Feb 07 Mommies September Edition

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DDT - August 31

A thread for September and the beginning of Fall.


DB - September 1

Justine, how horrible of them! I couldn't believe when I was reading that!!! What crazy people. IT's unfortunate that people make up crazy lies like that. I hope you're able to sort it out. Well, Audrey was 7lb3oz at 40w3d. So, pretty average. I still can't believe I'm a full 4 weeks ahead. I think I'll nag my doctor again next week when I go back!!! Mamagoose-YAY, I can't wait to find out what the gender is! That is sooo exciting! Are you feeling boy or girl? My intuition was way off, lol. DDT-I pray this baby (who is still nameless, lol) is as easy as Jaxon! Audrey has been extra clingy and whiney lately...I don't know what I'll do if she's still like that when the baby is born. So, we had an interesting weekend. On our drive up north, Audrey threw up HUGE amounts 2x. She was happy as a clam and then just puked! We cleaned her up, then she puked again. She was happy once she was out of the car, so we figured it was motion sickness! Her carseat smells horribly. It sunk down into the cracks. I washed the cover, but apparently I need to wash it again...then she was sooooooooo good on the way home. THe doc approved a 1/4 pill of dramamine for motion sickness...it worked great. She did so well. She kept saying poo poo, which she normally does after she goes poop. I kept sniffing her (nice, huh?) and she didn't stink? So, we got home about an hour after that and I said, let's go sit on the potty and go poo poo...Sure enough she flipped thru her books and pooped!!!! I think she got a bit upset her potty was dirty, but we went and dumped it and cleaned the potty...now I'm debating about if I should start FULL BLOWN potty training now, or wait til baby 2 is born. So confusing, especially since she'll start sleeping in her big girl bed this week...I don't want to make her feel 'stressed' out. We shall see I guess. Ok, I'm dead tired....time for bed I think!


Justine1 - September 3

Had my job interview which went really well and I got on with the Professor interviewing me really well. He said I was just like him. I doubt I'll get it though as I think they'll be older people with more experience applying but you never now. Find out end of next week they said. I really enjoyed the interview - its an amazing building as well you can see all over London and there's all these original paintings on the walls and the ceilings are like in a church. Had a nice day out anyway - lol. Our landlady has sent a letter to our neighbour's landlord. She's so sweet. I've got a dinner at my old University on Friday and a lucnh with the children and DH there on Saturday - its just for the women who went there - they didn't allow women in until 1985!! DB - Hope you get that scan, it always nice to see your baby again. DDT - Hope all is going well with your two. MamaGoose - Hope the pregnancy is going well.


DB - September 4

Justine-you never know!!! I'm glad it went well. That must've been exciting. I haven't had a job interview in years! I wouldn't even know what to do? Audrey has enjoyed playing on her big girl bed. I hope to get her in it by the weekend (have to set up the safety rails first). I picked her up from daycare and I saw her running around with the other kids and now I feel soooo guilty that she won't get to play with them anymore come Halloween. I HAVE to get her some socialization. She sees other kids and she just starts babbling to them (and the older kids have absolutely no interest in her, lol). I hope I figure out what to do with her! Dh has the flu...Ick...I came downstairs and he had his head in a bucket, throwing up. YUCK!


Justine1 - September 5

DB - I hadn't had a job interview since 2003 so I'ld forgotten what you do - I had to ask DH if you shake hands at the start and he was like of course you do stupid. Apparently DH was promoted at work 2 weeks ago, he just told me tonight. He has an interview for a further promotion - his bosses job that has cancer on Thursday. We went out for a nice meal to celebrate tonight. Was a bit depressing at home today weather was dire and Nick kept getting his shoes and saying garden then crying when I said we couldn't go as it was raining. Poor Nick. We had a 'party' inside instead! Off to Univ lunch tomorrow with Nick and DH. Sophie is with my parents at the moment - its quite nice to have a break. Do you have mother and toddler groups there? We have about one a day here often they are run by churches and they are free if by a church or very cheap if not. They're a good way of meeting other children. Hope Audrey likes her bed.


mamagoose - September 6

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well... we went to the local amus____nt park (Playland) with dh's family today, and luckily with all the distraction I was able to keep away from my evil MIL as much as possible, although she did get in a good lecture on how awful I am that we're finding out the baby's gender in advance. Clearly because she didn't find out with hers (probably because it was the 70's and they didn't do routine ultrasounds!), that is the only way to do it and anything else is bad. The old witch. Anyway, I find out on my pre-natal appt on Wednesday! I'm not having any boy/girl feeling yet... with Tyler, once I hit about 30 weeks I just knew he was a boy. Hmm, Tyler just woke up crying, probably having a nightmare about my MIL hahaha! I'll try and finish this later...


