Few Questions About DHR

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punkin01 - April 14

h__lo....maybe kinda long sorry in advance....My 2 y/o old daughter is fitting every terrible two description to the T....She refuses to listen...when told to do or not to do something NO is all you hear.....Yesterday My 17 y/o came home and cooked him something to eat and she was almost asleep but when she heard her big brother she had to go see him...so I let her up (because if I didnt she would have cried for an hour this way I thought she gets to see him tell him nite nite and she will go to bed easier) we stayed in kitchen talking to him maybe 10 min then went back to my bed room and we was going to lay on bed and watch TV and let her fall asleep but I had some towels on the bed and I told her to get up on the bed and let me put the towels away...I stepped in my bathroom and she darts back to kitchen...my son has finished and is in his room....she pushed the chair that was at the sink (she likes to "help" wash dishes) over to the stove and laid her little hand on the still very hot eye......she started screaming and I just knew what had happened I ran back to her and sure enough she had burned her hand.....I tried everything finally I woke up hubby (he had went to bed early he wasnt feeling good) and we took her to the ER....on .her left hand ...the "fat" part where the thumb meets the hand is blistered...her index finger and ring finger is blistered from tip to where it meets the hand her "bird" finger and pinky is blistered just on the tip ends.....I fianlly got her calm enough to sleep about 5 am.....hubby went to work and was telling his coworkers and several of them have him convienced that DHR will come and talk to us because we took her to the ER...and may even take her while they investigate......they said it is because of the child abuse going on today ...like the babies in the microwave and such as that???? has anyone ever heard of this???? I reall dont care for an investigation ...I do feel like it was my fault because I left the room knowing the stove was hot but I didnt know my son had left the room either...and I was just putting up towels in the closet not taking a 15 min shower......but i didnt hold her hand to the eye.....these guys at work said that they could take her while they look into it wheather they think anyone is at fault or not ...has anyone heard of this????.......just wondering......My hubby believes these guys ..anything they say.....thanks


punkin01 - April 14

oh and one other thing the Dr asked while at the ER, why she was up so late, she got burned around 10 pm and we tried running water on it, cool fan, aloe gel with lidocane for sunburns and back to running water on it and that helped the most but soon as we took her away from the sink she screamed in pain so we decided to take her in it was about 11:30 by the time we drove there and signed in it was after 12:30 before Dr came to her room and after 2 when we left.........Hubby works 1 shift and I work 2nd so we dont have to pay for daycare I am up late anyway and she has NEVER been a child to go to bed early...she goes to bed about 10...every nite.....but she sleeps late which is what I need because of working 2nd......BUT if she was in school I know this wouldn't work but she is not in school and what does it matter? but my hubbys coworkers said it will matter to DHR when they come out and find out she dont go to bed early that will be a strike against us ??????


bubbasmom - April 15

I think it really depends on what you told the ER staff and how they reacted. If they even suspect child abuse, they are legally obligated to report it. I would be upset too and would hope the ER staff has children and knows this type of thing happens. Good luck


Bridget - April 15

First I will say that I don't know anything for sure and I feel your pain cuz we had a burn situation 1.5 months ago with our 2 year old. He was bare-b___t naked and ready for the bath when he went where it's usually gated off right outside the bathroom and backed/stumbled into the wall heater. He had 5 horizontal burns across his right b___tock and right elbow and they were bad-second degree. We did first aid and called our after hours ped #, just to be safe. They said NOT to go to the ER and I still brought him to the ped 2 days later to have her look at it. The way she acted, it seemed like I was doing the right thing for "appearances" of being a good parent, not an abusive one that would get investigated, by bringing him in to be seen. So, after that long story, I think that by bringing you child to the ER, you did the right thing (not just for her health) so I wouldn't worry too much about the authorities. I did too but it was ok in the end. Also, something I was told by a sister in law--not sure whether it's completely accurate but-she said that it would take 2 ER visits within a short time to establish a "pattern" of abuse so I don't think you have to worry. I did myself but I'm sure you are as sick with guilt as I was. My poor son's whole b___t cheek was a striped burn. The first night I didn't even cry but I couldn't eat cuz I was scared I'd barf. Then I cried myself to sleep the next night because I kept thinking what if he'd fallen face first into it. I felt so bad for his pain. The trick was to keep it covered and clean (hard, I know) and put lots of Neosporin on it. She'll be ok and I doubt they'll take her anyplace.


punkin01 - April 15

bridget and bubbamom....thanks for your resonse....I am not worried about being accused because I know I didn't hurt my child ....yes I feel guilty because I know IF I had shut the door it she couldn't have gotten to the stove......but if she had listened I told her to get up on my bed and we would lay down ....she played the hard headed 2 y/o old and waited till i left the room and hauled b___t to the kitchen......I am guiilty of turning my back for 30 seconds to put towels in the cabinet...not burning my baby girl.......I just needed the rea__surance that they didnt just take kids "just because" there was an incident....like I said earlier hubby is very upset........my husband loves our baby girl sooooo much ....he was told all of his life that he couldnt have kids(loooooong story there from verbally abusive mother) anyway when I got preggo he was on clould 9 and still is where she is concerned.....and since we lost our little boy he is even more protective of her........thanks for your replies.......bridget ...I bet that was rough on his bottom!!!! poor little guy.....I had a friend that had a very clumsy son ..not being mean but he fell ALL of the time.....they finally found out the cause and it is treated now but there was about 2 yrs time frame from about when he learned to walk to about age 3 he fell off of everything and was getting bumps ,bruises ,cuts ,sc___pes, st_tches, cast.....you name it ...She was worried and they did look into it but could only prove he had stable home and loving parents more things happened and they looked again but still the same.....then FINALLY the Dr done some tests and found out what the problem was and he is treated for it now.....seems like it was an ear issue that controlled balance ......thanks again



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