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Wellis10 - August 4

ok, I have a girl 18 months old. She over dramatizes EVERYTHING. I have a 2 yr old son too. They play well together, but my little girl has been whinning and crying since she was born. I have taking her to the dr., gave her independent attention, laid with her. Anything to get the whinning to stop. She follows me around and just whins and crys. I have checked her teeth and temp and nothing. This has been going on since birth and now she is 18 months old and all I here is whinning and crying all the time. It is not constant, just when I am not in the room, or there to kiss her boo-boo's. How an I get this to stop. It is getting worse, I AM SCARED that if she does get sick I won't be able to tell b/c she whines all the time that I have learned to ignore her sometimes. Is this temp tantrums or what. I have 2 other friends that are having the same problems. How do I get it to stop.


gbsmom - August 4

Is your DD b___stfed? I b'fed my DD up to 12 mos, and toward the end when I started getting my pd back, every month she would get just like you descrbied your DD, like baby-pms from my hormones, I guess. With your DD doing this constantly, I guess it's not cycle-related, but maybe smthg she's getting from you if she's b'fed. I feel for you; 5 days a month was tough, every day must be a killer! Good luck!


tish212 - August 11

my DD is the same way she is 20 months old and throws and instant fit the moment i leave the room, it used to be so bad that if i got out of her sight for 10 seconds you would have thought the world was coming to an end, though now she is slowly learning that its ok to let me leave the room, she still freaks out 3 out of every 5 times i leave but i do get those 2 times to leave where she isn't phased (boy getting housework done was super hard but getting easier now) she still whines a lot, and now that i just had my 2nd DD is becoming super attached again, i think its just a thing they outgrow... i mean how was she to "know" that when i left the room that i would def come back? I mean as adults we know that, but she didn't understand that, and now that she is getting older she is learning that yes we come back, and no she doesn't have to be with us every second, (us meaning me and DH) so i would guess she will outgrow it....and as for what gbs said, i too noticed that after i stopped b___stfeeding my first, once my cycle came back she would have 5 bad days a month that were right when i was on my period, and i got a nice break from that these past 10 months that i was pregnant with my second, but i am sure once i get my cycle back when i stop bf'ing #2 that she will cycle right with me like baby girl PMS gotta love it... good luck with your lil one, and don't worry if she gets honestly sick you will know it wont just be whining and crying like she does normally, it will be a def difference in her att_tude, you will be able to tell she is not feeling well. (i worried about the same thing but when my DD got sick she acts completely different so its easy to know the difference... good luck and just count on her growing out of it to some extent.


stefkay - September 8

This is funny, I never thought too much about it but my dd is like this. Everyone keeps telling me it is "separation anxiety" but she is 14 mos old and it's been going on since like 7 or 8 months! Now that she can walk it is worse. I work from home so she i with me all the time. She will go to her dad more now but she really freaks if I try to leave her with anyone besides him or my mom. She does whine quite a bit, lol, but so did I as a child my mom says :)


littlekmom - September 8

When she gets a little older (but you can start now), you can work to correct the behavior like you would any other undesirable behavior(like hitting or not sharing) and let her know that the whining is ineffective and not allowed. It's easier said than done, but it will at least help. My daughter just turned 2 and is a bit dramatic. If she's whining (especially about something not critical, like being thirsty when she could just ask nicely for a drink) I ask her to stop. She usually does with the reminder, but if she doesn't I'll count and give her a time out if she doesn't stop.



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