Eating The Paint Off Wall

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Hana - October 29

My 13 month old shocked me today as i walked in on him eating the life out of the outer corner of the wall. He was furious as I made him stop. He kept on going towards the wall with so much passion, you'd think he was eating ice cream!! He actually ruined the whole corner-I dont care about that, im worried about lead posioning. Its a rented house so i dont know what kind of paint they used- but kmost importantly how do I stop him from doing this again? He has a very balanced meal so i dont think he's lacking in nutrition...thanks in advance.


in the woods - October 29

I had this experience with my sister - I am much older than her and remember that she was eating plaster off the walls - it was a chalk-like wall finish. The walls had eaten-out holes all over the place. Then she would draw rays around a hole and call it "sun". Anyway, what docs and books say she was lacking calcium and she was attracted to chalk - she could eat actual drawing chalk, too. But that was in the olden days, I dont' think they make walls out of that now - can your walls be easily scratched? Because I don't think regylar gyprock would be so easy to eat. **** Anyway, the point is - your son is lacking something in his system, most likely. I would start giving him multi-vitamins, and ask doc what minerals he needs, maybe there are tests for that.


sashasmama - November 2

Hi! I'm originally from Russia, I was born and raised there. We had wooden floors, not the fancy parket type, but the actual wooden planks hammered down with nails, they were painted with some type of paint (who knows if it was lead or not, it was a long time ago AND overseas, so I would a__sume it was). Anyway, when I was about 12 months old, maybe a bit earlier, my mom kept catching me crawl into the corner where the paint was coming off, and I would pick it out in little pieces and eat them. She told me that I was so excited about it, and she couldn't stop me from going there.



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