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Justine1 - March 2

Just starting a new thread for March!


Justine1 - March 2

DB - Glad you had a great time in Mexico. DDT - My Dad measured Nick and only made him about 33 inches - I find that very hard to believe, its so hard to measure them right though. I remember with Sophie last year DH and I made her 34 inches, Dad made her 31 inches - lol. As for us its crazily busy at the moment. Just got back from Centreparcs which was nice. Arrived on Friday evening, went swimming in the pool with the slides on Sat with my parents, went horse riding on Sun and took the kids to nursery and DH and I went to the spa today. The accomodation was OK inside but quite ugly from the outside. It was in the forest which was nice - we could feed ducks, squirrels, rabbits and geese from our chalet. Nick loved it - he said "That's exciting". Nick and Sophie got on quite well - Sophie kept saying "Nicholas my little love can Sophie help you with this". No idea where she's got that from. They slept together in 2 single beds put together at their request. Sophie was happy to find a mirror took one look at herself and said "I'm really beautiful". Don't think I have ever looked in the mirror and thought that!! Sophie told me to say "I'm Mummy. I'm really beautiful" Lol. She loved the horses best and sand Horesy horsey all through the trip. We're almost ready to exchange on our house and should complete shortly after - maybe next week then move out of here on 20 March. Then off to South Africa on 28 March. Hopefully I'll be able to get damp proof people in before we go away. My boss announced on Thursday that there will be a structure change in my team at work on 1 April (which will almost inevitably involve me) but she said it depends on if we recruit 1 extra person or not (to replace my colleague) what the change will be. Then she called me into her office to thank me "for being the one that is holding the team together". All very mysterious. Just wait and see I guess but I'm only working 2.5 days over 3 at the moment so it won't make too much difference to me what she does. I may try and work longer once we move though, not sure yet. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm completely shattered!


Kadence_Jaycies_Momma - March 4

Hey ladies hows everyone doing. Well things have slowed down a bit so I thought I would drop in and say hey! I'm now doing in home daycare from 5:30A-5:30P then I go to work at the restaurant till bout 9:00P. Makes for a long day but at least financially were getting all caught up. Kade is doing so good in kindergarten-hes is in wrestling and has got 2nd in one meet and 1st in the other. It kinda stinks he has to wrestle preschoolers cause he is so freakin little. He wasys 37 pounds and Jaycie weighs 30 pounds. I'm being told she is over weight and that she needs to be monitored.She quite the stinker man, a handful! So I have a question for ya ladies-I started what I thought was my period friday barely bled and was done by sunday morning. I used probably no more than 5 tampons all together and only one time was one full, and that is when I was sleeping.Friday when I did start I had these pinching pains in my stomach, but it was not like period cramps? It just happend every once in a while periodically. I took a test and It said negative but I'm thinking it would be too early if I was? What do you think?? I mean my period usually last at least 5 days and usually use at least a box of tampons.


mamagoose - March 7

Hi everyone- We've had quite the week. On Wednesday night, Tyler asked if he could sit on the potty, and he promptly peed when we sat him down. Just as an experiment, I did our first trial run at potty training the next day (I wasn't planning on starting until this summer), and he immediately got it! He hasn't had an accident in 3 days; he pretty much potty trained himself in a day. I am in total shock. I was dreading it, and delaying, and then he just decides he's quitting diapers without any prompting from me. We even went to the play park in the mall today, and after awhile he came over and told me he needed to use the potty, so dh took him to the men's bathroom and sat him on a big toilet, and Tyler peed like he's done it a thousand times. Just when you think you know your kid, they turn around and surprise you, lol. Anyway, now none of his pants fit him because everything is stretched out from his huge cloth diapers, and his little bum looks so skinny, hehe. We bought him a stash of Bob the Builder and Cars underwear, and he spends half the morning trying to decide what pair he wants to wear. (he's the same way with his shirts; he's such a fashionista) Chloe is doing well, she has her 2-month appt on the 17th, and I think she's going to be in the 14 lb range. The girl has a healthy appet_te, lol... she's already in 3-6 month clothes, and she's only 7 weeks old. She's so easy-going compared to Tyler at that age, and she rarely ever cries. I can't believe how different they are! Anyway, I need to get my house cleaned up now that everyone's sleeping.


