FEB 08 Toddlers July Edition

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DDT - July 2

Time for a new thread ladies! Here is to summer sunshine!


DDT - July 2

Haha I can see I screwed up on the year...*sigh* I think I will blame that on sleep deprivation...I've been up since 3:30am.


dedaa - July 2

Hey everyone!! I just got back from my vacation home to see my parents we have been there for the last couple of weeks. I had an awesome visit although Alexia did not like it so much. She did not want to be held by anyone else but me. She made strange with my mom, sisters, grandparents all of them. Everytime anyone would come near her she would scream. So luckily we are home now so my arms have a break. Im wiped out though considering we never went to bed lastnight just hit the road at midnight after the Canda Day Festivities!! So it was over 12 hours to get home. Now my kids schedules are all messed up im not sure how these next few days are going to go. Hopefully they will adjust fast enough. Well, going to go for now im falling asleep writing this. Hope everyone is doing well!!!!


DDT - July 2

Hi ladies...both kiddos are snoozing so I have some time to catch up. We are back home! We were discharged yesterday (on Canada Day..Happy Birthday Canada!!). The doc ended diagnosing his rash...just a plain ol' yeast infection which was caused by all the antibiotics he had been getting in the previous weeks. So, now he is on a topical cream that should clear it right up. It's been stinking hot here and I have been loving it! we spent the day at the water park yesterday getting some fresh air and sunshine. Today Caden went off to daycare and luckily Jaxon had a very sleepy day so I could get things done. He gets SOO crabby if he doesn't get enough sleep. I have to make sure to put him down in a quiet area every 1-2 hrs else there will be hell to pay. I have started giving him a bottle of formula a day. I really am not a breasfeeding kind of person...just don't have the patience I guess. I will carry on for another 2-4 weeks though along with his one bottle of formula. He is sooo ga__sy that I may switch him to Enfamil Gentlease. Anyone use that formula? does it really help more so than the regular formula? We are planning a camping trip for the 20th...it should be fun and I am excited.


mamagoose - July 4

Hi everyone! DDT- I'm so glad Jaxon has been discharged, how's his yeast infection doing? So did he ever have MRSA, or was it yeast all along? Where are you going camping? We're going next weekend (11-13) to Nairn Falls, up by Pemberton. I had my u/s yesterday, and I think it was a new world record for quickest ultrasound. Under 5 minutes! The guy hustled in, squirted some gel on me, then looks at his screen and says, "One ovary... two ovaries.. just one baby... measures 13 weeks... heartbeat present. Done." Then he threw me a towel and left the room. I only saw the baby for 3 seconds and he didn't give me any pics. All in all, a big let-down! So anyway, my new EDD is January 10, which knowing me means the baby will likely be born in mid-April, lol. I'm still on the road at work, I haven't told them yet. I'm really hoping to work until July 18, two more weeks. I'll be 15 weeks then. My uniforms are getting pretty tight but I think I can hang on until then. Ugh- I can hear Tyler fussing a bit, he's only been down 45 minutes for this nap. He's probably hungry because he refused to eat his lunch (because he was too tired. ah, the irony.)


DB - July 6

Gosh, I am having BIG issues with this site! Half the time I try to log on I get antivirus spyware popups and it moves me to another site...It's driving me crazy! dedaa-that's how Audrey was with dh's aunt when they visited...if she so much as looked at Audrey she'd run to me crying! I wonder what goes thru their minds, lol. DDT-I'm so glad Jaxon is doing better! That must be such a relief. Good for you for bf as long as you have. I am not a bottle person. I just hate the dang mixing and dishes! I figure though this time around I won't be so hard on myself about pumping tons. If I need to supplement, then so be it! My milk doesn't freeze well anyway. I think I have too much lipase enzyme which makes the milk sour. Oh well! mamagoose-13 weeks already! And no picture! That sucks big time!!! I got a pic at my 6,8,11, and 21 week u/s. No fair for you! I know I won't get another u/s at my ob unless something gets wacky, so my final pic will probably be at our 3d u/s which I'll probably do around 28-30 weeks. You must not have gained much weight if you can still fit in regular pants! I was in all maternity pants by 11 weeks I think. I need to get dh to take a pic of me. I desperately need to update Audrey's babysite. So, we got our minivan! YAY!!! I feel like a dork driving it, but it's soooo nice. I love the remote/auto doors. Makes putting a kid in the car a piece of cake! It has built in sunshades too, so no more sticky suction cup sunshades. I think dh kinda likes it even though he seems to act like he doesn't! So, Audrey is getting into the "bad" age. Hitting the dogs, hitting me and laughing at me. I think I'm going to try timeouts after 1-2 warnings. I don't know what else to do. She is also into throwing herself on the ground and screaming. That I can ignore, but the hitting has to stop!