DB - September 7

Oh yeah, our first attempts at napping in the big girl bed were complete FAILURES. I have a feeling this process will take MONTHS. On a bright note, Audrey did pee on her potty yesterday morning....she looked stunned...but I made a big deal and she got to flush the big potty. I'm hoping if she just keeps doing it every now and again when we go to do "real potty training" it'll be easy...I can hope right?


Justine1 - September 7

DB - Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good day. Nick is also acting up a bit. Its almost laughable. Every morning he wakes up and we get him. He then starts saying milk, he gets his milk throws it down and says No, No - 30 secs later he goes and picks it up and starts drinking it. He also walks backwards saying No, No, No or sometimes he crawls backwards saying No, No, No or we get the throw yourself on the floor and say No to whatever is suggested a cuddle, some food whatever. I find if you leave him he calms himself down after a minute but if you ask him if he wants something it carries on for a few minutes. I can also distract him out of it if I ask him to fetch the milk or open the bin he stops. Its wierd. It maybe a teething thing but he's really like a grumpy little old man. Rest of the time he's fine. Paracetamol seems to help so I think its teething though could be the age. Maybe they are "advanced" at 2 year old tantrums!! The other day he was doing this backward walk thing for everything I suggested then I said teddy and a smile came over his face and he cuddled teddy and all was fine. Sophie is still in her cot bed - we asked her and she said no to a bed so just left it. She does sleep in the adult single bed sometimes. MamaGoose - Sorry your MIL is being a pain, hope you get to find out the gender. We went to the lunch at Uni yesterday which was nice, just had a quiet day today.


DDT - September 11

Hello ladies! mamagoose: you better sign in soon and let us know what the u/s told you! I am just dying to what you're having. DB: I understand all about toddler-crabbiness. Caden has his days and moments. But I must say he just adores Jaxon (or "baby" as he calls him). He rubs his head, give kisses, shares his toys with him, offers him his beloved teddy and blankie (to my surprise!). I am sure Audrey will be fine with her little brother. When Caden is having one of his clingy days and I am busy with Jaxon I just try to distract him. Sometimes the TV works, or I give him little tasks to do..."fetch ---- from your room" ect. It seems to be working so far. He also understands that when I say "Mama is giving Jaxon his cup (bottle)" he can't have my full-attention for 10-15 mins. Some how things will work out and you will get into a routine and method. Don't worry. I was petrified about how things were going to work with two lo's and it was tough the first 1.5 months or so, but now things have gotten much better. I should probably also thank my lucky stars that Jaxon is such a good and happy baby. Congrats on Audrey peeing in the potty! we have just graduated to sitting on the potty naked with Caden. For a while he had a complete fear of sitting on it at all so we are making progress at least. Too bad about the big girl bed failures. If I were you I would hold off on that transition until new baby is at least 3-4 months old. Too many changes might make it more stressful for Audrey. Do you still have her crib up? Caden is still in his crib and I won't be changing it into a daybed until Dec sometime. Jaxon is moving into Caden's room at the end of the month and I am not looking forward to it at all. I forsee lack of sleep in a big way. I just know they will be waking each other up every few hrs, but it has to be done. Jaxon is already outgrowing his ba__sinett because he is so long. Any names yet??? give us a hint of what it will be! Justine1: Any news on the new job? BTW your discription of Nick's tantrums so exactly like Caden's. He likes to do the yell, drop and roll tantrum.