DDT - March 9

Hello ladies! Well, I took Caden to his physical check-up with our family doc. He weighed in at 25.7lbs and is 34in long. So, doc was pleased to see he is gaining rather than losing weight like he was before. He is about the 15th percentile for weight and the 40th for length. Doc said I could decrease his whole milk intake to 20oz daily now and give him a multivitmin daily. I have to crush it and put it into his yogurt. He wants me to give him an iron supplement to. We go back for a follow-up in 6 months. Doc says his slow weight gain probably has to do with his increased activity and genes. Both dh and I are small to average in both weight and height. He is doing great. Such a good brother and rarely has any tantrums anymore. He is back to his norm sleeping...gets about 10-10.5hrs a night. Jaxon (9 months old) is doing great to. Except for a rotten cold he has at the moment. He has SO much energy...he is go-go all day long. Crawling and pulling up maniac. His seperation anxiety is getting better. He fights his naps and bedtime with such determination though. It takes at least 30 mins to get him to actually sleep. Justine: Sophie is so cute! little princess. Kadence_Jaycies_Momma: Nice to hear from you again! I would wait another week and then test with a HPT. You could have had just a wacky month with AF. I had a little scare myself this month. AF was 12 days late. I have never been happier to get Miss Flo in my life! I am NOT ready to be pregnant again. I want a 3 year gap between no.2 and no.3. mamagoose: I am SOOO jealous of your potty break-through. How could it be so easy! Congrats though...that is wonderful news. Glad to hear Chloe is growing like a weed. We should try to get together some time soon. Let me know when and where would work for you. I am thinking the new play center "The Great Escape" in Langley would be a great spot for the toddlers and my crawling monkey.


Justine1 - March 9

MamaGoose - Congrats on getting Tyler potty trained. Kari - Could well by just a light AF if it was around your normal time but if not test again when AF was due. You must be exhausted from the hours you work. DDT - I told Sophie she was a princess the other day and she said "Mummy you know I'm not just any old princess, I'm an angel! Nanny told me I'm an angel" Glad caden's weight is improving and he rarely has tantrums. Nick automatically says No to everything then if he wants it immediately after says yes. Nick has got a really bad cold with a fever and is even more cuddly than usual. Yesterday as well as "needing Mummy cuddles" he needed finger cuddles, wrist cuddles and foot cuddles - such a boy! I've ordered lots of things for their rooms - they both want Peter Rabbit, Sophie wants pink. Nick also wants pink but he's getting blue/cream! All the planning docs are through for the house so we're almost ready to exchange/complete. Its frantic trying to get everything done in time but we are almost there - should move out by 20th March. Nick was a little monkey last night - he was in bed with me and DH as he is really sick (high fever and cough) and he said "I need Papa to get me milk". So DH got up made up milk and while he was gone Nick rolled into his place so he got milk and DH's place.


Justine1 - March 15

We've exchanged on the house now and complete on Friday 20th. Removal arranged for Sat 21 then cleaning our house Sunday 22 here which is Mothers Day but I guess cleaning all day is appropriate for that!! So got change of address letters and packing to do next week - I'm off 2 days next week and DH is off 1 day so should be fine. Getting a quote for damp-proofing and hoepfully they can start soon. Peter Rabbit things arrived and the kids adore them and like having similar - they keep arranging "Peter Rabbit/Jemima Puddleduck -Nick says cuddleduck swaps!" and are talking of sleeping in the same room. Sophie saw her duvet cover for the first time yesterday and asked to go straight to bed - first-time ever and even went straight to sleep! Should have bought Peter Rabbit 3 years ago. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Justine1 - March 26

Hope everyone is fine - its very quiet here. Moved in to our new house - love it and the area but crazily busy and ma__ses to do. Got kids a new nursery - they loved it when we took them round and they'ld take Sophie swimming - is seriously expensive but not much alternative and Sophie will be at school in 1.25 years. Off to South Africa for 2 weeks on Saturday - it be great, will be great just to have hot water and electricity as there's none in our house until they are repaired.


Kadence_Jaycies_Momma - March 28

Hey ladies hope everyone is doing good! Well aunt flow still has not came. My last one was February 27th. And that was the real funky one. I took a test and it said negative. I'm so scared something is wrong. This has never happened to me!How's all the little ones att_tudes? I swear my daughter Jaycie is a pill! I thought she had bad tantrums till tonight. Oh was it horrible! She did not have a nap today so I do know she was overly tired. But she was throwing a fit so I tried rocking her. That did not work.So I gave her to her dad and she pinched him, kicked him punched him and threw her bottle at him. Yes, I said bottle. I hope you ladies don't make fun of me for that.=( He threw her bottle outside and just tried to comfort her while she beat the c___p out of him. She was just not herself.Back to the bottle...After waking up with daycare kids at 5:30 in the morning and then them leaving at 5:00 and I go to work at the restaurant till 9 I can not handle the crying for the bottle.It's bad let me tell ya! I know it's my fault and she shouldn't have it. Any ideas ladies? Kade was off the bottle way before a year old.So I'm feeling pretty bad about this.


