Curious As To Teaching Lo S A Second Language

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inuk-mama - October 1

Ds is 13 months old and speaks Inukt_tut very well. He understands it too. He only says a few things in english, such as dog, people's names, and almost can say thank you. Just wondering how many of you have taught your children a launguage other than english first? I know that Inukt_tut isn't a very well known language but we want him to be able to speak it and know his culture as he gets older.


SuzieQ - October 4

My dd is 12 mos old and started daycare last month where her care provider is russian and speaks russian to her all day. I am slowly learning russian as well via cd's. You're never too old or young to learn :)


Sad Girl - October 24

I began talking to my daughter in spanish. I try to talk to her mostly in spanish but i do speak english around her. So she knows both. I think now at almost 3 she is talking more english now than she did before because of daycare. They speak just english in daycare. To me she will talk to me in spanish but to my mom and other relatives who just speak spanish, she knows to just speak to them in spanish.


amyh - November 7

My 20 month old daughter is Swiss and American. We currently live in Switzerland, so she is surrounded by Swiss-German everywhere we go and I am the only one speaking English to her. Even though most words are now in Swiss-German, she understands everything that she WANTS to hear from me ;-) If I ask her where a tree is, she points to a tree but says "Baum". She is easily differentiating between the two. They say that by 3-4 years is when they start being able to use only one language in sentences. Right now, she is cute because she notices that alot of swiss-german words end in "li"...she is starting ot say "please-li". I also have heard from other friends here that kids are self-conscience in the beginning of using a different language than their friends use and it just takes a little more time for them to speak it openly.


sashasmama - November 10

Suzie, I'm russian too. I'm the only russian person around here, I don't have any family over here. So I feel terrible about not teaching my daughter russian. I spoke russian to her for the longest time, and then slowly I starting speaking english to her, because that's all she would say! So now she doesn't understand any russian, besides a few words she still remembers. And she's almost I don't know when and how to pick it up again, because she doesn't understand me when I speak russian to her, so I have to say it in english.


in the woods - November 16

Hey sashasmama, seems that we are in a similar boat - I was born and raised in Russia, too, and my kids speak English 99% of the time. I feel SOOOOOO guilty. But, like amyh said - the language immersion is the best for kids to pick up a language. My dream is to go to Russia for a while when they are still small and let the environment do the magic.



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