DDT - July 7

Hi ladies. Jaxon is finally down for the night. He started smiling a few days ago and is just adorable. There are some new pics of him at my web page: babysites.com/sites/deannedt/ DB: I really believe that Jaxon has reflux and just wanted to get your opinion because I recall Audrey having the same problem. Jaxon cries/whines during and after every feed like he is in pain, he will act really hungry but keep pulling off the nipple over and over, & he has about 2-3 spit-up epsidoes after every feeding. And the possibility of reflux is made stronger because of his floppy larynx. I am going let my doc know at his 6 week checkup but also wanted to know if you think it is reflux. What will be the next step if my doc agrees with me? Don't you just loooove your mini-van?! The dual sliding doors are key! and an added bonus in mine is a DVD player which Caden just loves. He watches his Baby Einstein & Noddy DVD's. Speaking of kid shows does anyone else's lo watch "In the Night Garden"? Caden is obbessed with that show. He absolutely loves it. It is possibly the weirdest show out there though...the creators were on some kind of drug when thinking up the characters. It's my saviour now though because Caden is kept occupied for 20 whole mins...try nursing a newborn while a toddler is hanging off you leg trying to smack the baby out of jealousy. Yes! Caden has started getting jealous. If I am nursing and not giving him the attention he demands he comes over and says, "No baby!" and tries to smack Jaxon. Most of the time he ends up smacking my leg and I sternly say "No hitting!" and give the Look. The look that says all. He is already a little wary of that look. hehe. He is into saying "no" or "no more" to everything and smacking us whenever he doesn't get what he wants. Ohhh the joys of toddlerhood and I suppose it will only get worse before it gets better. DB: Caden also hits our dog...what little brats we have. When Caden has a full-b__wn tantrum (aka falling to the ground, yelling, screaming, hitting ect.) we put him into his crib, dark room and let him know its time out. We leave him in there for 10-15 mins and he is usually okay after that. How have you been doing time-out? mamagoose: Yes, Jaxon did have MRSA the first time we were admitted when he was 12 days old. The 2nd time we were admitted it was a yeast infection caused from the antibiotics he was given at our first visit. Oh, we are just going local for our camping trip. We are going to Hick's Lake which is very close to Harrison Lake. Have you been there? I like it a lot. We are going on the 20th. What a disappointing u/s. So, why did you get a u/s at 13 weeks anyway? was it to determine your due date? your lo's are going to have birthdays really close especially if you go 2 weeks over again. hehe. That will be nice to do a combination party. Enjoy your last 2 weeks on the road.


DB - July 8

DDT-here is what I recall of Audrey's reflux....ugh...it started when she was around 3-4 weeks old (can't remember exactly)..it began with small spit ups after feedings...then she'd just keep on spitting up and spitting and spitting! At first she was a "happy spitter", but then it became painful. She would fuss while nursing, spit while I burped her before switching sides, spit up while I did her final burp (they said frequent burping can help), spit up 5 minutes later, spit up 10 minutes later, etc. Her spitup started to smell REALLY acidic! Then she began being extremely fussy and crying ALL DAY LONG...So, I took her in because I couldn't stand the crying all day long, and I researched and colic should only be mainly at night time, they rx'd Zantac, .8mL, I think 2x per day. Within 3 days she was a sleepy newborn again. She didn't stop spitting up til she was like 6 months old!! But Zantac doesn't stop the spitting up, it only soothes the pain of the acid and heals the esophagus. If they decide he does have reflux and they do rx meds, you should see a difference in his fussiness/pain levels within 1-3 days. Oh, she would also arch her back (from the pain in her throat)..that was a big giveaway too. I hope that helps! As for the minivan, yes! I love it! I sooo badly wish we could've gotten a dvd player, but they didn't have any instock :( So, I think we'll get one installed sooner or later. Audrey is not into watching ANYTHING right now. I wish she'd watch Baby Einstein or Sesame St. for even 10 minutes, but she just has no interest. Well, I didn't know what to do for timeouts. I didn't want her to a__sociate her crib with timeouts, or her highchair, or her other chair, so I tried setting her in a corner, that did NOT work! So, dh finally decided to set her on the sofa with him. She wanted down and he made her sit up there.,.and she was p__sed! She started screaming, but I read you should do one minute for every year old they are, so it lasted one minute. In her room when she purposely hit me I set her on my lap and wouldn't let her get off me til her one minute was up (this was after about 3 "NO, we dont hit" warnings too...so, after she cried about it and the minute was up I told her to give me a hug, and please no hitting people....so, it's too early to see if it's working...tonight she was an angel :) so no timeouts were needed!!!! Sorry, this is ridiculously long!