DB - March 31

WTH???? I posted a BIG LONG post last week and it's not here! NOT COOL! K&J's momma...I would say just take it away, cold turkey. We took Audrey's pacifier away right after her 2nd birthday. She had one bad day and then was over it. WAY easier than I thought it would be. Mamagoose...I'm so jealous of you. I think Audrey's gonna be in diapers forever. Seriously. DDT-how are the boys??? Justine-CONGRATS on the new house!!! That is sooo exciting. It must be nice to get away from those crazy neighbors you had!!! Well, Owen is having major sleep issues. The kid won't nap longer than 45 minutes...so by 5pm he is soooo crabby, so his new bedtime (til he learns to nap properly) is 5:30pm! It's nuts. Audrey is good. Developing quite the cute little personality! She is becoming the easy kid again! Although with the c___ppy weather she has become addicted to the TV...*sigh*** I know, it's so bad. Hopefully once it warms up we'll nip that in the bud and get her off of it. Anyways, I'm sooo busy with school I barely get time online anymore. I'll try to get on more!! I know, I keep saying that. It's so hard. Audrey hates when I am on the computer. Oh yeah, anyone else have a really CLINGY 2yo?? Audrey is obsessed with holding my hand and stuff like that. It's hard to push a shopping cart full of groceries (and Owen) with only one hand!


DDT - April 1

Hi ladies! It feels like I haven't been on our thread in ages. Caden: Is doing great. Becoming more social, talking lots, kind-hearted & snuggly. Still not gaining weight very well. He weighs 25.7lbs...I am still waiting for that growth spurt I have been told about. I want him to be able to fit into some of his 18-24 month clothing. The only meal that is tantrum-free seems to be breakfast, and I think that is only because he is starving. He hates dinner time. When he sees me making dinner in the kitchen, he runs away yelling, "No, no!!" like I am torturing him or something. He goes and hides in the dark bathroom yelling, "Bath time!" He hopes to skip dinner altogether. And when dh physically puts him at the table he cries and screams the entire time. I don't know what else to do, isn't it just crazy? I have never met a kid who hated eating as much as he does. He is sick with a cold at the moment. Yucky snotty nose and cough. He is helpful with Jaxon, they play nicely together for the most part. Still there are tears when Jaxon snatches a prized toy or demolishes something of his. And Caden likes to push him down when he is annoyed with him. Big no-no! I am working on that with him, but he thinks its hilarous. I hate those smirks they give when you're trying to be serious. Jaxon: He turned 10 months old yesterday. Crawling, pulling and cruising furniture. Lots of energy, but also suffering from major seperation anxiety. If I could hold him all day long he would be in heaven. He is growing like a weed...off the charts for height (31 in) and 22.4lbs. He finally got his first set of teeth last month. Still has fair hair and blue eyes...he is very cute, or at least I think so anyway. DB: It's great to hear from you again! About Owen's napping problem. I went through the same phase with Jaxon. It last about 1-1.5 months if I have to guess. And then all of a sudden he went back to napping again. At 10 months he takes 2 naps with the morning one lasting about 2hrs and the afternoon one lasting about 1.5hrs. He is in bed by 7:30-7:45pm and up at about 6-6:30am. It is just beat at the end of the day but because the boys share a room they have to go to bed at the same time. I undertstand about the TV issue. Caden watches about 2hrs in the morning...I can't function properly without that distraction from 6-8am. He watches on and off. But we do get out of the house at least 3-4x a week. We go to the drop-in toddler playtime at my local community center. It costs $2.75 for 1.5hrs of crazy toddler play time. Jaxon is free until he is a year old. So, it's cost-effective and burns off a lot of their steam right in time for the afternoon nap. We go 3x a week. Caden isn't very clingy...thank goodness because Jaxon is my clingy one at the moment. Justine: Hope you have a great time in South Africa! I am sooo jealous! Hope you get unpacked and settled into your new place. Congrats again! K&J's Momma: I think I would probably go cold turkey to. But I cut out one bottle every couple of weeks. His bedtime bottle was the last to go at 13.5 months. Jaycie will be made for a couple of days but you will just have to grunt and bear it. The short-term tantrums are worth the long-term benefits of being off the bottle. Hope things start getting better with her. mamagoose: How are you? How is Chloe doing? and Tyler? we should try and get together some time before I have to go back to work. I can't believe my Mat leave had gone by so quickly. I have 2 months left! I go back on the 1st June.


