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DDT - November 3

Hello ladies! Here is to Remembrance Day & an American Thanksgiving!


DDT - November 3

Hullo ladies! We had a great Halloween. Caden really caught on to the whole idea. We took him to 5-6 houses and he would walk up to door, bag open, asking for candy. It was really cute. He was a "Little Devil" this year. Jaxon was really good laying in the stroller but he always is in any kind of fresh air. He was dressed as a bat. You can see some pics on the babysite. The daylight savings is killing me. Both of them were up at 5:30am ready to go. I am paying for it today and I think I may be coming down with a cold. Urgh I hate this time of the year. Thinking about that we all need to go and get our flu shots this month. DB: I hope things are going well with you all. How is little Owen doing? and Audrey with the change? In response to your question: When Jaxon was really little he slept a lot, so I managed to spend some one-on-one time with Caden. Reading, doing puzzles, cars, colouring ect. When Jaxon was awake for a changing & feeding I would usually switch the TV on for Caden. Or because it was summer at the time he went outside to play but I had to supervise him anyway. Dh was also home for 2 wks after Jaxon was born so that helped a lot. The first month was fine with both of them, but then during the 2nd and 3rd month Caden started really acting out. I guess he figured this "thing" was around to stay. He starting slapping me anytime I was holding Jaxon and saying "No baby!" I just encouraged him to kiss and touch the baby. I explained to him what I was doing with the baby. I let him carry the bottle for me, get a diaper for Jaxon, let him give Jaxon his soother (supervised though because sometimes he just crams into his mouth). And then things just starting better. With the Fall I signed him for a few toddler cla__ses. So, he gets one-on-one time with me that way to because I leave Jaxon in the stroller or put him on the floor with a few toys when he fusses. And yes, things do start getting easier once you can start a routine with Owen. Justine: We also used to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day in South Africa. It's such a weird holiday (the reasons behind it) but we used to love all the fireworks. Well, dh should be coming home soon, so I need to get ready to head out to the gym once he can "relieve me of my duties." Have a good night everyone!


mamagoose - November 3

Hi everyone, I'm sorry I dropped off the edge of the Earth last month. It's been crazy around here. Dh has been travelling on business every second week and he's so stressed he keeps getting sick, and then brings it home to me and Tyler. We've had a stomach flu, some virus that gave me a killer headache, and now Tyler has bronchitis, so I'm getting no sleep. I've been taking a course the last few weekends, so dh and I only had 2 days off together for all of October, and he went off to play hockey for both of them. I wanted to get Tyler moved into his new room, and since dh was gone at work or playing hockey, I had to clear out the guest room, tape/prime/and 2 coats of paint, disa__semble his crib, move it in there, re-a__semble it, buy furniture, a__semble it myself, and then hang the curtains and paintings, ALL ALONE and after I worked all day! Normally I wouldn't care, but I'm 30 weeks pregnant and it's been kind of rough. It needed to get done though, I want Tyler to acclimatize to his new room before the baby arrives. Anyway, it's done now, and I have a new crib for the baby (which incidently I also had to carry up the stairs and a__semble alone). Not bad for a girl who can't see her own feet. Enough b___hing; November should be a good month, my cla__s is over, dh is done his travelling for awhile and we have no home improvements on the horizon. Now I have to catch up! DB...... Congratulations on Owen's birth! What a rough first few days you had, I've never heard of a testicular torsion... what causes it? I'm glad he's going to be ok and it won't affect him as an adult. What a big boy for being early! I'm dreading labour, terrified actually. Tyler's labour & delivery was so long and painful, I have nightmares all the time. I'm actually hoping the baby might stay in a month longer. I'm getting nervous about how Tyler will take the new baby, he can't even handle the cat sitting on my lap! If I so much as pick up another baby, he screeches and comes flying over in full attack mode. DDT- Tyler was a turtle for Halloween, he loved it. We only took him to 7 houses, just the neighbors we're friends with. At one house he saw some trucks and toys inside and barged past our neighbor without stopping for candy, and plunked himself down to play. Good thing we know her or it would've been a little weird, haha! Sigh, I can hear Tyler starting up again. He's been asleep about an hour, but this cough of his keeps waking him up. He's done well on daylight savings, but probably because he's so exhausted from being sick. Gotta go!


