Fast And Easy Suppers For My Lo

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soon2bmommaof3 - June 1

i m looking for some suggest on what to feed my lo for supper on nights when i might just want to make myself a salad....(shes not into salad) as it gets warmer i dont like to eat at supper time and usally wait till after she is in bed to eat but i kinda still gota feed her so what are some quick simlpe complete meals that i can make just for her??


soon2bmommaof3 - June 1

were is everyone today??? the site changed a bit and i think it scared everyone away!!!


kellens mom - June 1

I can't really give you good ideas for food...for some reason, I am at a loss today. However, I do know that I often freeze small portions of left-overs that I KNOW dd loves. Then when I am feeling lazy or not terribly hungry, I pull them out and microwave. It has worked very well for me. I have also used it for spagettii O's because who wants to eat a whole can of those? Even if she does like them, I am not convinced that she needs to eat them every day for four days until the can is gone. Yuck! I hope that helps you a bit.


Sophia - June 1

Hmmm. Complete meals... How about boil some spaghetti and serve it with olive oil and tomato sauce? Or, fry an egg and offer with whole-wheat toast and cream cheese? Or try a pancake topped with mashed ripe banana, with a side of sweet potato. Or, microwave frozen vegetables and serve with leftover chicken soup.


Lchan - June 1

For a quick toddler meal I microwave 1 morning star sausage (they are vegetarian so you don't have to worry about LO choking on the casing), and either pop a waffle in the toaster or microwave some rice, then add a few slices of a fruit to the plate


Laceyandsamsmamma - June 3

I like the gerber graduate meals those are great and single serving, plus hot dogs and single servings of mac and cheese umm my kids love hamburger helper and you can get those in single microwave servings now too, plus kid cusines and some healthy tv dinners are easy choices , umm noodles ..spagetti... pb and j umm..... depending on the age.. bologna and cheese cut in squares ok I am done for now but I got thousands of ideas lol we love fast meals lol


cendres - June 4

frozen peas, an egg, applesauce, a yoghurt and some milk. It's easy, quick to make and healthy!


tryingx3 - June 4

what about a specialty cracker with cheese and a little pizza sauce - (wheat thins or something like that)....then serve fruit or fruit/jello for dessert.



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