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tryingx3 - January 9

We live in a small town (3500) with a lot of industry (people drive to work there) and there are some decent sized towns within 30 minutes - okay - so we have an opportunity to open a store next to the Dollar Store and local supply store - the monthly rent is only $350. Could I make money doing a kids consignment? Anyone do this or have a friend who owns one?


mjvdec01 - January 9

There is a pretty cute kids consignment shop a few minutes from my home. I don't kow the lady who owns it, but I do know that she does very well. She only takes things in for cash when she really needs the inventory, otherwise most of the time she gives people store credit for the things they bring. She won't necessarily take everything you bring, she goes through the items carefully and only takes what she knows will sell, otherwise she would have a store full of c___p that no one wants. This gal makes a living from it, why not you?


Joanne - January 10

I just went to a children's consignment store that opened last Saturday. I think it's a great idea!


britt_m - January 10

I'm sure it would take a little to get started but you'd definately be making decent money! Since you'd be opening a business, everyday would probably be better than the last. Good luck!


tryingx3 - January 14

Thanks for the responses...I have been sick! Yuck. We went to look at the space today. My husband is pushing me to come up with a plan. I have a history in computer training and he is also trying to get me to think along those lines as a business. It is a bit overwhelming. I make good money at my job but have to take an oncall rotation every 5th week, which could require me to leave at any time day or night. I am also wanting to try for kiddo number 2. So...benefits are important too!


sphinx - January 14

If you don't go for it, you will forever wonder what would have happened. I think you should do it.


britt_m - January 15

I agree with sphinx, I think you should get it going before number 2 comes along. That way you'll be in the flow of things, not to mention you'll have a cute belly, that always warms up the atmosphere : ), maybe sales too.



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