Justine1 - November 5

Hi everyone. DB - Hope things are going well with Owen and hope he's sleeping OK. DDT - Glad you had a great Halloween. I love fireworks too - hopefully there'll be more this weekend. MamaGoose - Sorry to hear you've all been sick and you're having to do so much on your own. Try not to worry about the labour - second labours are normally much easier. I had a terrible labour with Sophie - admitted to hospital on Sat evening and didn't give birth until Tues night then needed an operation Wed morning for the placenta removal with emergency doctor. Nick's birth was a breeze by comparison (though I wasn't saying that in labour!) and was a 5 hour water birth. Its normal for second births to be much faster and easier. As for us we are still computer less as we took the one we got back as we changed our minds and have ordered another one but DH was too tight to pay £5 for a Friday delivery so I don't know if we'll have it this week. I hope so. I have no access to my e-mail at all and we lost everything on the old computer by the looks of it. Fortunately I'ld printed out all but Sophie's birthday pics and I e-mailed them to someone and put them on photobucket so I should get them back. The rest doesn't matter too much but still had to spend a day writing out what was on there. Still don't know what is happening at work and people are getting jittery. My colleague is talking of going back to Australia - I'm staying put for the moment as I like working part-time and its almost impossible to get a new part-time job. I'm on 3 months notice so they have to give me that much warning. Sophie and Nick are full of energy. Sophie and Nick were both at nursery yesterday so I got to spend the day catching up on cleaning - it really needed it and still needs more. Its just never ending with 2 little ones. Sophie is finally sleeping in a little bed so we may get rid of the cot bed but I'm not sure as Nick likes to some in bed with me and kick DH out. The other night he came in the bed and was in my place so I said to Nick do you want Mummy to leave he said no gave me a hug and said Mummy. Then he kicked DH and I said do you want DH to leave Nick and he said Yes. Little Monkey!


DB - November 6

I'm sorry..not trying to be MIA, but nothing can be easy lately. Owen's newborn blood screening (required by law) came back abnormal for his thyroid hormone levels. It's actually his TSH-thyroid stimulating hormone that was very high. His actual T4-thyroid hormone was in the normal range, but with his TSH that elevated they are concerned about congenital hypothyroidism. If he has the CH then he'll need to be on thryroid medication for the rest of his life. We went back to the pediatrician today to get his blood drawn again to repeat the test. The ped's told us there is a chance it is a false positive, it could've been some of my hormone levels still in his system, but they can't be sure til they get the results back of today's blood draw. I should hopefully find out tomorrow or Saturday. I'm very upset since it seems this poor guy can't catch a break. I find CH scary as it can lead to mental and growth retardation (if left untreated)...I just want Owen to be "normal". So, that is all I can say for now. I am praying for a miracle that it's a false +...but his TSH was so high I'm not sure it can be a false positive. **Sigh**


DDT - November 8

Oh DB I am so sorry to hear about Owen and the rough first week he has had so far. I am keeping fingers and toes crossed that the blood tests come back negative. But if it doesn't at least it is something that is treatable. Poor little guy! I can sort of relate (but not to the same degree) with Jaxon. Within the 1st 10 days of his little life he was diagnosed with laryngomalacia and then contracted MRSA (very bad staph infection) from the hospital when he was born. We were in the hosiptal for 2 weeks total and he was continually poked & proded. Take everything in stride, and try to stay happy & focused on your two little munchkins. I know you probably feel like crying and I wish I could give you my shoulder. How are things going otherwise? mamagoose: Urgh! you guys have and are just dealing with lots of yucky sicknesses. Poor Tyler...bronchitis! He must be so sick. Is he on atibiotics then? Stay off your feet lady! You are nearing the end now and you don't want to go into premature labour. But at least its all ready for the baby girl now. When is Tyler moving into his new room? And try not to worry too much about the labour. I have also heard subsequent labours are easier than the first. For me it was anyway, and I am sure it will be for you to. I just remember the contractions being way more intense with Jaxon, but it was a faster labour and I managed to get to 7cm dilated before I got my epi. With Caden I got the epi at 4cm dilated. Those 3cm's makes a hell of a difference. Sorry if TMI but it felt like I was going to burst down there. I had a lot of deep b___t labour pain with Jaxon. It was intense. But then pushing him out was a breeze. Caden took 2.5 hrs pushing while Jaxon only took 13 mins. Justine: Congrats on Sophie moving to a big girl bed. Luckily you didn't lose any pictures when your computer decided to die. Well, I hope you are all doing well. We are busy this weekend....2nd birthday bash tomorrow (mamagoose: remember that little girl Katalina and her mom Jen). And then on Sun the "Thomas Live on Stage"show. I think I am more excited to see Caden excited than I am about watching the show. I hope he likes it....no, I am pretty sure he will love it. He LOVES Thomas. Good night!


