Eating Habits At 12 Months Old

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eclectic66 - August 13

I am sure this question has been asked a million times, but I was curious what were your lo's eating at 12.5 months?? Like, how many ounces of milk? And what kinds of solids and how often? My ds takes a 6 oz bottle in the am and then two Stage 2 jars of oatmeal and fruit a cpl hours later. Then another 6oz bottle in the afternoon follwed by two Stage 2 jars of either a veggie and fruit or a yogurt and fruit a cpl hrs later. Then in the evening he will have either one Stage 3 jar or two Stage 2 jars followed by his last bottle of the day a cpl hours later. Does that sound about average or too much or too little?? Just curious because I pretty much go by his cues of when he is hungry and he is pretty good about letting me know when he is done eating his solid food because he will start spitting it back


lin7604 - August 13

that sounds good. mine at 12 months was getting 24-30 oz of milk a day, he loves hismilk and still does! ( he's 21.5 months now). He was getting a cup of cereal in the am puffs, etc for a snack. lunch was always a fruit and veggie conatiner. then puffs, crackers, etc for a pm snack. then dinner was again a meat container or fruit, sometimes a veggie too. he was a great eater as he was a big boy right from day one. but i tell ya that all ended at 14 months! He still won't try new items and is extremely picky now??? i have no idea what happened to my good eater!


DDT - August 13

At 12 months ds was drinking a 6oz cup of milk first thing in the morning; 6-7tbsp cereal for breakfast; tofu cup or yogurt cup with a unsweented "Fruitsations" cup for lunch along with a 6oz cup of milk; snack time would be some crackers or cheerios; dinner time would be about 6tbsp of meat/veggie combo. He would have bottle of milk 6-7oz right before bed. I made his baby food for him so can only measure in tbsp vs. jars.


andy - August 13

electric66 ... Your schedule sound good ... when my dd was 12.5 months we went to miami and disney for 2 weeks ... so I was desperate to figuring out how my life was going to be without having any time to cook for her or ever where .. So I received a couple of very good advices from here ... Give your baby table food .. SO I did ... Since she was 1 She was taking a big jar of gerber fruits plus bread , cheese and scrambled eggs for breakfast (hotel breakfast), lunch wherever we ate (at home would have been cooked veggies and chicken , she is a very good finger food eater since 10 months) and dinner the same ... WHere the wind takes us LOL (at home cheese and yougurt, sandwich or chicken )... And 3 7ounce bottles.. . Now at 16.5 months She eats whatever we have ... ThaNk God ! And she is not into jared smashed fruit or veggies , she likes the real thing (Thanks to having 4 teeth on top , 8 on bottom) ... About knowing when they are hungry I still stick to the minimun 2 hours maximun 4 hour gap .. Regularly , since 10 months have been on 8 breakfast 10 30 bottle 1 lunch 4 bottle (now snack) 6 30 dinner 8 30 bottle .. ...I think getting them to eat real food is the key ..Now we go out anywere and I know she will eat , even if its a new taste for her .. and she loves to eat , she has tried things that even my picky husband wont !! ... sorry if its too long


eclectic66 - August 14

Oh good, I guess he is on track then. I think I need to give him more meats/dairy though. He definetly loves his milk! And I am really trying to get him to eat more table foods because I would like to eventually stop having to buy the jarred food because it sure adds up $$$ wise. He is just starting to self feed and he is really working on learning to chew his food before he swallows it, but in the same token, he consumes two 4 oz jars with each meal so that seems like a lot of table food to try and get down him. So, I'm not sure on how to go about that.


DDT - August 14

Oh table foods have been almost impossible with my ds. Even at 18 months there are only a handful of foods he is willing to pick up with his fingers. He must have texture aversion or something. Toddlers eating habits change from when they were babies. Food isn't the focus anymore and they don't need as many calories as they used to because their growth slows down. My ds eats a fraction of what he used to eat. Somedays he will a few spoonfuls and that is it for the day. They start to become independent and realize they can say "no". lol....I just have to always remind myself that he would never let himself starve. BTW he is also a milk-fan and I have had to watch when and how much he drinks because he fills up on it instead of eating proper food.


squished - August 15

Our 14 mo ds eats mostly table food, but I do get a jar of veggies down him before our meal gets to the table b/c otherwise I don't think he'd ever eat enough veggies. He drinks about 24 ounces of milk a day and some water/juice mix. His new favorite thing is to feed us or the dog!


Cathy2 - August 17

My daughter has been eating only table foods from about 8 months and on. She is 11 months now...pretty much eats what I eat...6oz bottle first thing in the morning...then breakfast usually toast with cream cheese, fresh fruit, and 3-4oz of water to drink...then 4oz of milk at morning nap,,,lunch is usally chicken b___st, pieces of cheese, carrots and brocoli or somehting to that effect, then 6oz bottle at afternoon nap...then yogurt for a snack...then dinner...either fish or turkey with veggies and either pasta or potoatoes and fruit for dessert...she's a big eater needless to say!



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