Girly Girl Vs Tomgirl

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in the woods - November 23

Are your daughters girly girls or tomgirls? Are they into dress up, combing their dolls' hair, manicure? My girl is 4.5 and does not care for dolls or girly stuff. At her Halloween party in pre-school all the girls came dressed up as princesses or angels - big dresses and all. My dd was a tiger and could care less. She actually had more fun because they painted her face with whislers and all. In a store, she picks a bag with dinosaurs. I say, How about this little pretty doll? She does not care. She takes Barbie's jacket (the Barbie keeps laying in the corner of her toybox) and dresses up a soft Duffy Duck, a soft spider (!) and laughs! She does like to cuddle - her favorite friends rotate, from a turtle Crush to an eagle to a monkey. She likes people and she likes to swim and ballet. She's an engaging and fun young lady. This doll ambivalence - I don't know what to make of it.


sahmof3 - November 23

My daughter, Leah, has several babies, a play carriage, hghchair, doll house, etc. and she will only play with them once in a blue moon. I think it may be because I moved all of that stuff up to her room (as well as the boys' trucks to their rooms), but the more "unis_x" toys are still downstairs... just had to get some of my living room back lol. The boys will go up to their rooms to play with their things, but she will just join them. I guess part of the problem is also that she's very social and playing dolls means playing alone if I'm busy, because the boys won't play dolls with her. But, she loves to play outside, rides bikes, even plays in the dirt with my oldest son A LOT more than she plays dolls. I don't know if it's her personality or that she's the 2nd child and is between two boys?? Oh, she does love to dress up like a ballerina and princess... but she has to be in the mood for it... if she's in rough and tumble mode with Nathan and Justin she will refuse to play dress up!!


cubbie - December 2

My dd is almost 3 and a very girly girl, she's been choosing her clothes since she was two and only likes to wear skirts and dresses, pretty socks etc, now that it's cold though I make her wear pants! She loves purple and all things with glitter and trying on my heals. She always tells me that she wants my brother to get married already so she can be a flower girl and she always wants to helps me with cooking, baking and even cleaning, but get this..... she hates dolls, she gives them all to her baby sister to play with, she loves ducks and whenever she takes her little stroller out with her it has one of her ducks in it and never a doll.


in the woods - December 8

cubbie -that's funny picturing an all decked up lady with sparkles and heels and crown - and with a duck in a carriage !!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! But that's soooo my dd, too - as if she sees persons in animals, but not in these frozen doll faces! ***** sahmof3, maybe it is because she's between two boys - my dd plays rough with her brother, and I suspect it's because she reads that this is what he wants. If she had an older sister - yes, she'd be monkeying her. And yes, my dd is social, too - and playing with dolls IS a lone play, and I can't see her doing that. She gets her energy from interacting with people. And yes, she'd get in a mood once in awhile and asks me to put her long princess dress on, and asks me to take it off 3 min later, because she needs to run and move and tumble. There is less pressure now in the society to become a mother and a wife, maybe they are getting it already? Even Dora is exploring and saves a prince - !!!



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