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zaaramybaby - December 30

My 13 month old lo has been pooping on and off for the past few days now.Actually 5 days now.I have been to her doctor and she has suggested for Stool culture.It usually takes about a week for the results to come in.Other wise my daughter is normal.Im just worried as to how long will this last.Was anyone in this situation before?


mjvdec01 - December 30

Kids have a tendency to have diarreah when they are teething. This is a real possibility. I would also do the stool culture just incase she has a bacterial or fungal infection. I would also give her some diluted 50/50 pedialyte to replace the electrolytes.


zaaramybaby - January 2

Day 8 and no change yet.....im getting concerned now.Shouldn't it come down by now.Have no clue when would the doctor get the lab results.


durante baby - January 2

I have a almost 4 year old and a 16month old...one of my best frieds her kids are EXACTLY the same age as mine....I went through this with my 4 year old when he was little but have not yet had a problem with my 16month old....Both of my friends kids have had this problem now.....her 16 month old was having diahreah (sp) non stop. Her ped said it was normal with him teething. He wasnt gaining weight like he should. It got to the point where her stupid ped threatened to call CPS on her because he though she wasnt feeding him....After visiting her for a week and wittnessing it myself. I went to the store for her and bought some lactos free milk. I told her just to try it and se if it helps...he has been on it for 2 months now and he is all back to normal....Try some lactos free milk, just to give it a shot....My 4 year old basically turned lactos intolerant on me for about a year, then i started slowly introducing him to regular milk, to get him use to it, and he does FINE with it now....give the lactos free a shot it doesnt hurt


newbaby2009 - January 4

Same here DB. My daughter went through this at 2 months old. When they finally did a stool culture they found blood in her stool because her intestines were getting so irritated. She was allergic to regular formula. When she turned 1 they said it was ok to put her on whole milk, that she had most likely outgrown the allergy. Wrong. It started it all over again. We switched her to lactose free milk and she was fine. We tried whole milk again at 15 months and she was fine with it. She did outgrow it, just not as fast as they thought she would.



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