Dd Losing Weight

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jenna32 - March 24

so you still don't drink cows milk lmk? i like the so good soy kinds,but i hear some cases saying it is bad. for you. Maybe it is somewhat common because of picky eating habits and all the activity...seriously sometimes she can't stop moving!! She won't sit or lie down longer then a minute,even to fall asleep i have to give her the b___b,that is the longest she will lay down. i wish i had a kid that would just sit and watch one t.v. show itleast once a week,that would be nice,i wonder what that is like.


DDT - March 24

Hi! My ds1 is now 25 months old but I have/am dealing with the same issue. He has gained 2.5lbs in 1 year. From 15-19 months old he was very slowly starting to lose weight. Losing weight is NOT okay...it can affect brain development at this age. My family doc suggested I bring him in for a full evaluation by 24 months old. In the mean time he recommended I focus on dairy, protein & starches. BTW protein isn't just meat. You can offer things like beans, tofu & eggs. He also told me to give him the max daily milk intake of 24oz. At this age kiddos get most of their fat from milk. To ease my mind I also gave him a can of Pediasure on days where his eating was barely enough to keep a bird alive. I offer my son mostly what he likes, but even this can change from day to day. But I do still re-introduce things in the hopes that he will decide to try it. My ds1 is a very picky eater and also has major texture aversion. Luckily between 21-24 months he gained about 1lb. This satsified the doc enough to reduce his milk to 20oz (because too much milk can interfere with iron absorption) and suggested a daily multi-vitamin. We go back to the doc for another check-up when ds1 is 2.5 years old. He went from being in the 75th percentile during his 1st year, to the 10th-15th percentile during his 2nd year. He wears 12-18 month clothing. The same size my ds2 wears (and he is 9 months old). Doc's advise was to offer many snacks during the day rather than full meals (except for dinner because that is sit-down family time). He told me to offer him a wide variety of healthy snacks throughout the day. Some kids don't have the stomach for 3 big meals a day, and would prefer pecking away at many, little meals. Hope this has helped. Good luck. BTW at 25 months my ds2 now weight 25.7lbs.


lmk - March 24

Jenna, Are you asking about me or ds? I drink milk in my coffee. I more or less gave up (for now) on ds drinking it...and just give him yogurt (full fat, plain) and cheese instead. I've had some digestion problems myself and have had problems with weight loss, so that's why I was trying to get ds to drink more milk from a cow rather than from me. That said, ds still nurses to sleep and often nurses multiple times at night (he sleeps with us).


jenna32 - March 25

yes i am asking what you drink instead,if any kind of milk.


lmk - March 25

Hi Jenna, I mostly just drink water. Although we do drink a lot of tea and coffee at home. Once in a while fresh squeezed juice. I used to drink more diet soda, but dh is very anti soft drinks, and I've gotten out of the habit. I do put milk or soy or hemp milk in my cereal or coffee. But none of them to me taste good enough to just drink "straight up". I've heard that too much soy isn't good for you, too. Hard to wade through all the conflicting info!!!


Cain010507 - April 10

I have this same problem but its kinda worse with my 22 month old son, I took him to the doctors a while back and they mentioned he had lost weight, and I had told them he is such a picky eater, its hard to get him to eat anything, half the time all he wants to do is drink his juice and thats all, so they told me instead of doing half juice, half water, to do 75% water 25% juice, which may seem cruel, but they wont drink as much...lol little do they know he still drinks all of it! So I decided to wait to give him his cup and let him eat, which works every time, my only problem is I cant get him to try new things, he wont eat with a spoon at all, he refuses to try to eat with a spoon, and when I try to feed him with a spoon he shoves my hand away, he seriously only survives on chicken nuggets, fish sticks, grilled cheese and hotdogs for lunch and dinner foods, the only thing he will eat for breakfast is pop tarts, nutrigrain bars, dry cereal, and french toast sticks, I do add foods such as peas, green beans, carrots, mac n cheese, potatoes, diced peaches and other fruits and foods that are eatin with a spoon to those categories but he never touches any of it! Im lost on things to do, if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated! Im exhausted with coming up with new ideas!!!



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