Justine1 - September 11

Hi everyone. DDT - Glad Caden and Jaxon are getting on. Nick was funny yesterday - he was cheerful in the morning - he's been grumpy every morning recently - may well be teething - so i said are you cheerful this morning Nick and he said "No". I said are you Mr Grumpy again then Nick and he said "Yes" then he said No in his really grumpy voice and kicked the chair - it was like he forgot to be grumpy and I reminded him! He seems to be improving and at least it only lasts 1-2 mins each time. Heard back from my interview - they phones me to say I haven't got that job but they think I would be better for another position so I have got an interview for the same position as before but working for another member of the Monetary Policy Committee whose background is closer to mine. I am up against other candidates so I have no idea what chance I stand - all I know is the guy who is interviewing me is travelling 3 hours or so just to see me. I get the impression I was borderline on getting the other job - maybe their reserve?. Trouble is the jobs are a huge step up for me and there will be better qualified candidates so the only way I'll get it is if the guy likes me. I so don't want to do another interview but at least I know what the questions are this time. DH had his job interview today but said it only went OK so we'll see. Hopefully one of us will get something though we're both happy were we are anyway.


DB - September 11

Hello ladies...mamagoose, so what is the s_x of the baby!!!??? I hope they were able to see! Justine, bummer about the job, but maybe the next one will work out. I'm still not quite sure what to do about the bed. I agree it is a lot of changes, but dh was pretty adamant about Audrey going to her crib at 8 weeks old. I'm sure I could stretch it out til 12 weeks old, but I do remember at 16 weeks old is when Audrey refused to sleep, so I'd like the baby in his own room by 16 weeks old...that'll make Audrey 25 months or so. We have made progress...before bed we go read books in the bed. It's much more comfortable for me anyways...sitting up straight hurts my ribs and pelvis now. So, hopefully by then she'll be happy to go to her big-bed, or at least be able to tell me no!!! She was up 4 times the other night and I almost took her into her big bed with me to sleep, but finally she slept...then they called me from daycare yesterday saying she had a fever, so that explained the night wakings. She seems better today though....as far as names go, I *think* we're stuck on Owen at the moment. It's funny though because the girls at work nick named the baby Hector because they know I wouldn't name him that, so now we refer to him as Hector! I can't wait til he's out and I can call him his real name...we decided not to tell people the name we chose because we did get some "Audrey is an old lady name" remarks when we told people we chose that name. I'm not in the mood to discuss it, so it'll be a secret for now! I have an appt tomorrow. Scared to see the weight gain. I had a majorly upset tummy after work and tmi, pretty sure I lost a few pounds. Yuck. Not sure what caused my tummy to be so upset. DDT-it's so nice to hear you say you're doing well with the boys. I'm so paranoid...I just hope this baby is calm too. Audrey was such a terror baby with her reflux and colic!


DB - September 12

OMG, I had such a horrible OB appt. Did I mention to your girls, my b___sts were leaking blood and colostrum??? I had blood coming from the inside of my nipples when Audrey was born. The nurse pract_tioner told me it was called "rusty pipes" and it was because I had never bf...so when I saw blood on my bra earlier this week I didn't think much of it. I told my OB today and she had a very very concerned look her face. She squeezed my nipples and saw it...she told me that is not normal and that I need to see a b___st surgeon to make sure it's not cancer. I wasn't too freaked out, but the more I was driving home, the more I cried. I did some research online and if I had to guess I'd say it's b___st duct papilloma, which means a small benign growth in the b___st that can cause the bloody discharge. My OB wasn't even certain this is colostrum I'm leaking, it could just be from whatever is wrong. So, Monday morning I'm missing more work to go see a b___st surgeon. They will probably have to scan my b___sts with u/s to check for growths. I'm very nervous, but I'm thinking the odds are in my favor that it's not cancer. I'm only 25. I did read though that the b___st specialists will often to biopsies to make sure it's not cancer, but my issue with that is does that mean I can't bf at all? My doc said they wouldn't "treat" whatever it is til after the baby is born, obviously, but then I started thinking if I have to have a biopsie or part of a duct removed then I guess I won't get to bf, or not for long if they insist it needs to be done. Either way, I'm freaked out. I have a headache from crying. I took another vacation day today to get Audrey and baby's rooms organized and now I just feel like plopping down on the couch and sleeping. But we're going to be gone all weekend, so I guess I better get my a__s in gear. It may be a good distraction to get my mind off of this.


