Feb 07 Mums Summer Edition

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Justine1 - June 15

Just a new thread for the Summer!


Justine1 - June 15

Hi everyone. DB - How are you? Hope school is going well. DDT - Hope Jaxon had a good 1st Birthday. Are you back at work yet? How's it going? MamaGoose - Hope all is well with you. As for us we are still having the kitchen installed - this has been going on for a month now but it is at least nearing the end. To be fair its a ma__sive job with everything moving, lots of electrics etc. We are getting there on the house but its been 7 days a week since mid April so we are knackered and DH seriously grumpy this weekend but he's better now at least. Work is fine but a big restructuring going on so all a bit unsettled. Saw a friend of mine for lunch in the House of Parliament last week which was really nice - we were overlooking the river. Booked a Summer picnic concert with lots of 80s groups and fireworks for start of August. I've got both kids bedrooms finished pretty much and they love them - Sophie has Jemima Puddleduck and Nick has Peter Rabbit. Caught Nick walking round the other day in a pair of my knickers (underwear) over his trousers (pants). He's still got his bra obsession too - boys! Weather is finally getting nice here - can't wait until we've finished this house so we can get out and enjoy it. Nick's really sweet at the moment - tells me he loves me about 10 times a day and told me the other day I was his Princess.


DDT - June 18

Wow, it's been a while! I went back to work on the 1st June...settling in nicely. Jaxon's birthday party was great. We had a BBQ at a water park/playground under a picnic shelter. It was a beautiful warm sunny day. Well, because I am at work again there isn't much time for me to hang around on the computer. It's also busy weekend Summer time. Lots to do and no time to do it. Jaxon goes for his shots on Friday and then were off camping until Sun. The weekend after that we have a wedding to go to. Our place is also still on the market and we get a showing practically every day. The last thing I want to do after work is clean up the house and leave again for a 1/2 hr. It's annoying. Jaxon started walking right after his 1st birthday and is getting so confident and sure on his feet. He's walking every where! Daycare is going okay. I hate dropping them off because Caden has a tear fest/tantrum every time. Jaxon has settled down nicely though. Caden is doing great! Typical 2 year old mischieveous-ness, selective hearing, bi-polar like behaviour with his emotional ups and downs. Still cuddly though. I gotta run though. Get their bags ready and packed with their lunch for tomorrow. Have a good weekend ladies.


Justine1 - June 29

Hi everyone - its gone very quiet around here! DDT - Good to hear from you. Glad you settled back into work nicely. I went up to 4 days a week start of June and that's going fine. Only issue was we planned the house to be finished end May and its still going on now! Tiles are being added to kitchen as well as some painting today. We've nearly there at least. Restrusturing still going on at work and I'm moving offices (nothing major) in a few weeks. Glad Jaxon had a good 1st birthday. Hope you ahd a good weekend camping and the wedding. You must be so busy with the house on the market - hope it sells soon. How is the market over there? Its still pretty dead over here - prices are about 20% off their peak still but there is a very slow pick up. Glad Jaxon is walking. Both my kids love nursery fortunately and Nick is so excited to go there in the morning - he runs down the stairs and sings I'm going to nursery! Nick is incredibly cuddly and sleeps cuddling Peter Rabbit - he tell me he loves me at least once an hour. He tells Peter Rabbit and Sophie he loves them too all the time but is still very much in a Mummy phase. As soon as he gets in from nursery each night he rushes over to me saying Mummy and give me a big hug and kiss. Kids can be a bit hyper at times recently and we're having to work hard to enteratin them - will be glad when work is over on the house so we can have more time to just play with them. Have booked a short trip to Italy In September and will go to France for the weekend next weekend. Hope to hear from everyone soon.


