Ds Not Interested In Potty Training

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pj - November 29

Hi, my ds is 22 months. Even 6 months before now, he recognised the potty, both the mobile one and the one installed in your toilet. He calls it by his name, tells us it is to be used for potty, plays with it , even occasionally sits on it. But he simply does not use it for peeing or shitting. Even when I know that he is about to pee or shit, he will hold on, till allowed to stand up. And if you try to put him in between shitting, he just stops himself. He just prefers to stand and shit and pee. I simply dont know what to do. And this is whether he is in diapers or without, it simply doesnt matter to him!!!!


Malica - November 29

He's not even two years old yet. He's simply not ready, nor are many at that age. Shelf the idea for a while and come back to it later.


in the woods - November 29

Not ready, and boys are (usually) longer to train. When my son was 26 months, we went to boys pants cold turkey, both day and night. It took him two months just to start noticing and start being uncomfortable. And we are talking there was no confusion with part-time diapers, just pure leaking down his legs - two months! After that, the real training started, that is, trying to catch himself Before peeing/pooping. 4 months after, he was down to 80% success. Full 100% happened 6 months after. It takes patience.


pj - December 2

Thanks guys. It is just that everyone around me seems to be well into potty training. Even baby centre says 18 - 24 months is when you have to start. The only thing is that I have never actually tried to take ds to the bathroom every two hours, so may be that is where I am failing.


kimberly - December 4

I started training at about 18 months with both of my boys and it took until about 26 or 27 months to have them fully trained. So the fact he understands the potty is saying he will get it but is just not really ready for it yet. Although I wouldn't forget about it for a while and come back to it, but instead would be more patient and just keep trying. He will get it soon enough!


AmandaManns - December 24

My son just turned 3 this past weekend (20th) and he has been potty trained for about 4 months. He was the same way, he would recognize the potty he just had no interest in going at all. Finally we just started letting him run around naked while we were at home, and its like one day something just clicked and he started going. If we would put clothes on him he would have accidents so it took a couple weeks to transition him into big boy underwear but it only took about a month after that until he was completely done no accidents. He still has pull ups at night, he is not ready to sleep without them but he is done during the day and can make it through nap time. I think they just make up their mind and do it when they are ready. The more I pushed my son the more he didn't want to do it.


MammaMuma - December 29

Boys are slower. DS is 18 months and knows the potty and sits on it, but would also rather poop or pee where hes standing... Boys!


noahjentry33 - December 30

My son is 2 in a half and he still has trouble wanting to use the potty.. I let him run around naked at home and he will go potty in the potty.. The second I put anything on him, he goes on himself.. I just need to keep reminding myself to be patient. The thing is for me is my son look lide a 4 year old.. He don't fit into pull-ups very well.. He loves Spongebob so I bought him a bunch of SB underware.. I told him that if you pee on him you will make him cry.. Is that wrong? It seems to work more that way.. And he loves to pee outside.. GREAT! I guess I can say half way there...!!



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