DB - April 3

DDT, well, we had a successful napping day...1.5hrs in the a.m., then 1.5 in the afternoon, then about 50 minutes in the late afternoon. I sure hope it wasn't a fluke. I swaddled his arms down at every nap! I sure hope I don't have to swaddle him forever! I'm not sure if it was the swaddling that helped or it was just a good day?! Owen is also eating THREE solid meals at 5 months old. It seems ok from what I've read in my nutrition book I have for cla__s. They are clearly very small meals, but Audrey had only 2 meals starting at 5.5 months, so this is so funny to me. And I swear, I tried green beans with Owen the other night. He made a disgusted face, so I tried again and he starting screaming! So, this afternoon I decided to try them again. He made the disgusted face so, I just kept baby-talking to him and he ended up eating the whole container! It was so cute. Anyways, I gotta start on this paper I have due. I hope to hear from everyone soon!


Justine1 - April 5

Hi everyone. I'm in Cape Town on timed internet so may get cut off. Its beautiful here - lovely weather - been on safari, seen penguins on the beach, up Table Mountain, starting to miss kids though now. Dad is working on the house when we're away. Kids are fine with my parents. DB - Sophie also ate solids at 4 months but Nick wasn't until 9 months - I think its fine, just go with the child. Nick is really cuddly - permanantly needing Momma duddles even for his finger, arm etc. DDT - Glad Jaxon is doing well, hope Caden eats more soon.


mamagoose - April 6

Hi everyone, sorry I've been MIA for awhile. We've been keeping busy doing lots of yard work getting everything ready for spring/summer. Tyler's been potty trained for a month now, but still has accidents (usually when he's tired or so absorbed in playing he can't bother to tear himself away and use the potty). I think he could play outside all day if I let him. I also think he's planning to climb out of his crib one of these days-- he could do it if he wanted to (he can get up and straddle the rail), but so far he hasn't actually gotten out yet. I was hoping I could keep him in there until he's 3, but I guess he has other plans. Chloe is still her happy, quiet self. She'll be 3 months old next week, I can't believe it! She has a cold/cough right now, and I have no idea how she got sick since she's only been around us, and none of us has been sick. DB- I feel your pain with the napping. Tyler was a NIGHTMARE from age 3-6 months in the napping department. Consistently 45 minute naps, he always woke up cranky, and it was so hard to get him to sleep in the first place. I really hope Chloe doesn't fall into that pattern, although 80% of her naps are 45 minutes now. We used to put Tyler to bed at 6pm because he was so miserable at the end of the day. DDT- I can't believe your mat leave is almost over, it seems like last week Jaxon was brand new! I'd love to get together soon; any day except Tuesday works for me. Are you guys planning any camping trips this summer? Now that camping season will be starting soon I have to decide if I'm brave enough to try it with 2. We're planning to go on May long weekend. Justine- I'm so jealous of your traveling, I hope you guys are having a blast! OK I should go find out why Tyler isn't sleeping.


Justine1 - April 16

Hi everyone. Back from South Africa - had a great time, loved seeing penguins on the beach and the safari best. House is in complete chaos still - will be lovely when its finished but so much to do. Dad has knocked down the bathroom we wanted taken out and done on downstairs sockets. Boiler has been fixed and gas fire - both dangerous before sorted. Downstairs lights don't work and upstairs sockets don't work. Just ordered new kitchen but just found out won't be delivered until 28 May - argh. Dampproofers are in at the moment so lounge and kitchen diner are a complete worksite and we have no heating or hot water. Will go to my parents on Friday for the weekend with the kids. DH's Dad has a heart operation which he may well not survive on Monday so DH is off to France. We have a ma__sive restructuring going on at my work - only two people in my team are safe and thankfully I'm one of them. The rest are obviously not at all happy esp as it looks like some people's jobs have been abolished, they will be offered other jobs but probably not in London. Our Head of Team has not been offered his post and has been shortlisted for a post in another team so that post will be advertised and I could apply for that as I'm the one below his grade. Not sure yet, have increased my days to 4 shorter days from 3 shorter days from 1 June. Nick and Sophie start their new nursery next week though things are all a bit up in the air at the moment as it depends if DH's Dad survives the operation. Mum said kids weer fine with her and kept going round hand in hand together. MamaGoose - Glad to hear Chloe is happy and quiet - can't beleive she's 3 months either. DB - Hope school is going well. DDT - Sounds like Jaxon will be walking soon. Kari - Nick is still on a bottle too, its quite common over here for kids to be on bottles at this age. We'll get Nick off the bottle soon but at the moment I'm focussing on getting him settled in the new nursery and new house. I think a lot of people go cold turkey, with Sophie I did it over a few days by persuading her that big girls drink out of gla__ses just like Mummy and insisting she had a gla__s. Also one tip I saw online was a cup with their name on it - Sophie loved that and said it says Sophie. Also glittery gla__ses, anything exciting helps or getting her to choose a cup may help. Good luck, its normally just hard for a few days I think.


