Early Pregnancy Symptom Not Ready For Another One

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Fatima - February 6

I have a 20 month lo, and have around a year and a half with the Mirena IUD. My period stopped about 6 months ago, so missing af would not be a pregnancy symptom for me. Yesterday while I was with my baby's dad, he said that liquid came out of my nipple. Afterwards, I checked my nipple, and the left one was open. My nipples are usually popped out but closed and the left one was open, I didnt notice any liquid. I only have 2 weeks that I got back with my baby's dad so Im not sure if this is an early pregnancy symptom. Any clues?


sphinx - February 7

I stopped b___stfeeding a year ago and I still have milk so I'm not sure. But women do get pg with IUDs so take a test. If you are far enough along to get open nipples and colostrum then you should be far enough along to test positive. If you test negative then it might just be that you still have leftover milk. Maybe you though you were completely dried up but maybe you are not. I saw a lady on that weird taxi cab confessions show on HBO and she said she still has milk after 6 years so you never know (of course she had to show everyone, too)


Fatima - February 12

Ok, now I dont know if my mind is making up all these symptoms because Im scared of getting pregnant again. But since I noticed the open nipple, my b___bs feel a little sensitive, mostly because I feel like my glands are swollen a little. I feel really tired, my gums bled the other day after brushing my teeth, i have very mild cramps. If I were pregnant, I would be no more than 3 weeks but since I dont get a period I wouldnt know when to test. My bf blew me off yesterday and when I told him I could be pregnant, he told me he would give me the money to have an abortion!!!. Im already a single mother of one, so it would be very hard to support another baby but I would never have an abortion.


DDT - February 12

I can't tell you if you're possibly pregnant or not...only a HPT can tell you that. But I can tell you my experience. I had my son in Feb 07. I got my 1st AF in July 07 and then didn't get another one. I tested with a HPT in Aug, Oct & Sep...all negative. By late Dec I swore I felt flutters but I wasn't sure because it felt similar to gas ect. On New Years Day I woke up with my ds and liquid starting coming out both b___sts but particularly my right one (the one my son preferred when I BF him...BTW I only BF him for 6wks). That made me suspious of a possible pregnancy. I took at HPT the next day and it was a bold positive. The next week I went to my doc and he estimated I was already 18wks by fundal height measurement. In fact he was right once I had my u/s. I still can't believe I went through 4.5 months of my pregnancy not even knowing I was preggers. My ds is 12 months old now and I am expecting baby boy #2 early June. So...basically what I am getting to here is that leaking b___sts were my first clue that I could be preggers and I was right, but as sphinx has said it may be leftover from BF. It depends on how long ago you quite BF. For me I had stopped 9 months prior to having my b___sts leak again. I am very stressed out about having another baby so close in age to my ds but really I am already starting to bond to this baby and getting his stuff set up. We are not in the greatest financial situation ourselves at the moment, and baby will be boarding up with us in our room as we live in a 2 bed place. We have to make do with what life presents us. It never a "great" time to have a baby. I hope things work out for you. Good luck!


Fatima - February 13

Im so confused! I only b___stfed for like a month and hardly any milk came out, thats why I stopped. And my lo will be 2 yo in may. So it cant be leftover. If I really were pregnant with more time like it happened to you DDT, I would be around 5 months, but Im a very thin person so it would have been noticeable by now, I get bloated a lot but because of colitis. I guess Ill just have to test several times.


Fatima - February 16

Well, I tested this morning and it came out negative. Im still going to test in another 2 weeks to make sure.


Leahbee - February 22

I b___stfeed my daughter for only a month, even then I wasn't producing very much and had to switch to formula. My daughter is 16 months and my b___sts still seem to leak, I took a test and it came back negative, but I still have my suspicion's on me being pregnant.


Fatima - February 26

Oh my gosh! This morning, before I got in the shower, I checked my b___b, and noticed the montgmorey glands (sp?) like more noticeable, and I squeezed my nipple a little bit and MILK came out!! It was whiter than white!


Fatima - February 26

If I were pg, I would be around 4 weeks, but since I dont get a period, because of the mirena, I dont know when I should test, Would it come out by now??


Fatima - February 26

Should a positive come back once there is implantation bleeding? I just noticed brown spotting


kimberly - February 28

Hcg starts being produced right after implantation. Wait a couple more days and test just to be sure.



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