Casey Anthony

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jennyr - September 5

Anyone hear about the little 3 year old missing from FL? Not to spark a argument but OMG I am so upset about this. Everyone know the mom did something to her accident or not. At first I was like find the baby and bring her home safe but now I know she is not alive and by her mom not opening up about where she is is just making me so mad. How could anyone do that to a child. I am so mad and upset about this whole case. Just thought I would see what others thought about it. I hope she gets put away forever for what she did to the little baby!


squished - September 6

I live in FL and this case is all that is on television...well, that and the newscasters trying to b__w the hurricanes out of proportion. Anyways, I agree with you. The fact that she is out of jail and that her parents are standing by her is what makes me mad, If I did something to my son, my mom would kill me before the police got to me! What is wrong with people? If you don't want your kid, give up legal custody and put them up for adoption, don't kill them for god sakes!


jessb - September 6

My bet is the boyfriend did something to the poor baby and mom and him are covering it up. I knew from almost day one that the poor little angel is probably dead, but now with all the new evidence Im sure of it. I think the grandparents just cant except the truth, its sad but we never know how we will react when put in that situation, they probably just dont want to believe it-she is there daughter so they probably want to believe, even though all the evidence shows she is lying. I work in this field (child protection) and I got in trouble at work b/c I tried to access this file on the computer- I was actually just interested if they had any priors with child protection. My supervisor just told me I couldnt look at it anymore- even though myself and several other people I know have looked up other media cases and its never been an issue....


jennyr - September 6

I think the therorys are right on! I think she use the Cloroform to try to get her to go to sleep so she could go out and party and the baby got o much and died. Horrible but everyone keeps saying accident. I think that is what happened but if it was an accident why would she not be more upset about everything. I woud break if that was me and just let it all pour out. Why would she even try to use something like that to get her to sleep anyway. If she wanted to go out then get a babysitter.She is just a heartless person and I hope she rots in jail for what she did to that cute little baby girl!


MelissaK - September 8

jennyr - I am feeling the same way. I get PISSED OFF when I see this come on the news and this mom is just so bizarre acting and this poor little 3 year old... Really, kills me to see this in the news.


JEN - September 8

I am with all of you on this case and all the others like it. What about the 3 cases in Houston alone (that I know of) in the last 3 weeks where someone has "forgotten" a child in a carseat ALL DAY??? I broke down when the last one came out where the 3 year old managed to get out of his carseat and find a spare key and attempt to start the car before he died of heat? I look at my ds and have no clue how anyone could forget an innocent child! And every day when I climb into my car that has been outside in the parking lot all day and is unbearably hot I think of what those poor children must have endured before they died. Not only the heat and torture of a long death, but feeling that the person/people they loved most and trusted to take care of them just abandoned seriously makes me want to throw up when I think about it- stopping now because I am going to start crying all over again. Sorry to ramble...


kimberly - September 10

Jen, there was a woman who did that same thing to two children in my town just 5 years ago. I read in the paper this morning she is out of jail! Only 5 years in jail, what a unjustice!!! But, yeah this case is horrible!!



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