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DDT - March 25

Hey! I was interested to see how your pregnancy is going so far. How far along are you now? are you having a boy or another girl?


cubbie - March 26

Hi, unfortunately about 1 1/2 months ago we lost the baby - no hb at 15wks - I put a post on the infant care forum at the time, but I guess you didn't see it. I'm doing ok though and the good news is that I just got first AF so I'm allowed to TTC. How are you doing? How far are you along? How's Caden doing? Has he started walking yet? Hallelli turned one on Sunday I just can't believe that the time has gone so fast, she's cruising alot and doing the monkey walk (on hands and toes) but she's not yet able to stand una__sisted, so I've still got a while before I'm running after her!


cubbie - March 26

oh and I wanted to ask you, when you switched to wholemilk how often did you add another oz, I started on sunday 1oz milk, 5oz formula and today went up to 2oz milk, 4oz formula - is every 3 days ok?


DDT - March 29

cubbie, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Hopefully you will concieve again quickly and have that little bean stick for good. I am 30 wks now and into that final stretch of being big and uncomfortable. Happy birthday to Hallelli!! Caden is doing really good. He is 13.5 months old now, and he hasn't started walking yet (much to my dismay because he is heavy!). He cruises like a champ one handed, can stand by himself for a few secs, and is a little hooligan around the house with his push walkers BUT he will just not take those first few steps on his own. He does on the rare occasion take 1-2 steps but I have only seen it happen a handful of times. Like Hallelli, he has also adopted the "monkey walk". It's funny to watch! I hope he starts walking before Damien gets here else I'll be carrying around two babies. I did the whole milk change (adding 1oz) every 3 days like you have planned. It worked out great and we didn't have any problems. The only thing was I did the milk transition at the same time as the bottle to sippy transition and he threw lots of fits. So, we went back to bottles (morning & night) with a sippy for lunch. About 1-2 weeks ago I dropped the morning morning, and now we just have the night bottle to get rid of. But I don't think it will be hard because over the last few days he has been throwing his bottle down after only drinking 1-2oz. I think he has self-weaned himself off the bottle.



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