DS 26 Mo And No Potty Anyone Else S Ds The Same

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bbmax - July 10

My ds hasn't shown any real interest in potty training. He was asking to sit naked on the potty for a while but now isn't interested anymore. He doesn't mind walking around in a soiled diaper either. I tried letting him wet underpants but he'll just pull them off and go about his day. My neighbours dd is 3 and just started but I was hoping he would be interested in it before that. Anyone else with a late blooming son?


in the woods - July 10

My kids never showed any interest in potty, I just decided it was time. Started daughter at 27 months, son at 26 months. The difference was - daughter seemingly trained faster, grasped the concept in 3 days, and afterwards it was just fime-tuning. Son didn't worry about puddles being made by him, for the longest time. Peed his pants many times in publlic. We just marched on, diapers cut off once and for all (day and night both, no diapers, no pull-ups). Very gradually, the accident rate was decreasing, and in total it took him 6 months to fully train, I do think boys are longer to train, - but still it's no reason not to start. The summer is easier for accident handling, too.


kimberly - July 11

You know I have two boys and I just started around 15 months puting them on the potty occasionally just to get them use to the idea and to introduce the thought to them. At around 20 months I got more serious and would start putting them on the potty about once an hour. I just stayed consistant with that routine and both of my boys were out of diapers completely before there 2nd birthday. I never used pull ups, I think they are too much like a diaper and only hinder training. Once they were doing pretty well I would just do underwear while at home and sure I had to clean up messes but it worked with my two. I did have a bit of an issue for a couple of months with my oldest not wanting to poo in the potty. He would pee no problem but no poo, but with me being consistant he finally got it too. Just be consistant and he will learn.


bbmax - July 11

in the woods, are you saying that your son started at 26 months but he was only trained but 32 months? I'm not sure if I should wait because a customer of my husbands works for a children's tv network and has 6 kids. His last one, a girl, just started at 3 and got it without any fanfare in a few days. He claims he never tried with any just waited until they were all old enough to grasp every aspect of going to the toilet and it did cost him more in diapers but less in time, effort and frustration.


in the woods - July 12

I guess my daughter was ready at 27 months, since it took 3 days with her. She had never expressed any interest in a potty though prior the training, and was quite comfy in her diapers. But we started and she learned fast. With my son, between the start of the potty training and the point when you could say, "he's having NO accidents whatsoever", 6 months had pa__sed, yes. It depends on how people define potty trained. If they say "potty trained" when a child has an accident once in a while, that was my son 4 - 5 months after the start. He wasn't mentally ready at 26 months, I know. But knowing my child, I know he wouldn't be ready at 3, or at 3.5. It's just not what he's interested in. Tow trucks, yes. Dump trucks, yes. Potty, I don't care. Then I had people across the street, the grandma was relating that her grandson was 3, his poop was becoming adult-sized, she didn't like that part when his parents would drop him off at hers. The parents got him trained at around 4, finally, with difficulties. Some moms said their boys were easy, they took up to potty at 16 months and so on, but the boys that I know were not easy. Girls are easier, your neighbour could have probably train her daughter even earlier.


in the woods - July 12

About frustration - there was none on my part. Of course, he was the second child to be trained, so I knew what I was into. But mainly, I knew it would take a long time to break him, so I prepared mentally for a long haul. Many repet_tions of this: ask him if he wants to go ("No" was the favorite answer), then wipe the floor, point it to him, and change. Wipe, point, change. Sometimes dealing with his wet car seat. Just like training a puppy - you don't get angry at him, just consistent. He's 3.5 now, as stubborn as ever, I don't really even want to think of what if I had to train him now. But who knows, he understands more now. But having him in diapers until now? He wears size 6 underwear, don't know if there are that kind of diaper sizes. Frustration hits parents who confuse the child with part-time diapers. No doubt my son would be waiting for a diaper had he known it was waiting for him at night, or whenever mom breaks.


bbmax - July 13

in the woods your post made me feel so much better since I don't know too many moms to get this kind of information from. I am starting to prepare myself mentally to take this potty training on and I will try not to get discouraged when accidents happen. I think I'll wait a little longer for my ds to be prepared mentally though. He'll only be 3 next April. For now he's showing some interest in talking about it.


bbmax - July 13

Oh, just to add. You say adult sized poop and I can handle that but what about the squishy stuff??? And when do these kids really learn how to wipe? I would think it would be hard for them in this case. I'm a bit scared of this!!!


in the woods - July 13

Does "the squishy stuff" means liquidy poop? When that kind of squishy stuff happened into his underwear, well, sometimes I just couldn't handle the cleaning, it all went into the garbage bin. In total, the underwear into garbage happened about maybe 10 times. Some times I was able to clean the underwear and sometimes we were in time on the potty. Very important is to get plenty of underwear - I had 40 pairs at the start. If I scared you with the 6 months time frame, well, there were different stages. I'd say the first 2-3 weeks were the most accidents, then became less and less. In those first weeks, I had to change 10-15 pants a day, so I needed a lot of underwear. About wiping, ha. My daughter and I were talking before her 5th birthday, that after her birthday she's start wiping herself. She agreed wholeheartedly, but the birthday came and went, and she still prefers me to wipe her. Whenever I refuse, she'd collect a big ball of paper, almost half the roll, and tries. She's terrified of getting her fingers dirty. So, that's a lot of teaching again, how many squares, and that's what the hand washing afterward is for, and nobody will wipe her in school. It's a slow process again. And one more thing, if you can, get Baby Bjorn potty - so much better for the boys' *equipment*, a nice flowing design, where their tinkers won't get caught into those sharpy inserts to the other types of potties. Easy to clean, too - just one removable part. At first, we learned how to pee sitting down (holding his tinker down). Peeing standing up he learned just recently, at about 3 1/4. I didn't want to confuse him, and he couldn't take his pants down before this summer anyways.


bbmax - July 20

Thanks in the woods. All this information is really helpful!!! I will look into getting the Baby Bjorn potty seat too.



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