Cleaning Straw Sippy Cups

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Nita_ - December 14

Now that my daughter has mastered drinking from those straw sippy cups, that's all I give her, caz it seems she drinks more from them than the other soft spout sippy cups. But how in the world do you get those straws cleaned? I give her milk in one, and I just noticed some white stuff inside the straw...must be left over milk or something...and HOPEFULLY not anything growing inside!! I clean the cups everyday but I guess running the water through the straw is not cleaning them well enough..any ideas?


another Karen - December 14

Hello, I have avoided these for this reason, just like many of the other sippy cups with the fiddly little valves. I found the orange juice pulp impossible to clean out and in a short time the bits you can't get to went black. I kept looking til I found ones that I knew could be cleaned properly. I'd say maybe flush them through with soapy hot water. Perhaps use the little syringe that comes with the kids' panadol?


cae - December 15

Yes this is a big issue for us also. Ethan only uses sippy cups with straws. Once he is done drinking it we soak it in water(after collecting a couple) we then put it in the dishwasher. It cleans it very well. If you dont have a dishwasher I would say soak it after your LO uses it and washed it with hot water. If you let it sit in the sink unwashed for the day, it will be very hard to wash the dried milk from the valves and the straw.


in the woods - December 15

I could never find answer to that question. I was rambling about that here already. Only when they learned to drink from normal cups - tumblers - gla__ses the problem was solved.


Cevvin - December 17

Ladies craft store, $2 pipe cleaners.


Nita_ - December 17

Thanks Ladies!! I clean the cups every night, but still they had that little white stuff...Cevvin--thanks for the pipecleaner tip! I had one in one of my daughter's crafts from the library, and sure enough, it CLEANED the straw out completely. Great idea! thank you!!



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