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DDT - October 2

Hello mommies! Here is to a Canadian Thanksgiving & Halloween "Trick or Treats."


DDT - October 2

Gosh, the months are flying by. I don't have time to write a proper post tonight because I need to clean bottles and give Jaxon his dream feed right now...should try and get some zzz's myself. I will post tomorrow.


Justine1 - October 2

Well it seems I'm not over the flu or I've got another one. Went into work feeling ill then started feeling really ill at work so they sent me to hospital so spent the day at hospital yesterday and am now with my parents and Nick. Did lots of tests - chest X-rays as they said my breathing wasn't right, heart etc but it looks like it is just a virus that lasts a few weeks. DH is off to MIL this weekend with Sophie - hopefully they'll give her a party for her 3rd birthday so she'll enjoy it. Nick is very cuddly at the moment just keeps saying Mummy and cuddling me. Hope everyone is fine. We have Halloween here at end of October but most people don't do much until kids are older - we have Bonfire night and Fireworks on 5th Nov every year which is much bigger event. Hope you have a good Halloween and Thanksgiving.


Justine1 - October 2

Just heard I didn't get that job - never mind, not sure I need the stress or longer hours at the moment anyway.


DB - October 2

Hello ladies...Justine, my goodness! I hope you feel better soon. That must be terrible to be so sick for so long!! I hope you start feeling much better very soon! DDT-I totally agree...where has the time gone. I can't believe it's fall already (although I'm happy for fall)!! So, our family friend who is pregnant, and had a Nov 1 edd, had her c-section tonight...she had placenta previa and had lots of bleeding and contractions, so they had to get the baby out. As far as I know all is well...but I'm partially jealous she is done being pregnant! I'm 34 1/2 weeks and feel like it'll never end! Ok, I gotta catch a bit of the Cubs game....hopefully they don't b__w it again tonight...if they do, the odds are they'll lose the whole series...boo hoo!


DB - October 4

w.babysites.com/sites/dawnbelasco/ If you look under OUR PHOTO ALBUMS, then choose Baby Boy's Album, you can see my GIGANTIC belly...that was from 1 week ago, about. I am huge. I feel badly that I've taken like 4 pictures of Audrey in the last month....I gotta get better about that!


DB - October 4

Why does it white out certain phrases? You have to click b.a.b.y b.o.y.'s album...I hope that worked...I guess you gotta be smarter than this dang website. ugh.


Justine1 - October 7

Still got this virus and Mum's got it now too. The banks are going down left, right and center here - I really hope we haven't lost a lot of money we had in an Icelandic bank which has gone into receivership today. $30k (guaranteed by Iceland -haha) is looking distinctly dodgy - ouch. There is an emergency meeting going on now with our Prime Minister etc and they are talking about if they need to part nationalise all the British banks. Its scary. I thought as we'ld sold our apartment a few years ago and put the money in savings we were safe but nope. Nevermind at least we have the children, they are all that matters really. Sophie went to Paris with DH to the inlaws this weekend and had a nice time. Sophie had an early birthday party and presents. We're having her party at my parents house in a week and a half's time. She's so excited about it all and desperate to be 3. DB - That baby will be here before you know it. Sorry haven't had chance to look at the photos yet - will try to later.


mamagoose - October 7

Hey everyone. Tyler decided to have a nap today, thank goodness... he's been skipping naps entirely about once or twice a week for the last few weeks, and I've read it's a sign that he may start giving up naps in a few months! NOOOOO!!! I really need him to keep his nap for at least a year, or I'll have no break once the new baby comes! Anyway, the little monkey is doing well, he's a big blabbermouth and all he wants to talk about is cars. Typical boy! I have my 3D ultrasound on Thursday; I'm 27 weeks now, on the doorstep of the 3rd trimester! I'm still pretty comfortable, I'm not big enough that it's affecting my back or sleeping yet, but I'm sure that's right around the corner. I have my blood glucose screening and my Rhogam shot coming up too (the Rhogam is because my blood type is Rh negative, and the shot is so I don't develop antibodies in my blood that would attack the baby, if the baby turns out to be Rh positive blood type.) We're going to get Tyler's new room ready this weekend, so I have a little furniture shopping to do, and then some painting and decorating. DB- I love the photos, I've been bad too, not updating anything or taking pictures lately. Our memory card reader is broken so I can't upload anything to the computer, so really it's dh's fault, lol. I haven't taken ANY preggo belly shots, which I should. My poor belly b___ton is an outie already, so maybe it's better left unphotographed... Justine, that sucks about getting sick. Tyler and I had some stomach bug last week and it was AWFUL. He puked everywhere, about 5 times a day for almost a week, and usually without warning. DDT- Any plans for Thanksgiving this weekend? I have to work!


