DD Is ALWAYS Sick Since Daycare

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Amy_mommy - March 12

I put my DD in at a daycare since february 1st of 2008 and she's sick everyday since then. she caught a cold the 2nd day she got in and has been having running nose and sneezing since. Then we took to DR to get her flu shot 2 weeks ago and now, she has cough?? and a alittle bit of runny nose......... Do all kids go through this when they are in daycare??? how many of u mommies have kids sick like everyday??? What is the point of daycare then if kids are always sick?


drea - March 12

Amy, I am in the same boat. My dd has been in daycare since January 1st of 08 and has also had a permanent cold since then. I have taken her to the doctor at least 3 times and every time he said she just has a cold (runny nose, cough, sneezing and sometimes fever). Just when she seems like she is getting better, bam, antoher cold. It is totally unavoidable. If one kid comes in sick then most likely they will all get sick. It is just something we will have to deal with as long as they are in school. I have been just making sure to give my dd her vitamins and lots of Vitamin C. I also try to let her play outside whenever the weather is ok (we are in NY) so she can get fresh air. I've heard that all kids get sick a lot in daycare. Hope your dd feels better soon.


Amy_mommy - March 12

yes, I'm also in Manhattan and I just feel so bad for my DD...


drea - March 12

I know, i feel bad for my dd also, but I'm hoping once spring comes it will clear up. GL


guccigal87 - March 12

my son ha sbeen in daycare since he was 6 months old.. and he does get sick more often but one this is the sick season and this is the worst we have had soo far... its something all kids go through basically they are building the immune system right now which is a GOOD thing.. i am studying medical sciences and a child has basically nothing to fight the colds because they have never seen the cold bug before. Next year they will have antibodies to fight them because they have already been through it. and when they get to elm school they will get sick LESS then a kid who stayed home with mom till then. What you can do is makesure that the daycare is keeping things clean. maybe pop in every now and then and ask what they use to sanitize the toys. other then that not much you can do really... buy tylenol in bulk and if your baby is heavy enough cold medicine


J.J. - March 13

Amy, take heart. Things WILL improve. My son got sick ALL the time...including 2 bouts of RSV at 12 months of age which got him two weeks in the hospital. I was so frustrated. But alot of it is seasonally driven, and this year, knock wood, he hasn't been sick once. My daughter started daycare in January when I went to work, and she's gotten one sickness (fever/congestion) but otherwise seems to be more resilliant than he was. So yes, they do all go thru this in daycare (it's either now or kindergarden) and things will get better. Hang in there.


cindy120175 - March 14

I understand the concern, but after about the first year or so...the sickness (fever, etc) stops. My little one is 3 and he perpetually has some sort of runny nose, but he is not "sick" all that often. It goes with the territory. I would rather have them build up their immune system now, than when thy go to kindergarden and are out of school alot...


Justine1 - March 14

Both my kids started daycare on 2nd January and were sick for a couple of months with colds etc but now it seems to be improving. They both really enjoy the daycare though so I've no regrets about it - my daughter asks to go there at night! Our chemist said to give them vitamins which we have been doing and that may have helped though there's a limited amount you can do - I think its just the age they are at. My doctor also said its better for them to get sick pre school (as opposed to never let out the house) so they build up an immunity otherwise they get hit by everything at school and he says thats when he sees real problems. I can see what he's saying though I bet mine get sick this much at school too! I think its just young children.



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