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DDT - May 3

Hi ladies. Guess it was time for a new thread seeing as we were still using a March one. Jaxon's 1st birthday is at the end of this month. Wow, that year by went quickly! mamagoose: How about meeting at "The Great Escape" on the 13th. 10:30am would work for me. Does that work with Chloe's schedule? Let me know.


DB - May 3

Wow, DDT! He can't already be 1, can he???!!! I feel like Jaxon should still be a little baby!! Good luck selling your place. I can imagine how hard it is with the showings. We had a hard time keeping up with just one child at the time! Justine- I'm jealous of your traveling! I'm so glad you are enjoying the extra space you have now! I desperately wish the housing market was better around here. We could use a 4th bedroom. If we have company there is no where for them to stay in this house besides a b__w up bed in the bas____nt, but there isn't a bathroom down there. I guess it's good we rarely have overnight company. Mamagoose-Chloe sounds like Owen...easy compared to Audrey. Can you believe Owen is SIX months old already. He just had his 6 month check up and he's 18lb11oz (75%) and 28.25" (97%). He's a LONG boy! In some 18M clothes already...only 10lbs lighter than Audrey. Audrey is also going through a mommy addiction phase...she sounds EXACTLY like Tyler...Cries when dh tries to help her with her shoes, or coat, or getting milk or a cracker...It's getting old... Audrey has a sinus infection as we speak. I had my first experience bring both kids to sick call yesterday. Audrey got Augmentin for her SI, and Owen got told he's fine. I figured his ears were bothering him (he just got over pink eye from his tear ducts getting all backed up from his congestion), but his ears are clear...so I'm not sure why he went from one 4am waking to now waking 3-5x per night. I'm exhausted to say the least. School is going well...This week I have a Performance Evaluation where you have a partner and they're your "patient"...you have to do their vitals, administer "meds", and do one skill (such as a partial bed bath)...If you make more than 2 mistakes you fail...if you make even one medication related mistake, you fail...if you fail, you get one more chance to redo it...if you fail that, you fail the semester... When I've practiced I've made dumb mistakes...dumb! I hate that they do this to us...it is like nothing we do at clinicals; so unrealistic...After the PE we have our final exam next week on Wed. I'm less nervous for that since I do well on the tests...anyways, I'm rambling about school...I guess the bottom line is I'm ready for a break. Audrey will be going back to daycare 2x per week. I bargained with them to price-match the park district daycare (so basically I get her daycare for 1/2 the price!)...I had no problem sending her to the park district, except they are NOT peanut free...and I'm paranoid about her peanut allergy...so the bargaining worked out good! Daycares are hurting around us. Ok, I need to get to bed.


Justine1 - May 9

MamaGoose - Glad to hear Chloe is an easy baby, hope she sleeps through soon. DB - Great to hear from you again. Hope your school evaluation goes well, it must be hard studying with two little ones. Our house has 4 bedrooms but three of them are singles so we don't really have a guest room still though we have a sofa bed in the lounge. I've never really wanted a guest room as MIL would invite herself over!! That's good Audrey's daycare came down on price. Our new one is so expensive and we are having fun and games with them over the bill. At least Sophie will go to school in September 2010 so there is an end in sight. Once Nick goes to school we'll be rich!! The new nursery is about $3,000 a month - ouch, back to London prices. I'm going back 4 days a week from June, up from 3 at the moment but just the shorter 6 hour days. May go back full-time after that - we'll see. There's a big restructuring going on at my work in which I'm safe but it's all change for the next few months. Have been at my brother's wedding this weekend - Sophie was a bridesmaid and announced "I'm a beautiful bridesmaid!" - she loved it. My brother seemed to be dragged down the aisle - he wouldn't go in some photos by her!! I asked him if they'ld be having kids soon but he said no time soon - I think his new wife has other ideas. They've been together for years. Got loads of work going on in the house and will do until end of May. New kitchen arriving 19 May. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


mamagoose - May 11

Hi everyone- Just stopping in very quickly. DDT- Wednesday the 13th at 10:30am sounds great, I'll see you there! I'll check back here or on Facebook before we go in case anything comes up. See you then!


DDT - May 13

See you at 10:30 mamagoose!


DB - May 13

Justine, WOW, you pay a lot for childcare! Holy smokes! THings are good here, just super busy...tomorrow is my last final exam...thank goodness. Owen slept thru the night the other night, then woke at 3am last night! UGH! Someday I'll get sleep!


Justine1 - May 20

Hi everyone. DB - Hope your exam went well. Glad they are over. Nick is sleeping with me at the moment and he wakes up every 20 mins or so and groans until I cuddle him or he puts his hand back in his mouth. I've just ordered him a single bed - I told him and he said its not for me its for Sophie I sleep (with) Mummy!! I think I'll go to bed with him then sneak off. We're in the process of getting the kitchen installed so our house is a worksite and half the kitchen is still to arrive. Seem to spend about half my days off complaining now so many things aren't been done right. Still at least at the end of May we should be pretty much there. Had more fun and games with the nursery fees - bill for this month was about $1,000 over what it should be - argh but I think I've got it sorted now. Nick's bed arrived but 2 parts were faulty so they are resending them. I've had a confirmed letter about my job being safe which is good but the pay band (max and min) has been moved down in the new structure - my pay is guaranteed to stay the same (or more) for at least 2 years as I kept my old contract so it doesn't bother me too much thankfully. MamaGoose/DDT - Hope you had a good day out. I can't wait for June so we can have a day out again.



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