DB - November 8

Thanks DDT. I was just thinking about how Jaxon had a pretty rough start too. I called the pediatrician and left a message this a.m. I know they're there til noon...and no one has called me back and it's almost noon, which means unless the doctor who does sick call will call me tomorrow, then I won't hear much til Monday. How aggravating. Mamagoose-I totally agree with DDT about the second labor. I pushed through maybe 3 contractions and he was out. I mean, literally I pushed for I think 12 minutes...I only remember that because we had a pool at work and I started pushing at 11:55pm and he was born at 12:07am, so the person who picked the 28th won and the person who picked the 27th lost by a hair! I got my epidural at 3-4cm, but I had pitocin and those contractions kicked my b___t! I could still feel them even with the epi, but they were tolerable. It's funny I felt "b___t pressure" with Audrey and with Owen I felt all the pressure by my pubic bone...maybe because Audrey was face up and Owen was face down?? Justine-Nick sounds so funny kicking your dh out of bed! Glad Sophie is doing great in her big bed.


DB - November 8

babysites.com/sites/dawnbelasco Finally, I got some Owen pic's and Audrey got her first haircut this week!!


DB - November 10

His TSH is down!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! No meds for Owen! Thank God!


mamagoose - November 10

Hey everyone! DB- What a relief Owen's TSH is down! I really hope it's clear sailing and you can finally relax and enjoy being a mom of 2. Owen is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e, I love his chubby cheeks, he is so cute! I'm really feeling this pregnancy now, especially lugging 27 lbs of Tyler up and down stairs all day, my back is killing me. I wouldn't be disappointed if I had this baby slightly early (like maybe around the due date instead of 2 weeks late, lol!) I have no idea what we're going to do with Tyler while I'm at the hospital. My mom is going to come over as soon as I call her, but she's at least 5 hours away including a ferry ride, and the ferry doesn't run at night. If only I could guess roughly when the baby will be born so I could make babysitting plans. Anyway, we still don't have a name picked out, but we're leaning towards Chloe, but don't hold me to that! Tyler is all moved into his Big Boy room, he's been there about 2 weeks and he likes it, although we are having major bedtime issues which are my fault. When he was sick, he was having so much trouble sleeping since he was so congested in lungs/sinuses, so I let him sleep in our bed, which helped him stay calm in coughing fits. Now that he's better, he does not want anything to do with his crib, so he screams at bedtime and points over my shoulder yelling "Mama-Dada bed!" And he's still waking up at night, once or twice... GEEZ I hope Baby #2 is a better sleeper; Tyler's nearly 2 and he's still not sleeping through the night! Ok I have major heartburn requiring me to chug a bottle of Maalox, talk to you guys soon!


Justine1 - November 11

Hi everyone. DB - Owen looks adorable. I'm so glad he won't need meds. DDT - Hope you ahd a good 2nd Birthday party. Can't beleive our little ones will be 2 soon - Nick's on 5th Jan. MamaGoose - I love the name Chloe. We still have sleeping issues with both ours, only just got Sophie into a single bed at 3 but when she's sick she comes in with us. Hope your second baby sleeps well. As for us still no internet at home as got new computer but needs different type of modem. Modem arrived today and I thought yes but then opened it and it says I need a pa__sword which will be sent seperately so I'm at the library. Heard a lot about what's happening at work - my job is safe. I will be in a different team to now with my colleague who is lovely. Don't know any of the new team but it sounds like interesting work they do so thats good. May be moving offices within London which makes little difference really. All my bosses are having to apply for jobs so its a bit unsettled for them.


DB - November 17

Sorry ladies...I've had no time to get on...Audrey has decided a one hour nap is plenty for her (grrr) and that is when I shower, then by the time she's in bed I'm exhausted!!! Here's hoping the kid sleeps longer tomorrow so I can have five minutes to myself.


