Double Strollers

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KOGreer - October 23

My son will be 20 months old when my daughter is born. I am obviously not ready to give up the stroller for him yet. Can anyone recommend a good double stroller that they liked? I am looking for something that isn't too bulky, easy to get in and out of stores with, and easy to pack into our SUV. Thanks!


mjvdec01 - October 23

I bought the Graco Quatro Tour, and I love it. It folds pretty compactly and the back seat is raised a bit. You also have the option of putting the baby carrier in either the front or back seat. There is plenty of storage and it is pretty stylish. I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey mini van and it fits with the third row seats up with no problem. It weighs 37 pounds, but with a double you have to accept the extra weight. The stroller is also very manuverable. If you want to see it, just go to gracobaby dot com. I love mine.


DDT - October 23

I have the Graco Duo Glider. Inexpensive, practical and works great. I have a 20 month old and 4 month old. Very easy to fold and fairly light considering the size of it. It fits into the back of our mini-van, you may just need to pack it on its side rather than flat down. I like how I can change the car seat from either the front or back seat. I like it a lot and recommend it.


in the woods - October 24

I'd recommend what we had but with a disclaimer that we don't live in the city. We had side-by-side jogging stroller with large bicycle-like rear wheels. We needed those wheels to go on the sand, gra__s, snow, any terrain. The kids were 19 months apart, and the stroller was used till they were 4 and 2.5. It was foldable but still bulky because of those wheels. What we did we removed the middle seat in vans and it was a large space for the stroller, groceries, diaper bags, toys. Depending on how large the back cargo area is in your vehicle, it may fit (it fit in the Land Rover). The seats in the stroller reclined individually, so the baby had his laying position and the toddler had her sitting position. There are many brands of them, I dont' think they make the one we had (Swan), but I just love those large cross-terrain wheels.


meg - October 25

I'm a stroller freak, so I have two! I have a Phil & Ted, which I LOVE LOVE!!! It was quite pricey, but I love it...definitely check it out! I also have the Graco Quattro as well, which is nice also. One of the main reasons I like the Phil & Ted so much is because it can be a single or a doesn't always have to be a the Graco does! Good luck.


J.J. - October 27

I'm a Phil&Ted convert as well. it is pricey, and it's also not the lightest thing in the world. But boy, is it maneuverable. And at crowded events or when going thru narrow doorways, it's the only way to go. i have a 3 yr old and 1 year old and either one will sit in the back.


KOGreer - October 27

Thanks for everyone's responses! I looked up the Phil & Ted, and woah they are $$$$! Where can you get (or try out) one? Or is it only online? Also, I was having a hard time telling from the pictures, does the second seat go directly behind the first? I don't think either of my kids would like not having a view. Also, can I put the car seat in it, or would I have to take the baby out first, then strap her into the stroller? Also, are they all joggers? (I would love to have a jogger, and be done with it~ just one stroller!) How does it fold up? Will it fit ok into the trunk of my 4~Runner? Thanks everyone!


meg - October 27

There are places to try them out, but they seem to be few & far between! When you are on the website I believe there is a place where you can type in your zip code. Before purchasing mine I was able to check it out in the store, but I purchased it was cheaper that way. When both of your children are able to sit up, then yes, one will sit directly behind the other. My dd is only 4 mos., so we have not yet tried the seats in that position, but honestly, I have never heard one parent complain that their child does not like it in the back! You can put some carseats in it, but you have to get a carseat adapter...which is extra of course! (We only use the carseat in the car, so I really don't know much about this). It can be used as a jogger...the front wheel can swivel or lock, which I love! They don't recommend it as a full time jogger, not sure why. I have jogged with it, & have had absolutely no problems in doing so. (I actually sold my jogger when I got the Phil & Ted) For a fairly large, heavy stroller, I think it folds up ok. You should have no problem getting it in your 4 Runner! Hope this helps some!


J.J. - October 28

We were able to test drive it at one of those big warehouse type baby stores that carries everything under the sun. The sales guy strongly recommended trying to put our older child in the back, b/c there are times (such as with the baby seat) where the older child will have to sit in back. He admitted that a few kids hate sitting in teh back. To be honest, neither of my kids seems to care about the lack of view. I think it's sort of cozy and comfy back there. Also, keep in mind that there are no cup holders and not a ton of storage are sacrificing that for having 2 kids in a stroller the size of one. ..... So If getting thru narrow doorways is no big deal for you and you don't want to spend so much, one of the the double wide stroller may be fine. I had major buyer's remorse after buying the Phil&Ted but after a few outings, was relieved to have it. I don't regret it now.



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