DDT - October 8

Hello ladies! Wow DB you look great. I love pregnant bellies. I am so excited for you. Your little boy will be with you soon. When are you due in Nov? Is his room all ready? has name been decided yet? Yes, nap time has become more difficult with Jaxon. It's the age. He's so active and more interested in other things than sleeping. Luckily Caden still naps for 2-3 hrs a day which gives me a break. Justine1: Yuck! still sick! I feel bad for you and hope you managed to get better soon. Happy 3rd birthday Sophie! mamagoose: Glad to see you back on here. You have your 3D u/s tomorrow. Good luck an have fun. I want to see some pics. Any name picks? It will be so much fun having a little girl this time. Crazy as dh and I are we are already talking about #3. He wants a girl badly but I told him that we won't start trying until the summer 2010. I want a break between kids and actually work at my career a little. Have fun decorating Tyler's room. Are you going with a theme? For Thanksgiving we are heading over to the Island to spend it with dh's Mom. It should be nice and relaxing. Dh's brother is also coming over.


Justine1 - October 8

DB - Your photos look great. I haven't added any to our site since Sweden or taken any though DH's aunt took some of Sophie at the weekend so I guess I could add those - she's not the best photographer though and she has this really annoying habit of surprising people!. MamaGoose - Sorry to hear you and Tyler were sick. As for us I'm still recovering from this virus but its going I think finally. The Icelandic bank is going to be bailed out by our Government - phew so I won't lose anything and the Government is suing Iceland. There's been a £500bn ($900bn) bailout of our banks today - thats about £20k each for everyone who pays tax I think roughly. Everyone is frantically moving any savings around - its just crazy. Property market is falling like mad too - around 20% annual rate over the past few months and Stock Market keeps falling lots too. I think its largely as our housing market was allowed to grow like crazy for years on the back of dodgy loans and low interest rates plus the credit crisis.


DB - October 9

mamagoose, I'm dying to see some 3d ultrasound pics!!! Did I tell you girls I get to redo mine this Sunday? I got an email from the owner about coming back for a second one at a discounted price and I told her how unhappy I was with the first one that she offered to redo it! I hope at nearly 36 weeks (my due date is 11/10 DDT) that the pics turn out decent?!?! I can't imagine Audrey not napping during the day. She'd be a mess! DDT-aww, I'm so jealous...I feel like I'll need one more baby to feel complete and dh is so deadset against #3, especially since now we have a girl and soon a boy. I can't even have an oops baby since my ovaries don't work well, lol!!! Justine, I know, it is crazy here...people are so worked up about the economy...I am bad, I choose to ignore it. I know my 401K is in the c___pper, but I guess at this point I'd rather not know. So, we had an interesting day yesterday... I got a call from A's daycare at about 10:30am...She bit a boy. She has been bitten there about a dozen times. THis was the second time she's bit. I know biting is wrong. She gets timeouts immediately at home for biting, hitting, etc. So, their new policy is to send the kid home if when they bite, they break the skin of the child they bit!!! So, I had to get MIL to go get Audrey, then MIL had a dentist appt, so A had to come to work with me for about an hour, then MIL picked her back up...so, I still had to pay for the entire day of daycare and if MIL wouldn't have been available to pick up A, I would've had to leave work, and not get paid! I am not saying biting is ok, not at all, but to make the child leave because the broke the skin, and she could've stayed if she hadn't broken the skin, that is ridiculous...She had a ball at work with me! It was more like a reward. I think she should've gotten an immediate time out at daycare ( I know they say NO biting, but I think that is as far as it goes)...anyways, I guess it's fine, because she's done there in 3 weeks, but I find their policy ridiculous...a bite is a bite whether skin is broken or not...OK, got that off my chest!


mamagoose - October 10

Hey everyone! Tyler crashed like a ton of bricks tonight, he was so tired that he actually closed the book I was reading him at bedtime and pointed to his crib. I had my 3D u/s today, I put pics up on my piczo site, erinlyn(dot)piczo(dot)com/incoming . It's pretty cool, although I kind of think all babies look the same in 3D, lol. Anyway, they confirmed the previous u/s and said she's definitely a girl, so I can start washing the pink stuff I've bought her. DB- That's great they're going to redo your 3D u/s, especially since they cost so much... I figure it's not too often you get to do that type of thing though, and pregnancy isn't forever, even if it feels that way! I can't believe they sent Audrey home for biting! First of all, if they'd been watching her more closely they could've interfered before she got that far. After all, she's a baby, the onus should really be on the daycare workers to make sure the kids are safe from each other, and they shouldn't punish the parents for what the kids do while they're in the daycare's supervision! I can understand if Audrey was 4 or 5, but she's 20 months old for pete's sake! Well, another month and you'll be on maternity leave, so at least daycare will be on the back-burner for awhile. DDT- I don't have a theme picked out for Tyler's room just yet, but I think he's got one in mind. He's so obsessed with cars and trucks that I think he'd give the thumbs-up to that one. Justine- Wow, a 20% drop in property is huge, hopefully it will recover itself as quickly as it fell! Our area has a 6% drop so far, and you can really tell that houses aren't selling as fast as they used to. I'm letting dh worry about our investments, that stuff boggles my mind...


