Christmas Toys For Toddlers What Are Your Ideas

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cae - November 12

I want to know what you will be getting your LO for Christmas.


SuzieQ - November 13

I'm buying her a wooden table with two chairs and painting them myself. (she's 13 mos) Dh bought her a go-kart,and we plan on buying a few smaller items as well. So far we've found handmade puppets, a small wooden dog that pulls along, and an art sleeve that hangs on the wall to store her art (found it at


Erins Mom - November 13

Well, my lo will be 22 months and we're getting her some pretend cooking stuff, food, etc., a pretend doctors kit (she loves playing with everything at my prenatal appts. right now), some more bath toys that are more age appropriate than the ones she has now, a trike, and veggie tales movies, and probably some other small things. We'll see.


melissa g. - November 21

my dd will be 22 months in Dec -- she is getting a play kitchen, the shopping cart from Pottery Barn Kids, a play doctor kit, a kiddy purse with play wallet and stuff inside, bath toys, music toys and books and maybe the Fisher Price Zoo. One grandma is giving her a big rocking horse and the other is giving her a motorized car (hope she doesnt go too crazy with that!) Check out GeniusBabies. com, there are lots of really nice toys there!


spamanda - November 23

oooh, I've been wondering this same thing! My grandma (ds's great-grandma) wants to get him something "nice," lol. Aside from asking for money, I don't have any ideas about a cool toy. He will be 15 months at Christmas. Right now his favorite toy is an old shoe box... really.... :) I was trying to decide if he's too young for something like the cool wooden train sets or a tool set or kitchen set. Any thoughts? I'd rather she spent her money on something he'd play with for a long time. Good luck to you, too, cae! ~spam


in the woods - November 23

spamanda - a train set would be a perfect gift for a boy - speaking from experience. My son (3) , and other boys we see, is enamoured with them, and it's the toy that will last. I'm getting him metal trains though (as in Thomas and his firends), not wooden ones, don't know how long would wooden last. We have free (not glued to a surface) train track blocks that he re-arranges on the floor every which way. This Xmas, though, he's getting a glued track course, with overpa__ses. Both ways are fine. It's just amazing how he could spend days laying on the floor playing with trains and cars. As for cars, though - I don't think at 15 months he was interested as much in them. We have a kitchen set that makes frying sound when a b___ton is pushed - I find that he is more interested in making that sound (dropping the kitchen on the floor) than in actually "cooking". Maybe it reminds him of a car sound :)


in the woods - November 23

As for the old shoebox - yeah! I've seen all the Xmas gifts un-wrapped and laying around and they would be playing with cans of peas/cat food, stacking them - who makes the tallest tower! I am wary of the over-the top developmental toys because when they use their own imagination - with a box, a tube from paper towels, a string or cans - that's when they completely engage - and are PROUD of themselves!


spamanda - November 23

in the woods -- i'm right there with you, i don't want to get him something that's crazy and electronic. I'd prefer a traditional toy (and so would my grandma). I think I'll go for the wooden train set. Thanks! ~Spam


Jilloh - November 24

my 19 month old DS will be getting some building blocks (Duplo Lego's--he has quatros now but he loves the duplos at grandmas), and a table of his own to sit and color or whatever at. We aren't spending a lot....enjoying the cheaper Christmases while they can last!



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