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Kadence_Jaycies_Momma - September 4

Hi my daughter turned 2 in February and were having some major nap issues. I do daycare from 5 in the morning and then at 5 I go work at a restaurant till 9. Long hours no rest for me. I have tried everything to make her nap. I've woken her up at 5 and she don't take a nap. She will try to go to bed at 6 or 7 in the evening. I swear I'm gonna have to put her in one of those dog crates! LOL Just kidding. She climbs out of a pack n play. I've tried rocking her or laying by her. Any ideas??? Please help!!


kimberly - September 4

Unfortunately alot of babies start to outgrow thier naps at this age. My dd turn 2 Aug 16th and she will not take a nap most days for me. If she plays really hard or we go on a long car trip somewhere she will sleep for a hour or two but thats it. She hasn't napped the last 3 days at all. I don't think you can force a nap, some kids her age need one and some don't. It sounds like you have already tried most things suggested to help change her habbit and it hasn't worked. Maybe keep her up until 10 pm and get her up around 6 am she should be good and tired by 1 pm make a routine for nap just as you would at night. Read her a story or whatever you think calms her down before nap time. Also make sure she isn't hyped up on juice or sugar through the day. Good Luck!


Justine1 - September 7

Hi Kari. I think it varies a lot how much children nap at this age. My eldest (now 3.5) wasn't really napping at this age at all on a regular basis and hadn't been for some time but Nick (2.5) will generally nap for 2 hours and sometimes we have to wake him up or he'ld sleep for hours! The only thing I can suggest is our nursery aim for naps just after lunch and they either get the kids to nap or have quiet play - they take all the noisy/exciting play away. Can't believe what long hours you have to work - that must be hard.



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