Justine1 - October 10

DB - Thats crazy they sent Audrey home because she bit - thats their job to sort that out in nursery time. I think its good they tell the parents so they are aware there's a problem but they are being completely unreasonable to send the child home. If a child was biting all the time I could understand it but it sounds like its really rare. I'ld threaten to move daycare (a__suming you can do this first) if it was me. Hope you get great 3D pics. I'm glad I've got a final salary pension - Stock Market went down down 10% in 10 minutes here today. DDT - Wow thinking about no. 3 already. My DH also wanted a girl too, its funny everyone here a__sumes men want boys but my DH said he wanted two girls when I was pregnant with Nick though he adores Nick and is pleased we got a boy. We're not planning anymore, 2 is more than enough work for us and nursery's are so expensive. I do sometimes wish I'ld get pregnant again but just for the baby moving in your tummy part of the pregnancy - lol. MamaGoose - I'm guessing you're in Canada, not the US, if there's been a 6% drop in house prices. We're just renting at the moment so the fall is good for us (13% so far) but are thinking about buying again but are waiting for things to stabilize at least a little - we're in a 2 bed place at the moment and its a bit cramped. Hope doing Tyler's room goes well. Thats one thing I miss about renting. Nick also loves cars - he was funny the other day he was asleep in the car and a few times his eyes opened he went Nenaw, nenaw (like the sirens on a police car - Sophie is adamant its a fire engine!) and next second he was back asleep!


DB - October 10

Ok, you both made me feel much better about the stupid biting policy...If Audrey wasn't leaving in 3 weeks I'd make a bigger deal about it...but I plan to mention next week how stupid of a policy it is! mamagoose-yay for pink!!! It's good to get that confirmed, lol! Tyler's new room sounds like it will be very cute. Audrey is noticing trucks and buses lately when we're driving, so cute!!! Justine-isn't this stock market stuff nuts! It's all over our news here...The only good thing out of all of this is that our gas prices have dropped. So, I was supposed to have to work tomorrow, but they said we can all be off, so I moved my doctor appt back to tomorrow (i'm sure they're ready to kill me for switching it 2x)...that way I don't have to go in late on Monday...I will get checked for dilation and get the group b strep test done (ick)...I hope I'm dilated a little!!! I'm also having a lot of swelling, so it'll be good to see how my bp is. Then I go every week til the LO makes his way out. Oh someone asked about names before...I think we're still between Owen, Gavin and Logan, but leaning towards Owen at the moment.


DB - October 11

Hello girls...well, I get my wish for another ultrasound...I told my OB how I feel like this baby moves so much less than it used to. Like I can go HOURS without anything...and I told her it freaks me out! So, we did a non stress test today and his heartrate went up and down like it should, but he only moved like 2x the entire test. So, she said that is fine and I pa__sed, but if I wanted to ease my mind I can get an ultrasound on Monday to make sure my fluid levels are good, etc. So, hopefully they're fine. I'm sure they are, but I hate having the worried feeling all the time lately, especially with work stress...also I am retaining HUGE amounts of water because I gained 8 lbs in 2 weeks...my left foot-ankle-leg is permanently swollen since earlier this week (when I noticed a 5 lb weight gain in ONE day)...gross...i feel so nasty-fat! I forgot how much I don't enjoy the last month of pregnancy :( I'm dilated a fingertip, but my guess is that is only because I've given birth, not because I started to dilate...and I forgot how much it hurts to get checked! OUCH!


Justine1 - October 13

Hi everyone. DB - Thats good you get an ultrasound. I think its normal the baby moves less at the end, just needs to move 10 times in a day. Hope everything is fine - I found the last month with Nick tough, with Sophie it was a breeze but went 3 weeks early and she was 5lbs 5oz. Sophie and Nick woke up this morning in the bed with me hand in hand in identical Roary racing car pyjamas it was cute. I worked from home today and can do again on Wednesday (my next working day) which is good. DH has agreed we can go on holiday to South Africa (Cape Town) - I'm amazed and I'll book it quickly before he changes his mind - lol. Have to be careful who we book with at the moment incase they go bankrupt. Think we'll go in March/April next year. Was wondering about booking things separately but not sure if we'll be able to go on tours if we do that and also don't know if you're protected if things go bankrupt. DH said his boss died on Friday - thats sad, his eldest little boy is 4 on Saturday. My friend is 13 weeks pregnant with her second, which is quite exciting.



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