DB - June 30

Are any of you on facebook? I'm rarely on this site anymore, but I'd love to keep in touch!!!!! Things have been good...busy as always. Owen is EIGHT months old! We're having some eczema issues...his face is horribly red and flakey dry. Poor thing. We're switching to cow's milk formula for when we supplement and for his cereal. Amazingly, we are still nursing...not sure how as it seems I have no milk, but I can hear him gulp, so I guess he's getting it! Justine, I'm so jealous of your travels!!! DDT-HOw is Jaxon already over 1? Crazy! Mamagoose-how are things? Ok, on FB if you have one, search Dawn Belasco and you should find me...I'm guessing I'm the only one! My name isn't exactly common, lol!


mamagoose - June 30

Hi everyone! We're getting all packed up to go camping from tomorrow until Sunday, I can't believe I got talked into a 5-day camping trip. I think it will be ok though; Chloe's so easy-going and Tyler loves camping. Chloe sprouted 2 teeth overnight, it totally surprised me because she's just 5 months old and I wasn't expecting anything for at least another month. We're going to start solids when we get back from camping, she'll be a week shy of 6 months, but I'm getting worn down trying to keep a 17.5 lb baby tanked-up on b___stfeeding alone. All is well with Tyler... we got him some water wings to swim with and he loves them. He's such a fish in the water, his over-confidence kind of scares me a bit! DB- I'll track you down on facebook, so if you're wondering who Erin Roulston is, that's me! OK i've got to run and get the camper packed up; we're planning on eating breakfast and hitting the road first thing in the morning.


Justine1 - July 7

Hi everyone. DB - Glad things are going well. Sorry I'm not on Facebook. MamaGoose - Hope you had a good camping trip. As for us just come back from a weekend at DH's house in France which was nice but 8 hour drive each way. Kids loved the big back garden and I got a really cute pic of them cuddling each other. My parents were in France and we met up and they begged me for Sophie so she's gone for a week's holiday with them. Last night Nick looked at a photo of Nick and Sophie and said Where is my princess? When is Sophie coming home? Poor Nick he's missing her. Kitchen is finally almost finished - think I'll have to get my Dad and brother down to finish it off though. Restructuring still going on at work and I'm about to move offices but not too far. DDT - Hope you are fine.


Justine1 - September 7

Not sure if anyone is still around but if you are how are you and your little ones? Everything is finished on our house - yay/ We're off to Italy for 6 days on Wednesday which will be nice - little island just south of Venice with a pool and its own beach. Went to Legoland yesterday and had a nice time. They gave Nick a driving licence and he was so proud of it he slept with it! DH said he may well have to go to San Francisco for a day's work in November and asked me if I'ld like to go with him for a week-10 days and of course I said yes. Hope that comes off! Its not too expensive as they'll pay for DH's flights and there's offers on hotels and flights that time of year. Kids still both love the nursery - Sophie esp. loves going swimming on the Mondays and Nick loves the slide best. Sophie is 4 in October and very excited about it.


DB - September 11

Hello ladies! Seems we're all never around much anymore, huh? Justine, I'm glad the house is coming along so nice. Well, Owen is 10 months old already! He's mastered crawling and pulling to stand, but he's too chicken to start cruising yet! I had to wean him about 6 or 7 weeks ago because he, like his big sister, has food allergies. I wasn't too surprised about that! Audrey is good. She talks so much it's crazy. I am feeling more and more done having children! I thought I wanted 3 kids, but between school and being broke all the time I can't imagine adding a third into the mix. We'll see what happens I guess...maybe YEARS down the road! WEll, I hopefully someone checks in here. it's been a while..Mamagoose, I tried to find you on FB...I sent a friend request, but I'm not sure it was you! Ha!