DB - July 8

Common infant GERD symptoms are: Frequent spitting up or vomiting Over half of all infants will spit up at some point during their first three months of life. Referred to as "happy spitters," they usually don't require treatment, and will usually outgrow this. For some infants, however, this spitting up, or reflux, is severe and requires treatment. Irritability when feeding This irritability includes whining, crying, screaming, and fussiness, which can last for varied amounts of time. This irritability can stem from the burning sensation and pain in the esophagus when formula and stomach acid is refluxed into the esophagus. Refusing food or eating only small amounts Infants may refuse to eat if pain occurs when they swallow. This pain can be caused by the irritation in the esophagus when formula and stomach contents are refluxed back up into the esophagus. Arching the back while feeding When babies are experiencing abdominal pain or discomfort, they will often arch their backs or draw up their legs. "Wet" burps When a baby has a "wet" burp, a small amount of liquid is regurgitated as he burps. Frequent hiccups Hiccups can be triggered by the stimulation of nerves found in the upper part of the stomach or lower part of the esophagus. The vagus nerve, which runs from the brain to the abdomen, can become irritated. This irritation can come from stomach contents entering the esophagus. Frequent coughing A frequent cough may occur if refluxed stomach acid is aspirated, irritating the airways, or when the stomach acid irritates the throat. Poor sleep habits with frequent waking When an infant is sleeping and his or her head isn't elevated, this allows stomach contents to press against the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), and can cause it to open inappropriately. When stomach contents are refluxed into the esophagus, it can cause coughing and a choking sensation, which in turn can make sleeping more difficult. +++++++++++++Found that info...Audrey also had hiccups CONSTANTLY when she was little...


mamagoose - July 8

Hey everyone, how are things? Tyler's been having ma__sive bedtime issues lately. He absolutely freaks when I put him in his crib, and screams his head off, but as soon as I go in to check on him he stops and smiles and wants to play. And no tears... just yelling. I think he's mad about being left alone in there. He's perfectly happy to sleep in our bed, there are no issues getting him to sleep with us! DDT- Tyler loves In The Night Garden too, it's probably tied for 1st with Wiggle and Learn (starring the Wiggles). He has a toddler couch which he parks himself on and lies there with his Taggie, sucking his thumb while it's on. It's on at 5pm so it's a good way to get him off my leg while I'm cooking dinner! I had the u/s to confirm my due date, since my cycles are so weird. With Tyler my EDD based on LMP was Jan 23, and he was born Feb 9, so it was a good thing they did the u/s to adjust my due date with him to Jan 31, or he'd have been 18 days overdue! DB- Tyler hasn't become a hitter yet, but he does knock the spoon out of my hand if I try to feed him, and he screams when he does it, the little brat. Today when he did it I yelled "NO!" and he stuck his lower lip out and glared at me for a minute, it was so hard not to laugh... Well, 4 of my squad-mates have figured out that I'm pg, one of them today told me it's getting kind of obvious since I'm starting to show. I thought I just looked thick/fat! One week left after this one, and then I'll go to light duties without a fight. My boss hasn't clued in yet, and that's the key person, so all is well and no one will tell on me before I'm ready. OK, must go vegitate before bedtime!


DB - July 12

mamagoose-yeah, my coworkers, supposedly knew when I was like 9 weeks because my b___bs grew a lot and they could tell from that, but none of them wanted to ask me :) Speaking of b___bs, mine are already the size they were when I went into to have Audrey. I think they're going to end up ma__sive!!! That's good your boss hasn't caught on yet. You can get thru one more week..it's only really 4 days of work right? I think after my summer cla__s is up, I"m going to ask my boss if I can work from 9-4:30 or 5, instead of 8-4:30. I THINK I finally got Audrey on one nap. She sleeps better at night when she has only one nap (and it's still 2.5-3.5 hrs). She'll sleep til 7:30am instead of 6am! Which is nice for me because I'm getting bigger and tired. Well, we are struggling a boys name. I like the name Asher for some reason...and I like Logan. Dh still likes Landon, but I just can't get used to it. This should be fun...we'll get to the hospital with no first or middle name. We'll just call him "the baby" til he can name himself I guess...oh well.


