Constant Ear Infections Help

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BWIND - November 6

DS will be 9 months soon. He has had 3 ear infections...and I'm suspecting another one. This is in a matter of a couple of months. I actually don't believe the first went away...then it went in the other ear. His pediatrician said he'd be a good candidate for tubes. DS is ALWAYS congested and has a clear runny nose...ALWAYS. Could tubes help with this?


rl- - November 7

Hi from what I understand tubes help kids have not had to have them but I work with a lady her daughter had them and another lady her grandson just had to get them...Just be aware that the tubes do fall out and sometimes have to be friend at work said her daughter's came out like 4 times. good luck


mjvdec01 - November 8

until kids reach about 18months the eustacean tubes in there ears ( the tube that the fluid drain thru) is parallel to the ground. As they grow the tubes tilt, allowing them to drain properly. My daughter had the same problem and I promise you, if you wait it out it resolves itself 90% of the time. You DO NOT want to put tubes in your childs ears if you do not have to. I took my daughter to an ear nose and throat specialist and he told me that the kids who need tubes are the kids who's ears NEVER look normal. My daughter had several ear infections that seemed to be back to back and now nothing for the past 7 months because she has grown. Also, if your child has ear infections and you don't want ot go the route of antibiotics then I know there is an ear drop that can be prescribed. Maybe you should tell your pediatrician that you want a referral to see an ear nose and throat specialist. It really put my mind at ease and we made it thru with out cancelling swim cla__s or having to wear earplugs in the bathtub. Also they sedate with general anesthetic to put in the tubes and who wants that! Please get a second opinion. My daughter is now 21 months and doing great.


Kspa - November 19

My nurse friend told me her doctor friend told her to use Dimitab as a preventative, many, many years ago. She did this w/ both of her kids who are now 18/20 and completely healthy. She would give them a half dose, once a day. Once they have an infection, however, it is too late.. The antihistamine in the Dimitab helps with the nasal pa__sages and the ears. Also, make sure the nasal pa__sages are always clear (keep the nose cleaned out). Also, rub and apply heat behind the ears at the jaw line, to prevent fluid acc_mulation. I also took my toddler off of cows milk and put him on soy. We've had 1 bad ear infection prior to, but only a few minor ear aches (following colds) since i've tried these techniques. Many studies have recently come out which state that there is a bacteria slim (they call it) that is resistant to antibiotics that just stays in the eustacean tube. It becomes less of a problem once the eustacean tube grows/child grows and it drains more horizontally. It's better to get the tubes for your child's ears than it is to have them on antibiotics constantly.


wellnessmom - December 1

Yes tubes can definitely help. Also, in the meantime, try as much as possible to avoid antibiotics-they kill the immune system. Go to the health food store and purchase the best quality of Oregano Oil that you can find. It is a natural antibiotic with no side effects. My nephew would get ear infections chronically, ever since taking my advice re: taking oregano oil on a daily basis to prevent ear infection and other illnesses, he has not had one. Good luck! Angela, womenswealthandwellness dot com/angie



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