DDT - April 26

Justine: Glad to hear you had a great time in SA. Cape Town is a beautiful city. How is settling in you new house coming along? you must be excited about the new kitchen on its way soon. I hope your father-in-law has a good surgery and makes is way well through the recovery process. mamagoose: Wow, Chloe is getting big too quickly. Love the pics on Piczo! she is adorable. I would love to go camping over the long May weekend. Have you booked a campsite in advance? we may try to get a spot early on Friday morning at Chilliwack or somewhere local. Just a try out camping with two kids. I don't know how it will work with Jaxon though because he is crawling and puts everything into his mouth. Could be messy and a lot of work trying to distract him. We will see if we can manage to get a spot. We are for sure going camping in June though - at Hick's Lake - and Jaxon should be walking at that point. So, less face in the dirt time. We should try to get together sometime soon. How about a playdate in Langley somewhere? that new play center "The Great Escape" for an hr or 2? Jaxon is a little monster. Into everything. So different from my experiences with Caden who -as mamagoose can remember from Gymboree cla__ses - so unsocial and frankly quite lazy. Jaxon is go-go-go alllll the time. He loves pushing chairs around the house. He will be walking soon...more than likely before his 1st birthday. Also different from Caden who started walking at 14 months! Jaxon is getting some teeth in at the moment, so we have some crabby times. But other than that everything is great. Caden is a car-holic. He plays with cars all day long. He is sweet. Talking tons now. I love this age with him. He is fun. His tantrums aren't bad at the moment which is nice. So, our place is on the market right now and we are dealing with showings. A lot of work juggling two kids and a dog out of the house every time. I have a feeling we will sell sooner rather than later. We are upgrading to a much bigger place (4 bed vs our 2 bed) out in Promontory Heights (mamagoose: do you know the area?). Have a good Sunday everyone!


Justine1 - April 29

Hi everyone. DDT - Good luck selling your house. Hope it sells quickly. I remember viewings were a pain before kids. We've moved from a 2 bed to a 4 bed and the extra room is great - kids were permanently tripping over things in the 2 bed place. Sophie was like Jaxon - all go go go and still is whereas Nick can't be bothered to make the effort - I'm quite happy not to have 2 go go go ones - they have so much energy! Nick is going through a real Mummy phase - he is permanently asking for Mummy cuddles, Sophie said to me the other day Why doesn't Nick want me cuddles (cuddles from Sophie) or Papa cuddles, why does he just want Mummy cuddles? He sleeps with me at the moment as DH has somewhat foolishly IMO given up his space in the bed to Nick and Nick says "I love you Mummy" a few times each night before falling asleep. I love sleeping with Nick. I'm amazed how soft DH has got with Nick - last night Nick asked for 3 different drinks in a row in a matter of minutes and DH made him all 3. Nick drinks so much and is a bit off savoury food at the moment, he wants to live on hot chocolate and DH is daft enough to make it him all the time. The kids love their new nursery which is a relief. I've finally got AOL back today after over a month - Grr! Have got so much work to do on the house - we are really busy but should be finished mainly by end of May so end is at least in sight. I'll be so happy when its all done. Am happy at the moment to finally have all electrics working and boiler working. Kitchen arrives 19 May. Restructuring going on at work which I'm safe in but my colleague has now been made redundant which is sad. DH's Dad had his heart operation and is OK at the moment. Going to my brother's wedding in a week and Sophie will be a bridesmaid. DB - Hope all is going well with the kids and school. MamaGoose - Hope you are fine. It's a long weekend here - Monday is a bank holiday and I don't work Fridays. Hope everyone has a great weekend.



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