Justine1 - September 15

Hi DB. Good to hear from you. It's been so quiet on this site! I think we'll probably stick with 2 kids - I wanted 2 initially and DH wanted 3 but now DH is absolutely adamant he wants 2. I sometimes wonder about a third but I sway on the issue - definately wouldn't want 3 under 5s due to nursery costs and just the work involved. Sophie says she wants 10 brothers and sisters and wants to have 10 children when she's older but Nick says he likes it being just him and Mummy and would be seriously heartbroken at the idea of sharing his Mum. When I see Nick growing up though it makes me want another little one which is a bit crazy as all children grow up. I'ld be very surprised if we have another. Had a nice holiday in Italy - kids loved it. Had Sophie and Nick's parents evening at the nursery and both are doing well. They said Sophie can read a bit now and have started doing basic additions and subtractions with her. The man who looks after her wants her to start the learning to read books. She can write her name now and wrote it in the sand in Italy. She'ld love to go to school now but can go until just before she's 5 in September 2010. They said Nick likes to sing songs all day but if you tell him he has a beautiful voice he shuts up and refuses to sing. He sings lots of songs at home too. Nick is still really in love with me - on holiday he was doing my hair saying he was making me into a princess, kept saying I love you Mummy, told me I was a superstar and his best friend - he also kept wanting me to hold his hand, cuddle him, go down the slide with him, on the swings with him and on the bouncy castle with him - its fun being 2! Hope all is well with everyone.


DDT - September 15

Oh my goodness ladies! it has been a while! I thought our thread had died. All is well here. We are moving into our new place next Mon (21st Sep). Our place is hectic with boxes everywhere and stress levels are up. I can't wait till this move is over and we can settle down again. Caden is doing great. Lots and lots of talking...he won't stop talking! it's constant. He is getting so big now. Not many tantrums. The occasional one when he doesn't want to wear shoes or leave the house. Lot's of "no" about everything. He is still taking his afternoon nap (sleeps 1.5-2hrs). He is still a skinny minny weighing in at 26lbs (7th percentile). He goes for a checkup at the doc every 6 months. His next one is in Feb and if he hasn't gained sufficient weight to maintain a steady growth curve he has to start seeing a pediatrician. He just can't be bothered with food. He is still wearing 18 month clothing. Jaxon is 15 months old now. Eating champ, and teething, clingy monster. He won't let me out of his sight and wants to be picked up and carried around constantly. He is cutting his 2nd molar at the moment. He is running and climbing like crazy. He is my active monkey. He takes 1-2 naps a day depending on his mood. Usually it's just one nap of 2.5 hrs. He is still taking a morning bottle. My plan is to wean his off it at 18 months. We are also going back and forth over having a third. I think we will but we don't want to start TTC until the beginning of 2011. I don't want the horrendous daycare bill. That way when my third mat leave is up Caden will be going into Grade K. Jaxon will be in pre-school. DB: I can't believe Owen is 10 months old! Wow, the time flies! Justine: Glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday in Italy. Nick is the sweetest little thing! My FB name is Deanne Neste. Add me!


Justine1 - September 16

DDT - Glad to hear you are moving into your new place next Monday - hope it goes well. Hope your new house needs no work or at least work that can wait. Are you moving far? Nick also talks a lot but Sophie can talk none stop for hours on end in the car which gets tiring! Nick still loves me to carry him around at times - he's loves being treated like a baby. Nick still loves napping which makes life so much easier than with Sophie who has always thought life is too short for sleeping!


dreamy2433 - September 16

Good Luck. I know I have bot been around in forever. I wanted to invite you all to where I am. chatterscene dot com.


Justine1 - October 15

Hi everyone. DDT - Hope the move went well and there wasn't too much to do on your new house. We've still got bits and pieces to do on ours but the major work is out the way. DB - Hope all is going well with the children and your course. As for us, Sophie is 4 this weekend and very excited about it - she wants to go to school now but can't go until she's 5 - she wants to grow up as fast as she can. Nick is the total opposite and wants to stay a baby as long as he can. He is really cuddly and wants me to cuddle him and/or hold his hand all the time. He sleeps with me sometimes and he sleeps most of the night cuddling me - he's like a teddy bear! He keeps telling me he loves me - he's really sweet before he goes to sleep he cuddles me with one arm, cuddles his peter rabbit with the other arm, says I love you Mummy puts his hand in his mouth and goes to sleep. He's really easy to get to sleep as he loves sleeping. Sophie is completely the opposite and is full of energy. She recently had an accident at the playground, just tripped over onto the roundabout and got a really nasty cut on the ear and behind the ear so we had to take her to hospital. She's fine now. My SIL had 4 failed IVFs and will now go to Spain for donor eggs. She's in her early 40s and I think time just ran out for her.



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