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rl- - June 4

you know I thought you two were weird but I have been on the infant forum and you guys just tag team ash2 that is so immature you two are something else grow up get a freakin life!!


ash2 - June 4

My thoughts exactly, RL-


cendres - June 4

I wasn't tag teaming with hello to bash ash2. I found that she was rude and said so.. same as you are doing.. so are you tag teaming now with ash2? Another case of split personalities! Rl I find it creepy that you have the time to stick your nose into other people's business like this. You must love drama girl! Too bad you missed ash's lovely posts before she snuck off to cafe mom.


cendres - June 4

hello: obviously people have far too much time on their hands as you have said. I'm sick of arguing with these dumb a__ses. Seriously. taking sides and all that c___p when ash2 was freaking stalking me like a creepo when I told her to leave me alone. geez.. anyway.. I was thinking i'll create an email address to give you on here, then I'll give you my real address so we can talk out with out people with too much time on their hands reading everything. I mean seriously would you take the time to go and read every single one of someone's posts if you saw that it was just a conversation between two people? lol... oh hi ash2 and hi rl.. having a good day? So, hello hope all is well. I'll let you know when I create an email account.


ash2 - June 4

Cendres, i swear im going to try to make this my last post to you. I have had enough. No-one is " tag-teaming " anyone. I think you have a real problem. A few of us thinks that you are a little obsessed and freaking us out. We have been talking over email. One of the main reasons is because you have been mentioning my name in like everyone of your cant seem to let it go. I loked up the meaning of your name and its meaning is " ash '.....very creepy. So anyways, if you can find a way to get around your hostility about me, then please do. Other than the only reason is you dont like my posts or advice. Because that, my dear, is a lame excuse. You cant base on not liking someone by their posts. You have never met me. Several people dont like my answers when i give them, but they are still my friends . I dont agree with alot of the things that people say, but i still respect them and like them. I like some of the advice you give, but recently you cant seem to carry on a conversation without bringing my name in it. Please let this go. Its the last attempt im trying to make.


BriannasMummy - June 4

I totally dont want to get involved with this.. but my goodness. Cenders and hello I think you have very very good cases behind your arguements.. I read a lot of what you have to say, and a lot of what Ash2 has to say.. and I do agree that Ash2 is definatly not an innocent victim in any of this. You are all pretty guilty .. but only guilty of not agreeing with one another. I think people get uncomfortable with others that dont agree with what they have to say.. sometimes getting defensive and saying things that they definatly shouldnt say. Both of you, hello and cendres didnt agree with ash2 and this is where it all stems from.. ash2 is very pa__sionate on her beliefs and so arent the two of you. i dont mean to b___t into your business.. i just read part of your thread.. and both of you take responsibility for rocking the boat when it comes to Ash2, which i think is a good thing.. I just wish that Ash2 would do the same.. and realize that her actions arent in the right. I just dont agree with Ash2 playing this innocent victim.. when clearly she isnt being as innocent as she thinks. I honestly dont agree with a lot of things that Ash2 says.. i still respect her as a person.. as a mommy i have no reason not to.. but I think the two of you are right in being defensive and how you feel. Sometimes Ash2 goes a little to far with how pa__sionatly she feels.. and i think the two of you stick up for yourselves.. whereas others.. just look pa__sed her threads and her ideas even though they dont agree to avoid conflict. JMO. ~Kristin~


hello - June 5

i was gonna reply here then go to your new post, this is out of control really...... i think she thrives on this drama to bloody come here and stir up more. i dont wanna waste my time anymore replying to ash and her crazy immature replies ..... i wasn't around yesterday, was tired so i imagine i missed a bit.....her replies just get more and more stupid by the day, its like she spends her working hrs coming up with this c___p, lol


cendres - June 5

phew that was long winded hello :) but I couldn't have said it better myself! Although.. I would just say that not everyone that goes to church beats their wives or kids.. I think you went a bit overboard but I understand your frustration.. i've reached my limit of patience too! I can't believe she and rl are saying I'm obsessed when I saw over on cafe mom ash saying.. oh well blah blah blah I won't mention her name.. but here's my email so we can talk about it.. haha.. such a hypocrite!


cendres - June 5

i think she does spend her work hours doing this.. i'd love to get paid to hang out on the internet!


rl- - June 5

you know you two are something else really this is a private thread I clicked on it thinking it was about the way they made this site now and I go down and see it is nothing but talking about ash i really did not even read every post just the last couple that was enough I think you two have problems and are creepy so have a nice day now


cendres - June 5

rl- yes that seems very obvious that you didn't read everything or you would have realized that most of our conversation had nothing to do with ash2. I realize however that you have a problem and are looking for drama and that's why you are posting trying to get things going... so sorry the drama died down on here. You must be so bored!


Lchan - June 5

Cendres - I mean what I am about to write kindly...We all know you have a problem with Ash2, but bringing it up to everyone in every thread isn't going to help the matter. Its time to drop your public display of un-affection and keep it to yourself. You may not agree with her on anything and that's fine. Its ok to disagree with someone, but disagree respectfully. The attacks and the singling out need to stop. The attacks are the drama that everyone is so tired of. Please, play fair! :)


BriannasMummy - June 5

Again.. I SOOO dont want to get into this.. but I think this definatly needs to be said.. IS EVERYONE BLIND?????? Why are people coming on this thread to tell cendres and hello to stop doing this and thats its creepy.. blah blah blah.. ASH2 does the exact same thing.. she does this.. perhaps in a more sneaky way.. but she does it! Shes not innocent.. shes just as guilty and perhaps in some instances more guilty. I cant believe that everyone is singling these 2 ladies out as the problem makers.. when in fact.. youve gotta turn the coin and look at the other side of the problem makers. YES Cendres made a poor choice by making her name ashisacow.. not nice.. she tried to correct it.. and say her sorries.. and just agree to disagree.. that didnt work.. because Ash2 kept pushing the b___tons.. and then Cendres came back (which is only natural).. and thats how it keeps going. I think its totally unfair that Cendres and Hello are being seperated and made look the bad guys alone.. and CREEPY.. if they are CREEPY.. then Ash2 takes the prize. I dont have anything against you girls having your beef.. its fine.. we all have to accept that not every person in the world is going to like one another.. I just dont think its quite fair that its only the 2 of you being called out.. when she does the exact same thing. Just for the record though.. I think ALL of you ladies are really great.. and you all have one thing in common.. you are all wonderful mommies with some of the most beautiful children this earth has to offer. ~Kristin~


sezbi - June 5

BriannasMummy that was VERY well put. It does appear that alot of these ladies ARE indeed blind. I'm just glad that one of the "veterans" as some people like to call themselves has made this realization that ash2 isn't all innocent as she tries to makes out. At least hello and cendres admit to it.


sezbi - June 5

about their shortcomings that is


Katiesmom - June 5

THANK YOU BRIANNASMUMMY!! I am so glad to finally see someone with some sense. hello & cendres both have took blame for their parts but honestly Ash2 seems more to blame at this point. Who cares if she has the "right" to respond to cendres post, if she really cared about stopping the drama and keeping this place a great place to come to, she would have respected cendres wishes and not even clicked on her post. Ash2 is a drama queen and has an eternal need to be right. Maybe if some of the other "veterans" would step up and tell her to put a sock in it then this site would not be losing valuable people. Btw didn't people start going to the other forum to get away from her in the first place?



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