Justine1 - July 13

Hi everyone. Just got back from holiday yesterday and had a great time. Kids loved it too. Went to central Sweden for first three days - stayed in lovely old castle type hotel, surrounding area was quite dull though, great weather, saw a couple of castles. Then flew to Copenhagen for 3 days which was great, fantastic apartment we stayed in and met up with my old friend who is lovely. Went to Tivioli with her, to the Little Mermaid and on a ca___l trip round Copenhagen - it was really nice. Flew back to Stockholm and stayed in a hotel right in the centre - it was full of Americans - Nick and Sophie loved racing each other down the corridors. Stockholm is really nice - went on a horse ride round the old town which Sophie loved, kept asking to go again, went on a boat trip and just walked round then flew back. Nick walked about 0.7 miles almost non-stop in the airport here and got about 100 admirers while he did it - he was so determined and going really fast for a little one. He also went down the escalator with me and at the end he said "I did it" - he was so proud of himself. Nick and Sophie got on great for the most part and loved doing the song row-row your boat together holding hands. Amanda - Glad you had a good time at your parents. DDT - Thats great you are back home. MamaGoose - Hope you had a great weekend camping. DB - I have problems with this site connecting to other dodgy sites too. Thats great you got your minivan. I think you have to be strict with the hitting, timeout is a good idea if a loud No isn't enough - Nick hasn't hit yet but does the odd bite, normally a loud No stops that for him and if I say kiss Nick he'll kiss me instead. Kim - Hope all is going well.


Justine1 - July 13

Finally added some pics of Sweden to website - its at w w w(dot)totsites(dot)com/tot/sophie


DB - July 16

Justine-your trip sounded lovely!!!!! I have to check out your photos. Slow here lately, huh? Not much new here. I think Audrey is just growing up and not out. Some of her pants that fit her before are now too big in the waist?!? They fell off her b___t. I know she's grown taller. If I could only get her to eat more! We have her check up on the 30th (I think). I'm interested to find out how much she's grown and IF she's gained any weight?!?


k-j - July 17

Jeezsh now I'm back on here and all you ladies are busy! LOL =)


mamagoose - July 18

Hey everyone- I finally broke the news to my boss, so today was my last day on the road. And ironically, 20 minutes before my meeting with my boss, I got attacked by a guy with a meat cleaver and almost had to shoot him, wouldn't that have been a nice way to end my shift! Don't worry, everything turned out and nobody got hurt, and he's safely locked in the loony bin... and at least I'll have some exciting memories to see me through the next 5 months at the desk! They haven't figured out what job they want me to do yet, so I'm guessing I'll get a call on Monday or Tuesday telling me where and when to show up. Tyler is being a pill tonight. He hardly ate or slept at daycare today and was grumpy, and this evening he just cried and whined and rubbed his eyes so I put him to bed at 630pm. Unfortunately my stupid neighbor is redoing his roof so there are 5 nail guns blasting away outside Tyler's window and the poor little guy can't sleep with the racket. Kari- One of my co-workers' kids just had hand, foot & mouth disease, apparantly it's very contagious. I think they also call it Fifths disease, because it's one of the 5 diseases you get as a kid and then never again (like roseola and chicken pox). I hope Jaycie is recovering quickly. DB- Tyler's got the same thing where he'll grow taller and skinnier, and then he chubs out just before another growth spurt. He's on a chubby phase right now, lol. We've been calling him Chubby-Wubbie all week and now when we ask where Chubby-Wubbie is, he points to himself, haha! He's 25lbs 4oz, and about 33" tall (it's so hard to measure him with that swivel head of his). OK time to veg out now!


dedaa - July 20

Hi!! Hope everyone is having a great summer so far! I think we have been making up for the last 3 years here. It seems that I was pregnant for the last couple years and my husband and I never had a chance to do anything. Kari-Wow, been awhile since we have chatted. No wonder with the amount of jobs you have going on. Thats good that you are getting the chance to have some help with your panic attacks. Is it working for you? Congrats on your brother making it to state his hand must be fine then. Kadence must must be excited about getting back to school. mamagoose well thankfully you never got hurt. A meat cleaver holy c___p!!! You will be back on the road before you know it. With 2 kids the time flies by!! DDT-how are things going? Do you find the transition from 1 to 2 children hard? Justine1 sounds like you have a great time. Wow, you sure do get to travel lots must be fun. I can just imagine the attention Nick was getting while walking. Seeing them go when they are still so small is adorable. DB-the name will come eventually. My husband and I had a name picked out the whole pregnancy right till the very end when he decided he did not like it. So we found a name at the last minute. Im sure even if you delivered your little one as soon as you seen ithe baby something would come to mind. Well as far as my little ones they are all doing well. Alexia is scared of the dark now which in a way its cute. We went camping a few days back and she is also scared of the tent for whatever reason. She is going to get used to it though we are leaving Tuesday for a week to go camping. Im a bit nervous though considering that we just found out after booking the sight that there is alot of wolves around there right now. Hopefully, I wont see any!!!



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