DDT - November 19

Hey ladies! Things are a little slow on our thread but I have been around and just didn't have anything to report. Haha! Jaxon is getting SO big. He is filling out and acc_mulating lots of baby fat. He weighs about 19lbs now and is 29 in long (can you believe that!). He is 5.5 months old. He is a little rolling maniac and has taken to belly sleeping. He is getting very close to independent sitting but sees his feet and just HAS to eat them so he usually does a face plant in the process. He is grabbing at everything in sight to get a good munch or chew including my hair...ouch! He started the 1st foods about 1.5 weeks ago. Its going great so far and he greedily opens his mouth for more. We have tried sweet potatoe, apple & pear. Apple seems to be his fav so far...with pear being his least fav. Caden is becoming very daring, energetic...a little bit of hooligan. Oh, and very stubborn. But then he is SO affectionate! A few times a day he will come and give me a hug murmuring "Ohhhh, Mama" and pats my back lightly like I am the child to be comforted. So cute my heart melts every time. The potty training is currently at a stalemate. I have done and tried everything to encourage him to sit on the potty. He won't even do it fully clothed so I have resigned my efforts for now. But I will probably try again in early March. He needs to be out of diapers and in his daybed by June though. I don't want to be transitioning through those when I have started work. Daycare don't participate in potty training so it will just hamper any progress we do make at home on the weekends. We may make the transition to a bed early Jan. Dh is dragging his feet on this decision because he realizes that it equals less sleep for us. But it has to be done sometime. Well, I hope you are all keeping well. DB: I hope Audrey starts napping better. I know I need that 1.5-2hrs sanity break and I am sure you do to. The last week or so has been horrible with night time sleep. I think both my boys are teething right now so its a bit hellish. Caden wakes and screams bloody murder at least 3 times a night while Jaxon has gotten into the habit of waking up at 2:30 & then 5: 30am having a great ol time playing, yelling and babbling in his crib. Of course after a point Caden will wake up so I am in there like a flash to remove the noisy baby. So, he gets to sleep in our bed which I absolutely hate because he kicks and rolls and grabs at me. *sigh* I know I have to stop this habit but I don't know how with the two of them sharing a room. I may have to put Jaxon's crib in our room until I break this habit. DB: How are you doing though? how have you found looking after two kiddos? How is Owen doing? He is just about a month old in another week. Wow! Keep us updated as much as you can. Best be off....


DB - November 20

Mamagoose-LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Chloe! I can't believe you're getting so close already!!! Justine-areyou feeling any better these days? I sure hope so! DDT-wow, Jaxon sounds so big!!! I'll have to check your piczo site! Well, I am getting used to being home with the two kids and now I'm getting to like it! I find though that I NEED to leave the house every day. Right now it's easy because I only have to work around Audrey's nap, but I'm not sure how it'll go once Owen gets a "schedule" down. When did Jaxon get a schedule...isn't it bad I seriously can't remember when Audrey had a schedule?!! Audrey is also boycotting the potty. She tells me EVERY TIME she is going to "poo poo" and I say let's go sit on your potty and either it's a NO or she'll go sit on it for a whopping 5 seconds. I hope in a couple months she'll be ready. Her poop STINKS and I'm sick of big diapers! She seems so huge compared to Owen when I change her. Owen is doing really well...so far no colic and no reflux (well he spits up occasionally, but not like Audrey's projectile vomit 20x after one feeding!). He is gaining well I think. He must be close to 10lbs now. He is already filling out his 0-3 clothes. I have a feeling in another couple of weeks he'll be out of those and into 3-6 months. Audrey is doing well with him. She has started to play more independently...when she tells me to "sit down" by her I tell her mommy can't right now, but when I am done doing whatever I'm doing I will play with you and instead of throwing a temper tantrum she says OK. She is still occasionally trying to bite me, but not like a few weeks ago. I took Audrey to a Little Gym cla__s today (left Owen with MIL). She did sooo good, so I signed her up through June! She laughed and giggled the whole time...she was only shy for a few minutes. I almost started crying when I saw how much fun she was having (I'm still feeling bad about her not being in daycare)..I wonder when my hormones will calm down!!!!! Dh will no talk to me about me not going back to work. School is only two days, but to pay for daycare for the other three days and only work 2-3 days I actually take no money home, so I figure what's the point. I told dh I'll take my cla__ses at night, but he is scared to be able to handle the 2 kids on his own. So, we're either gonna be pretty broke for the next couple of years or I need to find a higher paying job (not likely right now in the US!). Hopefully Mr. Obama fixes our stinking economy! Ok, better finish laundry while Audrey is napping!


