Crib To Toddler Bed

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jennyr - July 14

Just wanted to see at what age did you do this transition. Mine is 2.5 and still in the crib but she does not try climb out yet so I figured it is ok to still keep her in there . Just don't want her roaming and not sleeping as well as she does now. Any thoughts on this?


lin7604 - July 14

i ahve been to wondering the same. My ds is almost 21 months and he has never tried to climb out yet either. He is very content in there. Ours turns into a day bed so i have been wondering when to take the front rail off but i am too nervous that he will start to climb out and not want to be in there after, etc. Right now i lay him down adn he's good to go and when he wales he just jumps up and down calling us! BUT i can imagine a whole different reaction if no rail..... I have heard many that say move them earlya dn other say no not till they climb out or they can understand that they still need to stay in bed even though they can get out by themselves.


bubbasmom - July 15

My advice is to keep her in there as long as possible! We bought my son a toddler bed just after he turned 2 (he's now 2.5) because he was crawling out so it was a safety issue. I'm also pregnant and due any day now and since we will need the crib, it was a good time to transition him. It took him a few weeks to actually sleep in it but it was in his room for him to sit on and get used to. He does fine at night but his naps are now nonexistent. If we had been able to keep him in the crib, I probably would have.


J.J. - July 15

My son is 2 yrs, 8 months and we just put him in a regular single bed 4 days ago. He also loved his crib but his little sister is in a 3/4-sized crib (a loaner) and she needs the bigger one now. Suprisingly, the move was non issue. at nap time i told him he could play w/toys but must stay in bed. In the mornings i've said he can get out of bed, but he flat out won't until we get him. I thought he'd jump out ASAP in the mornings but he likes to languish around. I think daycare may have helped this transition..they lie down in cots for naptime so i think he already got the concept of staying put.


scm - July 17

Pssh! I hear ya lin7604. My son is/was a fantastic sleeper, always has been...then we moved him to a toddler bed when he fell out of his crib. Now it is a struggle to keep him in bed at ALL. He is 25 months old, and I quite frankly don't think he's ready, but the crib is just to dangerous. Any suggestions?


drea - July 17

My dd is almost 22 months and is still in a crib also. Everyone always says to transfer her to a bed, but she is not showing any signs of climbing out or wanting to come out. She loves her crib and sleeps great in it. I am also worried about her wandering around the house at night and getting hurt is I switch her too soon. I;m due with twins at the end of september, so if she wants to stay in her crib for a while thats fine with me.


J.J. - July 18

If we hadn't needed the bigger crib for our daughter, we probably would have left our son in longer than 2 years 8 mos of age. that said, it's been a week and he hasn't fallen out yet! He also does really understand that he can get out of bed when he wants in the morning. As for nitetime, we've had such a strict crib-bedtime routine in the past, it has carried over now. He understands that he's not to get out of bed at nap time/evenings. But he's now closer to 3 than 2....has an easier time following directions..... Anyway, just go w/your gut. there's not rush if they like it in there.


dy - July 18

we transitioned at about 20 months. only b/c she's a wild sleeper and her arms would get stuck in the slats of her crib in the middle of the night. she had no problems transitioning at all


Tasha - July 19

We transitioned our little boy when he was 25 months, he never climbed out of his crib at all, Im due for #2 in September so I thought we'd start then, it went so smoothly, we put him in a different room as well, with all new furniture so that was really exciting to him, he also had a bookshelf in his new room that he could get to all his books which he loves. We made it really exciting for him..said things like WOW look at your new room and your new bed!!!! He loved it, we got the bedroom set from IKEA, the bed is lower to the ground so its easy for him to get in and out, he hasnt fallen out ever(its been about 2 months) he always stays in it at night and for naps. It worked great for us because in the morning he would wake up before us and call us to get him out of the was cute cause he'd always call "mommy.." and I'd say yes and he's say "Im ready" he gets up, maybe looks through some books, then gets his cars and comes into our room, if we're still sleeping(kinda awake!! but lying there) he plays around us quietly..its actually a nice way to wake up in the morning! Anyway, thats my story..sorry so long(: Just want you to know it can have many benefits!



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