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Justine1 - April 29

Hi everyone. DDT - Good luck selling your house. Hope it sells quickly. I remember viewings were a pain before kids. We've moved from a 2 bed to a 4 bed and the extra room is great - kids were permanently tripping over things in the 2 bed place. Sophie was like Jaxon - all go go go and still is whereas Nick can't be bothered to make the effort - I'm quite happy not to have 2 go go go ones - they have so much energy! Nick is going through a real Mummy phase - he is permanently asking for Mummy cuddles, Sophie said to me the other day Why doesn't Nick want me cuddles (cuddles from Sophie) or Papa cuddles, why does he just want Mummy cuddles? He sleeps with me at the moment as DH has somewhat foolishly IMO given up his space in the bed to Nick and Nick says "I love you Mummy" a few times each night before falling asleep. I love sleeping with Nick. I'm amazed how soft DH has got with Nick - last night Nick asked for 3 different drinks in a row in a matter of minutes and DH made him all 3. Nick drinks so much and is a bit off savoury food at the moment, he wants to live on hot chocolate and DH is daft enough to make it him all the time. The kids love their new nursery which is a relief. I've finally got AOL back today after over a month - Grr! Have got so much work to do on the house - we are really busy but should be finished mainly by end of May so end is at least in sight. I'll be so happy when its all done. Am happy at the moment to finally have all electrics working and boiler working. Kitchen arrives 19 May. Restructuring going on at work which I'm safe in but my colleague has now been made redundant which is sad. DH's Dad had his heart operation and is OK at the moment. Going to my brother's wedding in a week and Sophie will be a bridesmaid. DB - Hope all is going well with the kids and school. MamaGoose - Hope you are fine. It's a long weekend here - Monday is a bank holiday and I don't work Fridays. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


mamagoose - April 29

Hi everyone... I can't believe it's almost May! (we should start a new thread soon I guess; we're still on March!) It makes it so much easier to entertain Tyler when I can just let him run loose in the backyard all day, plus he sleeps better after all the fresh air and exercise. Justine- Tyler's going through a real Mummy-phase too; I don't know how many times a day he says "Mummy put Co-ey in a chair, pick me up!" He says "chair" like "churr" and 'Chloe' with no L, so he sounds pretty cute, even if the repet_tion gets kind of annoying after awhile. He won't let dh do anything for him, and he throws a fit. Even if dh gets his milk instead of me, he freaks out. We're going with the "too bad, suck it up" approach, lol. Chloe is still as sweet as pie; she must be the easiest baby in the world. She never cries, unless she's really tired or very hungry, she naps so much better than Tyler, and even falls asleep by herself. Tyler's so volatile and outspoken, he takes up Chloe's slack in the crying department. I really hope she stays this content as she gets older. Now if only I could get her to sleep through the night... she's up 3-4 times, and it's getting exhausting. She's about 15 lbs now at 3.5 months, so she really should be sleeping longer stretches. Dh really wants to sell our place and move to a bigger one in the same neighborhood, but I'm happy where we are and the house is just the right size. Plus the kids are so young- maybe in a year or two, but I guess it's never really the perfect time. We've done so much work on this place it would be nice to just live here and enjoy it for awhile. DDT- The Great Escape sounds good, I'm sure Tyler will have a blast. Any day except Tuesday works for us; my schedule is pretty much clear (gotta love mat leave). I guess I should go mop the floor; my evil mother in law is coming over tomorrow so I'd better not give her any ammo for criticism.



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