Justine1 - November 20

DB - Glad you are enjoying having 2 kids at home. I've sort of got resigned to the fact we won't have much money until Sophie goes to school at 5. I think its just the way it is with 2 kids. At the start of the year we thought we'ld break even each month but almost every month we're over the income from our jobs. I just tell myself that's what I saved for. When they are both at school we'll be rich as long as we go somewhere with decent state schools (a lot of London has very bad state schools but surrounding areas have very good ones). The only place you can really get jobs now is the state sector, which is fine for me as thats what I want but its really hard to get part-time jobs so I'll probably stay put. There's lots of changes going on at work right now though so I'll see how they go. I've been feeling fine for a few weeks now though now I'm being monitored for sickness at work for a year - argh. They are being really nice about it, a lot of people at work have it, but its a pain. Otherwise my job is great. DDT - Nick is also very stubborn but very affectionate. He's started play biting were he bites my clothes or gently hitting me - its all very gentle but I want him to stop so I make him stand in the corner and he cries and bats his eye lids and puts his arms out for a cuddle and b__ws kisses - he knows how to be charming! He seems to not like standing in the corner but 2 secs later he's doing the biting your clothes thing again. I don't know if he doesn't understand or he doesn't want to understand. Sophie never did any of this you could just reason with her so its a bit frustrating but most of the time he's quite the little charmer. He kept singing twinkle, twinkle little star tonight and clapping himself. Sophie has been at my parents this week as she was sick and Nick has missed her - he said "I want Sophie home" and "no Sophie home". Hope they start sleeping better. Nick tends to end up in our bed every night which is fine for me but he kicks DH out every time - sometimes he says "my Mummy mine" to DH! Finally got computer with internet - yay. Are getting Sophie back on Saturday. Have nearly finished Christmas shopping - can't beleive its only 4 weeks to go.


mamagoose - November 24

Hey guys! I can't believe December is only 1 week away, where did this year go? I'm living the joys of trying to gasp for air while my lungs get squished by baby bum/feet. I can't believe how tired I get doing the simplest things, like carrying Tyler up the stairs. Only 6 weeks left, and then I'll probably learn an entirely new meaning of "tired", lol! I'm going to work another 3-4 weeks and then use up a couple weeks of sick time before the baby is born. The hospital where I'm delivering induces at 7 days overdue, so at least I'll know the baby will be here by January 15 at the latest. Tyler is doing well, he's eating just about anything we put in front of him and sleeping about 14-15 hours a day, and is growing like a weed. He's into 2T clothes now, he outgrew all his "24 months" stuff (why they differ between 2T and 24 months I'll never know). He's talking up a storm, although usually only dh and I have a clue what he's talking about. I think his 2 year molars are coming through, which I'm so happy for because once they're in he'll have his full set of baby teeth, and no more teething, YAY! I haven't even thought of potty training yet, I'll probably give it a whirl in April once the weather warms up and we can play outside in his big boy underpants, and shorts/pants he can pull up and down himself. He is showing signs of thinking about climbing out of his crib, but he's too short to hook his leg on the top rail so I'm still going to leave him in there for now. I was going to write more but I can barely breathe sitting upright, so I need to lie down and catch my breath!


Justine1 - November 25

Sophie was sick twice last night badly so I stayed home with her today. She was fine today - full of life like usual, so we went to see the ducks, for a walk to the church and round the shops. It was quite nice having her for the day - she says "she a little bit poorly" so needs to stay home with me tomorrow - she so isn't and she loves nursery but its sweet she wants to stay with me. Its a bit choatic at work with lots of changes going on - everyone is a bit unsettled by it. I try not to theink too much about it because then I panic and its probably just a case of getting used to new things. Got so much washing to do thanks to the sick bug but I'm getting there. I think Nick is teething - he was Mr Super Grumpy yesterday night. He was funny the other night - he got his bowl out and said "ice cream please" then DH says "but we haven't got ice cream" and Nick got a shopping bag out handed it to DH and said "bye-bye Papa" expecting him to buy ice-cream at the shop!



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