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dizoney - April 3

My son is 3. He weighs 30 pounds, and is 40 inches tall. I need a new car seat for him because he seems uncomfortable in his Britax Roundabout. Money is not an issue. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was looking at the Britax Marathon or the Recaro Toddler Sport Carseat. It must have a 5-point harness for my piece of mind. Thanks!!!


meg - April 3

I'm not sure if I'll be much help or not, but my ds is 19 months (about 25 lbs) & we have both the Marathon & Boulevard, & I love both of the seats & would highly recommend them! Like you, I'm big on the 5 pt. harness & will keep him in that for as long as I possibly can!


drea - April 3

I have the marathon my dd is 18 months and almost 30 lbs. She loves this seat, she always looks so comfy and she takes good naps in it. I also have the Graco Safe Seat which I dont really like. I got it as a gift and I really dont like it, but it serves its purpose. I'm not buying any other seat again except the Britax, its worth the money to me and the safety ratings are the best. GL


bean - April 3

We have the Marathon and Boulevards as well and I love them both. Dd loves the Boulevard far more than the Marathon. For some reason they sit different in our car, even when installed in the exact same spot (at different times, obviously). The Marathon is more reclined and she can't sit up as straight in it. But again, could just be our vehicle (CR-V).


dizoney - April 4

Thank you! I Was leaning toward the Marathon because the Roundabout fits so well in my car, and even though it's slightly larger, I think it will fit well too. I love the ease of use of the Britax and I will be keeping it for my 4 month old dd. Thanks for your input!


AshB - April 23

When my son outgrows his convertible carseat i will be buying the Britax Regent. It holds the child in a 5pt harness all the way up to 80lbs. It's the last carseat they will ever need. It's about $230 but so worth it to me. I'm with you on the extended 5pt harness. Good luck!


mjvdec01 - April 24

My daughter is 30lbs and 36 inches and we have a Britax Matathon. The 5pt harness is a must. My daughter loves her seat, she says it is, "comfy"



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