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jenna32 - November 19

anyone have any craft ideas for toddlers?my lo is only almost one now, i doubt she can do much. thought it'd be fun to share ideas,even if your los are a little older then mine.


jacobsmom - November 19

I got some thick, short, non-toxic crayons for ds when he was 12 mo. old. We color once or twice a week. Once he figured out that he can make lines appear on paper he was all for it. Just make sure to keep those out of the mouth. We also went out last week to collect different color leaves and put them in a vase.


kimberly - November 19

Theres finger painting, macoroni art, playdough, don't know what there called but the things you water color and put in the window for the sun to shine through. Also you can get a big card baord box and cut holes in it to make a house, legos for building things are great, also cutting pictures from a magazine and glueing them onto paper to make a collage (sp?). Puff paints are fun to create a custom shirt with. I know he is a little young for some of these ideas, but this is some of the things I have done with my kids.


DDT - November 19

I started crafts when ds1 was about 17 months old. He has had the Crayola fat crayons since he was 12 months though. But I will give you an example of what a "craft session" is like with my now 21 month old. I rip two big blank sheets out and we sit at his little table together. He gets the finger paints out of the drawer. He tells me what colours he wants...he has just started learning his colours. I put little blobs onto a palette and offer him a paint brush. He uses a combo of paint brush or fingers. There isn't much attention span so he is usually distracted with something else within 3 mins. He will go and get the stamps for me...I have lots of colours and a little hand stamp. He picks which ones he wants to stamp with. I have feathers, stickers, goggly eyes, ribbon and he takes out and I stick them onto the page for him. Lots of this stuff I picked up from a dollar store. They usually have a lot of craft supplies. We have fun and I try to do it with him at least 1x a day or else Daddy with do it with him once he's home from work. Have fun!


DDT - November 19

Oh forgot to mention...we started playdough about a month ago. He just thinks it yucky...haha! We bought one of those tools that makes strings of it and the first thing he said when he saw the dough come out was "poop!" He recently started a toddler craft cla__s so is getting more used to it...but man is it messy!


jenna32 - November 24

thanks. i was thinking for christmas we could do like fingerpaint handprint reindeer was one idea. Another maybe make a gingerbread house, cuz i think she can itleast eat the crackers! Another is i was thinking about cutting up construction paper in shapes like xmas tree,putting glue on it,put it in a container with some sparkles and she can shake it so the sparkles stick. i know she may not know whats going on but maybe being creative early could be fun!


wailing - December 1

I went to the bookstore and bought kids craft books. They have tons for toddlers and older kids. They also have them on



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