Has Any Split Up The MMR Shot

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BWIND - June 7

DS goes for his 15 month check up on Monday. I'm not sure if he will get vaccinations at this visit. I know his MMR shot will be coming up. I'm not against vaccinating, but I would really like to split this shot up. I mentioned it to his pediatrician last time, and she basically said it can't be split up. I've read a lot of other forums and heard of other people doing this. I'm not sure if it is possible or where to even look to. We live in Indiana. Any suggestions?


Justine1 - June 8

In England MMR can be split up into 3 separate injections (though you'ld normally have to pay extra to have this done and they don't make it easy to get often) so I think its very likely it can be split up. Historically - pre MMR - it was split up. Both mine have had MMR - one had it at 15/16 months and was absolutely fine, the other my eldest DD on just had it at 2.5 years as my Mum was very worried about her becoming autistic from it and was not sleeping due to it so I left it a while. My DD is fine too though she had minor effects from it - she got a bad fever about 5 days after and also came out in a rash which may have been linked but she's still chattering away and seems fine. Hopefully someone will know where to go in Indiana for it otherwise I'ld just search online.


lin7604 - June 8

my ped also suggested not to split it up and she said there is just more "hype" about it making people terrified about it. I gave it to my son at his appt and he is 19.5 months now and doing great! he had no reactions from it except being a bit more sleepy that first day and that was it.


Gretta - June 8

Hi Bwind - my dd is 15 months too and my doctor told me at the 12 month that they won't split it up either and it won't hurt to delay it to 18 months if I was worried. So thats what I am doing. I am not against the vaccine at all but just felt like I wanted to wait after my friends kid had a bad seizure the night she got hers.


britt_m - June 9

I'm splitting my dd's shots up as thats what I feel is best. I've only heard you can split MMR up and never that you couldn't, we moved to Cali from Michigan. I've been told from many on this forum to get the Dr. Sears book it tells you about shots and how to split them up if thats what you want to do. Tho I don't recall the name of the book.


drea - June 9

I split my dd's MMR up. My ped had no problems with it. He just asked why I wanted to, I explained my concerns and he said ok, we just have to order it. It was ordered and that was it. I dont see why a doctor wouldnt do it if thats what you want as a parent. Ultimately it's your decision.


jwhite - June 9

I waited until my dd's 18 month check up to give it to her.


clindholm - June 11

The MMR can be split up, they just don't want to b/c it costs more to them. They also prefer to pressure you into getting all the shots. Many children do fine with the full schedule of shots, but for the percentage who don't, it is devastating. I am not willing to risk my dd's life due to pressure. It is a very personal decision for each and every parent and should be researched before a final decision is made. Good luck, it's not easy going against government mandated vaccines, but it is our right as parents to make an informed decision and not allow foreign proteins and pathogens to be injected into our babies.


jen327 - June 23

I live in VA and my pediatrician said I can split it up. She said she does not see the point, but if I wanted to it was my right. She said she needed advance notice to order them. Also, my small town pharmacy said they would order them too if the dr would not. I would insist if it makes you feel better or you will worry afterward.


wailing - July 1

I'm fairly certain u can split them up no matter where u are, that's how they used to come. But, like others have said, it's all about cost. We only got our Varicella and PCV shots at 12 months and were going to get MMR at 13 months, but I think we will wait a litlte longer, maybe until 18 months. I'm for vaccines, but like everyone else, very concerned. Our Dr's are understanding so far and haven't made a big deal about it. I would talk yours further. Research it more for your area. Don't get pressured if u don't feel like u want all 3 at the same time, or if u want to wait. Your the parent, u make the decisions. Your pedi should talk to u openly about the matter.



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