went back to sleep! Granted he woke a few times more than usual but thats ok, we will do this again tonight. Straw cups are better than bottles at least...


Crystal83 - July 25

That's awesome, stay consistent with it incase he starts to test you, lol!



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