Justine1 - September 12

DB - Sorry to hear about your horrible OB appointment. I think its extremely rare to have b___st cancer at your age so I think it'll be nothing. Your OB is probably right though to get it checked out. Its probably just a pregnancy thing, I think its not uncommon in pregnancy. I'ld try and forget about it until the test. When i was pregnant with Sophie a nurse found a very large cyst on me and told me it could be cancer and at the same time the doctor told me she thought I'ld miscarry. It really upset me but it turned out Sophie was fine and the cyst was just from IVF and fine. When I told DH the test said I hadn't got cancer DH told me if you had cancer it probably wouldn't show on the test yet not until another 6 months. Men say such dumb things at times. Hope you manage to have a good weekend.


mamagoose - September 13

Hi everyone, sorry I've been MIA again. DB- Wow, the waiting to see the b___st surgeon must be agony, I can't imagine the stress. I really hope it's just another case of 'rusty pipes' as they call it. I'm guessing your Dr. did a b___st palpitation on you; did they find any lumps? I went through something like this when I was 22, I had some suspicious lumps and the ultrasound was inconclusive, so I had to have a needle core biopsy, and fortunately it was just a fibroadenoma (like a benign tumour). Anyway, I'll be thinking of you and hoping you hear good news right away. Well for my news... drumroll please... it's a girl! Yep, Tyler gets a baby sister and I have to start shopping pink! I was sort of suspicious with all the morning sickness this time, not to mention my skin looks better than ever (with Tyler I was like the 'Before" picture for Pro-active, lol) and my leg hair isn't growing, so it's been a very different pregnancy all in all. Dh is completely ecstatic, I can't walk past him without him sticking his face down by my belly and shouting "How's my baby girl!!!" I hope the u/s isn't wrong for his sake, lol. I'm going in for a 3D u/s in a few weeks, so hopefully they'll confirm, although the u/s tech was pretty confident for this one. Tyler is doing well, we're still not even approaching potty training or toddler beds yet; he's moving to his new room in a few weeks, so we'll take things one step at a time. DDT- It will be a handfull to have them both in one room at the start, but they'll adjust. My friend who has two boys about 22 months apart moved the little one in with his brother when he was 3-4 months old and it was rocky at bedtime for the first week or so, but they got settled right in and now she thinks the fact that they keep each other "company" helps them sleep better than when they were alone. OK, I need to do some damage control from today's home reno project (tiling the kitchen backsplash).


DB - September 14

Thanks Justine and mamagoose for the rea__surance...the more I think about it the less worried I am. I guess I still have the look of my OB's face imprinted in my brain and that look is what freaks me out! I'm glad tomorrow is the big day and hopefully the scan won't show anything. My OB didn't do a b___st exam, although they did one at my first appt. I can't feel lumps at all. I have a feeling if it's anything it's a b___st duct papilloma which is just benign tissue that grows into the duct and causes blood. Hopefully though, it's just nothing. I just don't want to be told I can't bf or something like that. Mamagoose-Whoo hoo on the girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I'm slightly jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE GIRLS!!! You will have so much fun with her and Tyler will be such a good brother to her I'm sure!!! That is fantastic!!! Justine, I'm sorry, I laughed at the comment your dh made to you about the cancer not showing up...seriously, what goes through men's head's when they talk!???? Oh, I forgot to mention before the first time my doctor measured me she measured 37cm at 31.5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, then she measured again and said "we'll call it 35cm"...yikes! I purposely made my next appt with the other OB in the practice (although I truly do like them both), but I want her opinion of how I'm measuring and if she thinks he will be a huge baby or now. My bp was good, but in the last two days my feet and hands have swelled up a lot. Ugh. I seriously could barely see my ankle bones earlier today. I feel like such a whale. I'm glad the end is in sight though...I'm 32 weeks tomorrow. YAY!


DB - September 15

Good news...the specialist was not worried about my blood. If it changes/increases then I have to go back and see her immediately. Phew! I feel better now :)


Justine1 - September 17

Hi everyone. Had my interview yesterday - it went OK but the guy was arguing a lot so it was a bit hard going and hard to tell how it went. They seem to be interviewing a lot of people and are interviewing for another two weeks so I don't rate my chances but we'll see. It was always a long shot. DH just heard he didn't get the job he applied for but he finally got details of his promotion. DB - Glad the specialist wasn't worried - thats great. MamaGoose - Congrats on your girl.



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