Hair Pulling

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aug_mom07 - January 14

Ever since my daughter was a year old, she no longer went to bed with a bottle. She's always been a thumb sucker so we figured she'd just go to bed sucking her thumb. However, ever since then in order to go to bed she has to play with my hair. She'll twirl it and now she's starting to pull it. She only does it when she's tired but she has to do it to take a nap or go to sleep. It's becoming an issue because it's getting to the point where I'm the only one that can put her to bed (yes she still sleeps with us at a year and a half but we're working on that). I was just wondering if anybody else's kids did that. I thought it was a small habit but it's turned into so much worse. Any help on what you did, when they stopped would be so appreciated, I'm so stressed out. Please no comments about her still sleeping with us, I'm not concerned about that right now. Our goal is by age 2 to have her completely sleeping in her toddler bed.


eclectic66 - January 14

Have you tried getting her to twirl her own hair? I know my son (who is 17 months) has started twirling what little hair he has...but he also still takes a binky (for his nap and bedtime only). I guess that is probably the most obvious suggestion I have other than perhaps and this may sound weird, but if she has any dolls with long hair perhaps you can try to get her to twirl the hair on the doll at bedtime? Sorry, I don't have any better suggestions than those. Good luck :-)


zaaramybaby - January 15

I can totally relate to you on DD who is 14 months old now...always pulls my hair....its frustrating at time...she started doing this since she was like 10 months old...she pulls my hair so hard that i see 4 to 5 strands of my hair come off......unable to take this i got a short hair cut...i know it sounds stupid but i had no other option...she still pull my hair....its mostly like she started rubbing her hands on my head now...i dont think u should be worried about will go away....i think thts how some kids sooth themselves...My dd is not as bad as she was a month im hopeful..:)


kimberly - January 15

My oldest son co slept with us and he had a fixation on twirling my hair too. He finally just grew out of it. My dd is 17 months tomorrow and she can't sleep without a teddy bear or a doll that has a tag she can play with on it. I was thinking maybe a bear or something might help. My dd only wants the bear to play with the tag and that is what she does is twirls the tag with her fingers until she falls asleep. Who knows it might work.


jenna32 - January 15

my dd does the same thing. She is 13 months now and has been doing it since around 9 months old. I looked it up in my " what to expect in the first year" book before ( it's a continuation from the book "what to expect when you are expecting"). Anyway it said that when they are pulling their hair that it's kind of like their way of soothing themselves,it's supposed to be like getting comfort like they experienced when they were smaller and the same satisfaction they'd of got from the b___st or bottle. So yeah,everybody here has the right idea.


sreynolds - August 24

I can't remember when my son started pulling my hair, sometime in his first year. I tried cutting my hair short multiple times because it gets painful and I was getting terrible headaches. The problem is unless I got a pixi cut he still found a way to reach my hair and eventually my hair would grow and his fingers would be back intwined into my locks. I let him pull my hair as long as he wasn't hurting me because it seemed to calm him. My son is now 22 months old and the hair pulling is getting worse. He wont fall asleep unless he is pulling my hair and he is getting stronger. When I carry him he grabs my ponytail constantly. He has pulled out chunks of hair and it hurts! I don't have a solution for you but I can say that I dont think this habit is going away anytime soon....


dreamy2433 - September 16

My son is always pulling hair. Drives me nuts.



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